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You can now Switch Plans to a different Office 365 service family

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Paul Andrew is a technical product manager on the Office 365 team working on identity and commerce.

Today we added new transitions to the Switch Plans feature we announced in August. Now Small Business subscribers can switch to both Midsize and Enterprise plans, and Midsize Business subscribers can switch to Enterprise plans. This gives customers greater flexibility to grow their businesses with Office 365 and select the plan best suited to their needs. All of the transition options available for Switch Plans are listed in the Office 365 help page Switch to a different Office 365 plan or subscription.

Let’s take a look at an example of how this works. Say you have an Office 365 Small Business Premium subscription and your business has been expanding. You now have more than 25 users, or you need more or different services and features, so you want to upgrade your plan. You can make the transition right in your admin center. The Switch Plans option shows up in the Licenses section of your admin center, on the Purchase services page.

You can upgrade your plan to one in a different service family on the Purchase services page in the Licenses section of your admin center.

To see a list of the available plans you can upgrade to, click Switch plans.

Once you’ve clicked Switch plans, the plans you can upgrade to appear.

On the Choose a new plan page, you can compare the pricing and features of the plans listed with your current plan, and then select the plan you want to upgrade to.

Now is a great time to upgrade! Whether you’re using Exchange Online, Office 365 Small Business, or one of our other plans, we have great options that will give you more functionality for your growing business needs. Check out the different features we offer and see what works best for your business at Compare Office 365 for business plans. No matter which of the available plans you choose to upgrade to, we make the transition easy. When you use Switch Plans, we automatically reassign your licenses and credit you the unused portion of your old subscription.

Please note: syndication customers should contact their partner to use the Switch Plans feature. Also, the Switch Plans feature is not currently available for Open License customers. Please contact support if you are an Open License customer and need to switch plans. You may not be able to switch plans if you have a custom domain associated with your Office 365 Small Business tenant. If this happens you can remove the custom domain from your tenant and add it back after you have switched plans.

— Paul Andrew @pndrw

  1. ProCloudnor

    Great News, will Upgrade from Exchange Online Small Business/Small Business Premium become available to?

  2. Awesome! Will this allow us to downgrade to a different service family as well? I.E From an O365-E1 Plan to O365-Midsize Business Plan.

    • Paul Andrew User">

      Hi Dr., no this doesn’t allow you to downgrade from O365-E1 to O365-Midsize Business Plan. You would need to call billing and subscriptions support to get assistance with this one.



  3. ltoddnelson

    Yes, awesome, but is this feature not available to trial subscriptions? Does this also mean we can no longer have multiple subscriptions in one account? I have several customers that have both E4, E3, E1. Can we mix EX plans and a mid-size plan?

    • Paul Andrew User">

      Hello Itoddnelson, you are correct. A trial subscription cannot be switched to another plan until the trial has been purchased. If you picked the wrong trial plan, just go get a new one with the plan you want to trial. Yes, you can still have multiple enterprise subscriptions in one plan.



  4. techrahul

    I was looking for this since long. Finally we can shift to other plan.

  5. Does not work with Plan P1 🙁

    • Paul Andrew User">

      Hi Eric, you can upgrade from the P1 (Small Business Plan) to a Midsize Business Plan or an Enterprise Plan. If you have problems please call support and they can help. If you have a custom domain added to your plan, note that we are still working on that and you could either wait for us to complete that work or you could remove the custom domain before switching plans.



  6. blhazelzet

    Great news indeed, but will there not be an upgrade path from P1 tot E (potentially through an intermediate step)?

  7. blhazelzet

    I see P1 can be upgrade to small business, and small business should be possible to upgrade to Enterprise. Would that work?

  8. Pfff, here I thought it was going to be easy going from E3 to Midsize Business. Not a chance.. the only option I get is an upgrade. lol
    So I opened a ticket with MS. Looks like the ONLY way for me to downgrade is to create a NEW account and then recreate all users then I’d have to Export and Reimport ALL their PST files.
    Thanks for nothing Microsoft.


      Hi Dimitri,

      This is not the case entirely – we can also use MigrationWiz to migrate the mail – this might make the process easier.
      You will still have to recreate the mail profile in Outlook, though with Autodiscover this should be relatively easy.
      Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this.

      Andrew Beaumont

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