Supercharge your network with ‘31 Days of Yammer’

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If you and your organization have been using Yammer to communicate and collaborate for a year or more, you’ve probably experienced the energy of a network launch and the resulting activity and engagement that generated in your community. So what happens long after the launch, after your colleagues’ initial excitement about working social becomes business as usual?

Several organizations have tackled this very challenge and worked together to develop an approach, tactics and best practices to lead a ’31 Days of Yammer’ engagement campaign in their networks. This effort was born when Cbeyond celebrate their month-long Yammer anniversary, and has evolved as other community managers were inspired to deliver their own and iterate on the approach. This August, Manhattan Associates have embarked on their own ’31 Days of Yammer’ to uncover great work, celebrate successes and coach employees on working smarter and faster.

Your network is ripe for a ’31 Days of Yammer’ campaign if you experience the following:

  • The ‘business as usual’ rhythm of the network makes it hard to shift gears and shake up behavior.
  • Many people have set ideas about what Yammer is, and how it can or can’t be used.
  • Weak uptake from key influencers and senior leaders following the initial excitement of the launch.
  • A devoted set of members who are doing great work, but in private so that others can’t benefit from their efforts

Once you’ve started identifying these areas, you’re ready to get serious and start planning your strategy and activities. The guide to running 31 Days of Yammer in your organization will help you on your way.

Manhattan Associates set the example for ’31 Days of Yammer’ and achieve exciting results.

Dawn Gartin Dawn Gartin is Collaboration and Community Manager for Manhattan Associates, and is leading the company’s Yammer network into its third year. As the community has matured, Dawn realized that many of the great results and exciting projects happening in the network have gone undiscovered. “I felt this was an excellent time to highlight what was really is working in our network, and share ideas that are taking hold in the community that people probably aren’t aware of,” she says. The recent increase in requests for advice and training – from offices around the world – made it clear to Dawn that there was an appetite in the company to learn more and do more with Yammer.

In taking on ’31 Days of Yammer,’ Dawn has followed a few basic principles to make it a success while balancing the rest of her workload:

  • Shift from the everyday business of community management (like ad hoc support, admin ‘gardening’, and maintenance of the network) to more strategic and impactful activities
  • Uncover the individual, project and team stories that demonstrate how Yammer is helping to solve problems and realize business value in your organization
  • Rally your most enthusiastic and skilled Yammer champions to team up during the month

When Dawn began preparing for ’31 Days’, she was thrilled that the work she was doing and the conversations she was having were uncovering great stories and starting productive dialogue with leaders: “It opened up the opportunity to have discussions with senior level folks who have good intentions, but haven’t been very active on Yammer. This gave me a way to visit with them and get their buy-in on the concentrated effort of the campaign. Those conversations created 3 YamJams that will happen this month.”

As well as connecting with and coaching leaders in the shift to working social, a ’31 Days’ campaign is a great opportunity to align with other initiatives happening in your organization. Is there an HR program that you can tie in? Or the launch of a new service or product that can provide some context and focus for your activities? Could you share files online to improve version control issues? The stronger the connections you can make with other business areas, the greater success you will have in proving and realizing the business value of working social with Yammer.

Kick off ’31 Days of Yammer’ with your network.

Take a look at the guide to running 31 Days of Yammer in your organization for best practices and inspiration as you start planning your campaign.

If you’re a current Yammer customer, jump into the 31 Days of Yammer group in the Yammer Customer Network (YCN) to learn and discuss what Dawn and other advocates are doing in their organizations. The YCN community and Yammer Customer Success Program are the foundation for discovering the business value of Yammer and working social, and ’31 Days of Yammer’ is just one of the ways we help our customers to be successful.