Power BI for Office 365 preview and Power BI in Excel updates

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We are excited to share that today the Power BI for Office 365 preview has been updated to include natural language search through Q&A as well as our improved experiences to two Power BI add-ins in Excel, Power Map and Power Query, which provide customers with improved data 3D mapping visualizations and data search, respectively.

We’ve had our preview open for an initial wave of customers over the past month and are encouraged by the enthusiastic response we’ve received. For more details please check out the Data Platform Insider blog and Excel Blog

To learn more and register for the preview visit You can also download Power Map and Power Query along with sample datasets on the Power BI add-in Getting Started page. To see Power BI for Office 365 in action, check out this demonstration. Tell us what you think by posting in the comments below or tweeting us at @SQLServer #MSBI #PowerBI.

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