SkyDrive’s new 200 GB plan: Enough storage for a photo every hour from birth to graduation

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We’ve all witnessed the rapid proliferation of devices in our lives over the past few years, and I don’t know about you, but my files are also increasingly scattered—from my phone to my home PC, to my tablet. And these files are pretty important—my family pictures, financial documents, term papers, etc.
With SkyDrive built right in to Windows 8.1, we’ve made it really easy to always have your files with you; and for many file types, SkyDrive is the default location for saving your files. We didn’t want you to worry about filling up your hard drive, so we invented smart files to allow you to access your entire SkyDrive from your device, without actually having to store everything locally.
However, the number and size of these files also keeps growing and growing. I’m now in the habit of capturing a few gigabytes of photos on my phone each year, many more on my Fuji X-E1 camera, and I have even more at home on my PC. So we also want to make sure that your total SkyDrive storage space can keep growing in parallel.  So today, we are happy to introduce a new storage option to add 200 GB of additional storage to your SkyDrive for $100 per year.
Just to put that in context: 200 GB is enough space to take a photo, every hour, from the moment someone is born, to the day they graduate from college.



To help people get the most out of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, customers purchasing either device will receive 200 GB of free SkyDrive storage for 2 years, free Skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries for 1 year, and unlimited Skype WiFi on their Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 at more than 2 million hot-spots worldwide for 1 year. To learn more, see the Surface announcement.




We hope you’re as excited as we are about the ability to put even more of your files on SkyDrive with up to 200 GB of additional storage, and about the new Surface 2 devices that will come with this additional storage for free. We look forward to continuing to improve the SkyDrive experience and hearing what you think.


– Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager,

  1. YOURdrive: for Everything in YOUR Life..
    YOUR world
    YOUR office
    YOUR moments
    YOUR life
    now is better: YOURdrive… feel YOUR emotions!

  2. sorry maybe wrong for post repeat elsewhere 😛

  3. SkyDrive is great, and the seamless integration with windows 8.1 is also great, but what is lacking IMHO is the ability to have a family account.

    I have windows 8.1 tablet and laptop, my wife and I both with windows phone 8, and with 2 kids, each with aseperate windows account, it is really hard to use SkyDrive together.

    Now 200 GB for 100$ year is good deal, but as long as I cannot share that storage with the entire family, it is simply not attractive for us.

    make the ability to have a family account, and to attach normal ms accounts to it, so that the same Skype credit, the same SkyDrive storage, the same music /app purchases and cloud collection, and the same Xbox account level are shared with all family members.

    if you do that, then Microsoft will have a huge advantage for families, and families have kids, which then get a phone, that could be a windows phone, if the dad/mom had that added value, of a family account.

    • AussieLes

      so true

    • There is always sharing directories. I do this with my other cloud drives, so it doesn’t (I believe) go into their space, but my space.

    • Actually, you can share your docs.. OFC you can’t share payed content for 1 obvious reason: The whole (pirate) world would became one big family. 🙂

    • Create a Folder and share it ! so easy and both can upload to it
      I have the same and running fine

    • Well, you can share your SkyDrive folders, although I don’t know if sharing settings can be managed from anything besides the web interface.

      As for the music, I think it would be great to have family accounts, so that all my family can listen to the music we bought together on all our devices. The size of the family could be limited to, say, two adults and three or four children. John and Kate could of course apply for discount 🙂

  4. Why pay when you get 10TB for free from weiyun? In addition there are no stupid file size limits as with OneDrive.

  5. AussieLes

    Dear OneDrive staff,
    Hopefully there will be increased functionality compared to the most recent releases of Skydrive. Our business (and from web searches many, many others) has been significantly affected by the removal of the ability to easily share a Skydrive folder with non-Microsoft users. We are continually frustrated and need to spend time helping other companies access specific folders we want to share with them. Please see
    Of even more importance (and more commentary on the web) is the need to share one set of Skydrive folders and files with more than one Microsoft Account. This used to be possible prior to the Skydrive changes brought in Windows 8.1.
    We have a legitimate need to share one set of folders/files and have them synced to a few user’s individual machines. This really badly affected us when we upgraded to Windows 8.1.
    Although we could easily go to Google Drive and very simply accomplish what we need, I am really hoping you at the OneDrive / Skydrive team in Microsoft will see this and restore an easy method to accomplish these two features. (Share with non-MS account; share same set folders/files with local sync amongst a few users.)

  6. you can just store everything on your skydrive and share it with your family accounts and it will appear on theirs u know , just right click on the folder in skydrive and share 🙂

  7. I really love SkyDrive / OneDrive… but there’s one thing I’am really missing. A shared calendar where i can invite multiple family members to share their appointments. Also an Outlook integration of the calender would be a cool feature. So… PLEASE Microsoft… give us a SkyDrive / OneDrive shared calendar with outlook integration…

    • Please create a Group on your Windows Phone (i use Family Room), and add People to it. Thats it.

  8. Agree 100%

  9. At least a cloud service without spam ads, without false storage, and ready to upload all multimedia stuff


    And where is the 20GB plan? Why you remove it?!

  11. I suppose to have Skydrive w/ 200GB capacity free for a year, coming along with Surface 2 purchase. However, I never see that capacity, but 7BG. How can I reveal the truce capacity that I really have.
    I’ll appreciate if you may share your experience with me at

  12. I’m a software engineer by trade, and a diehard user of MS products and services for over 20 years. For about the past 5 years MS has done nothing but shoot itself in the foot by releasing half-baked and buggy junk. Let’s not even talk about their crappy (and I mean crappy) support.

    My advise to everyone is to simply abandon all Microsoft products and services. Apple’s business practices and marketing have always rubbed me the wrong way. However, they proven to be in a different league by producing superior products and services.

    Goodbye Microsoft. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but you really suck!

  13. Himesh Shah

    How to stop Desktop.Ini from Syncing as this file cannot be Synced & the Drive is showing “Syncing files, 46 remaining” where as there are NO files pending to be uploaded?

  14. Munna Kumar Sharma

    I like everything about skydrive except one thing that is its changing name to onedrive. Microsoft, if you are vieweing my blog, then please dont change the the name, keep it as ‘SKYDRIVE”. The skydrive name is good. I like this name only.

  15. Goodbye Beloved Skydrive (and OneDrive) it’s been nice knowing you. See you when MS pulls their head out and stops forcing me to login to my PC with a MS Account! If you don’t know what I’m talking about upgrade to 8.1 … Unbelievable

  16. too expensive get google drive, cheaper and unlimited storage, better features

    time to get google drive,
    box and firedrive are 50 gb free

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