Office 365 Admin app is now on Android and iOS

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The Office 365 Admin app enables administrators to view the service health of their Office 365 environment on-the-go. Since it first launched on November 21st on Windows Phone 8, thousands of Office 365 administrators have downloaded the app. As of today, the app is now available for Android and iOS 7 as promised in the original blog post, Check the service health of your Office 365 service on the go.

As stated previously, to access service health data with the Office 365 Admin app, you must have an active Office 365 subscription with administrator user rights. Also, this app does not currently support Windows Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication.

For Android (4.2.1 and up), download the app from Google Play.

For iOS 7, download the app from the Apple App Store.


  1. Before I read the details, I assumed this Android app would finally allow access to SkyDrive Pro. Any ETA on an Android app, and will the first version support SkyDrive Pro on premise?


    Bummed to be having 7.8 right now

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