Introducing the Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program

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Enterprise social presents your organization with an opportunity to do work differently. Success with enterprise social is all about making the most of that; understanding what’s possible and helping your organization on the journey towards it. Gartner estimates that 80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership and an over-emphasis on technology. With Yammer and SharePoint Online being cloud services, the implementation effort has moved from installing the tools, to where it should be – getting people working differently. We’re excited to announce the next stage of providing you with the support you need on that journey, through our partners.

We have always placed a high value on helping you understand and make the most of enterprise social. That’s why we have the Customer Success Program, which includes the Success Center, the Yammer Customer Network, and a global team of Customer Success Managers who are there to coach you on your journey to enterprise social networking success. It’s also why we have resources relating to SharePoint adoption such as

While we’ve been working with you, we’ve noticed that there’s often a need for deeper support beyond the coaching and self-help that the Customer Success Program provides. You might need someone who can help you on the journey day-to- day, someone with specific industry expertise, or ‘boots on the ground’ to help move a specific Enterprise Social initiative forward.

That’s why we’ve invested in the Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program, an invite-only program focused on enabling partners to drive adoption and sustained engagement with customers. Through a series of workshops, online courses and other training opportunities, we’re helping members of Microsoft’s partner community understand how to take customers on the social journey so that if you should need more help in your transformation in addition to the Customer Success Program, they’re there for you.

We’re excited about how this is going to help us help you on your social journey. Our partners are excited about it too:

“The Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program allows us to further help customers throughout their social journey and to ensure they’re successful with both the cultural and technology transformation of using enterprise social tools like Yammer.” – Peter Walke, Social Technology Specialist (or Enterprise Social Architect), Rightpoint Consulting

“Yammer is not just another product to sell, but a whole new way of communicating and working with customers around their social journey. The Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program provide our consultants with the tools and resources to have higher level conversations in customer accounts that has helped us establish strategic relationships and have long term strategic initiatives with our clients.”  Rand Morimoto, President, Convergent Computing

We hope you are excited as well, and we look forward to seeing where your journeys take you.

For further opportunities to explore enterprise social, we invite you to register for SharePoint Conference 2014. Join us to learn more about social with expert speakers, inspiring content, hands-on learning and certification training. We look forward to seeing you there!


• Learn more about Yammer’s Partner Enablement Program for the upcoming year by reaching out to your Microsoft Partner Account Manager. The next YCEPP application opens in H2 FY14.
• About the Microsoft partner program:
• Start your social journey:


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  1. Seth Stuck

    What I love about this (and much of the blogging/vlogging Yammer does) is that it practices what it preaches. All too often, new social channels/platforms/apps/ etc. propose to fulfill a business niche – but then do not tailor their communications and support around the audience interested in that niche. With Yammer, we have an enterprise social network — squarely focused on creating business value. And the communications/support from Yammer directly reflects that – not only arming Social Strategists with the business cases/case studies/data etc. they need to make the case to leadership for using Yammer, but providing resources like this new channel to help practitioners successfully integrate Yammer as a sustainable business solution. Well done, truly.

  2. Sanjay Abraham

    Social could undoubtedly add a lot of value to enterprise collaboration for enhancing employee, partner and customer engagement. It could be the right platform for getting work done, foster innovation and reduce the existing farrago of chaos at work. But as mentioned in the article, lot depends on how the social initiative is carried out. Social is not just a platform but a major culture shift. Whether it has executive buy-in or is just driven by some individuals in an organisation. Its a step by step procedure where the enterprise should be introduced to social and led through the awareness, consideration and purchase journey. Social is not just another silo-ed communication channel ( as it ends up becoming in many organisations). Social’s real value should be methodically unleashed to the customers both before and after sale of the product. This is what I do in my ‘Enterprise Clinic’ initiative for my customers.

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