Webinar: A gentle, human intro to Access 2013

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Need a quick tutorial on Access 2013? Here’s your chance. You’ll learn how to create your first database in no time. First, we’ll go over the two kinds of databases you can create: browser-based Access apps and desktop databases. Then we’ll show you how easy it is to download a template–a readymade database with all the parts in place.

You just fill it out and you’re good to go. From there, we’ll step you through the basic parts of a database: tables, queries, reports, forms and macros.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a 30-second trailer.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar

  • How to identify the two types of databases: Access apps and desktop
  • How to open a database template and fill it out with your own data
  • How to identify the five database objects of a database

References for this webinar

Go to for more information on how to join the series.

–Colin Wilcox

  1. mikeytward

    Can you make acess as a web app in skydrive so users without the current version of acess can work with there database in the cloud as well as reducing the use of local storage were it is hosted on servers instead of my hard drive. This would allow me to be able to make more changes to my database and making it where I can be more preductive

  2. Sunjay Singh

    is there any guidance on migrating Access 2003-2010 database to Access Services 2013. We have around 20K database out of which 200 are business critical. how does one go about migrating and what does one take into account for migrations. are there any tool or process package available.


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