Get Going with New Yammer Mobile Apps

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GTM-blog-emailinteropThe holidays are a time for travel, and staying connected can become a challenge.  That’s what Yammer’s mobile apps are for – making it simple to be productive wherever you are. Today, we are excited to announce our latest updates to Yammer’s mobile apps; our team has been hard at work adding new features, streamlining design, and in some cases even rebuilding the app from scratch. Read on for details on what’s new on every platform – Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Android. We hope you enjoy the updates!

iPhone & iPad

  • Updated both iPhone and iPad for iOS 7. Shiny.
  • Completely new iPad app. It’s more streamlined and the new design promotes easier tracking of unread group messages, so now you can browse through new messages in your Groups in addition to your Inbox.
  • See more about the Yammer iPhone apps for business.

ipad screenshot new design

Windows Phone 8

windows phone inbox

  • The Inbox is here! You can now access your Inbox to view your most relevant conversations and manage your messages.
  • New notifications and live tile functionality will alert you to Yammer messages when you don’t have the app open.
  • Group search has been added so you can now find Groups that may be of interest to you. You can also join and leave groups from the app.
  • See more about the Yammer Windows apps for business.

Windows 8

  • You can now access and participate in Group Feeds, in addition to your Home Feed.
  • New notifications and live tile functionality will alert you to Yammer messages when you don’t have the app open.
  • “Snap” functionality has been added: you can now snap the Yammer app to the side of the screen so you can continue working in another application. True multitasking on mobile – finally!

windows 8 screenshot;margin-bottom: 40px !important;


  • We’ve redesigned the Android experience to be more familiar to Android users.
  • Speak Korean, Japanese, German or Spanish? Well now Yammer does too! The app now detects your native language settings on the phone, and adjusts the interface accordingly. Note that this only reflects the interface, message content will remain in whichever language it was posted in.
  • See more about the Yammer Android app for business.

These are a few highlights of our recent feature releases on mobile. We are always iterating and improving our mobile apps – please let us know your thoughts and comments below. Get any one of these apps at

  1. James Tyer

    All good news, but why is there no search function? Surely the point of a mobile app is to have all the info at your fingertips. Without a search function, you are limited to what you can see.

    Also, an easier way to clear your inbox and notifications would be nice (like Facebook).

    • Jimmy Shi

      Hi James,
      Thank you for the feedback. We agree that mobile search is an important use case and it is an item on our mobile roadmap. We’re moving to a weekly release schedule (previously monthly) for our mobile updates, so stay tuned for more features coming at you even faster than before 🙂

  2. Hi, What are the directives for users who are using SharePoint 2013? Should they use SharePoint 2013 My sites/ newsfeed etc or use Yammer? Are there any app for SharePoint 2013?

  3. Eric Laurent

    How to change the language on the app please ?
    Ex : english to french 😉

    Best regargs

    • Jimmy Shi

      Hi Eric,

      To change the language on the app you’ll need to change the native language settings on your phone (as the app detects what your phone’s language is). Please note that we only support Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish on the Android app for now – more languages on more mobile platforms is coming in the future.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to use the iPad app, but when I do, I am missing stuff.
    “Top Conversations” leaves out messages. Is there a setting somewhere to change it to show All Conversations?
    At the moment I revert to using the the browser on iPad and smartphone.
    BTW: something to add to the wish list for me is to include “files” and “notes” to the apps.
    Thanks, Corne

  5. On the iPad app you don’t seem to have a “My Feed” view or the People feature like on the iPhone.
    Can they be added?

  6. Hi, I’m actually missing My Feed and All Company view, too! I also don’t understand why I started seeing in My Feed also statuses in groups that I don’t belong to! It seems that it is just enough for me to follow some person, and then no matter when he/she writes something, I see it in My Feed. VERY ANNOYING and confusing 🙁

  7. Why is there not an option to show all conversations or most recent? Top conversations is the only option and leaves out some conversations. Not having these options just doesn’t make sense.

  8. Bruno Braga

    How do you share a link to a group on Android?
    (eg. from an RSS reader, I’d like to push links directly to a specific group instead of all, but I don’t have such option as of now).

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