What are the top 3 updates we should make in Access web apps?

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Access logoWhat are the top 3 updates you’d like to see in Access web apps? We have our own list, but we’d love to see yours–we rely on your feedback to continually improve Access. Complete our short survey or tell us your top 3 wish list items for Access web apps in the comments below. 

We have grand plans for the next full release of Access, but in the meantime, we are constantly building and shipping improvements to Access 2013 web apps. Have you tried Cascading Controls yet?

  1. Alan Cossey

    I’ll have 5, please:
    1) The ability to hide items on the Table Selector depending on who the user is.
    2) The ability to use Rich Text. It seems weird that we can’t format the text in any way.
    3) The ability to upload files other than image files.
    4) Union queries.
    5) Have databases larger than the size allowed with Access Jet/ACE databases for the last 7 years. 2GB isn’t that big.

  2. fredmac48

    link tables without using VBA

    poder vincular tablas sin usar VBA

  3. i’m using access 2010 for access data project application.
    my wish is access 2013 will continue to support adp files.

  4. vba have to be with tabs.
    in big project it’s real mess

  5. Julian Baker

    VBA or at least a limited sub-set of it. The macros are simply not powerful/flexible enough and severely limit what you can do with Web Apps.

  6. 1. Use Sharepoint lists in ACCESS Web App, and use ACCESS Web App tables in Sharepoint, relate them, etc. Currently ACCESS Web Apps are little islands cut off from the rest of Sharepoint.
    2. VBA support.

  7. Have made an account just to post here: I would most like to see UNION queries made possible in the web app. As a temporary solution it would be good to be able to make any valid SQL SELECT query on a read only basis, and display the results in a table.

  8. Native email notifications are also a must have feature for the web app

  9. Jenny Duskey

    Allow coding with VBA, union queries, and make editing an existing database easier.

  10. Lastly, don’t add too many more features to the detriment of the design experience! People here are calling for full VBA support but this would remove the simple charm of the web apps, which makes them so user friendly.

    You are on to a winning formula, and forcing people to stick to good design practice (without bloated macros) is laudable. Remember that for the web apps the drag and drop approach will never replace professionally coded systems, so you don’t need to address every use case.

    • mikesmithfl

      This certainly makes sense. As long as the web interface doesn’t become the ONLY interface…

  11. Sunjay Singh

    please let us have and light weight HTML editor so we have edit the HTML and create a great UX not have the old 80s pop up dialog box.

  12. Reports / SSRS for Access 2013 Web Apps on sharepoint online (office 365)

  13. JulianKirkness

    I completed the survey – but would also like to add Email from macros and storage of files other than images – especially Office documents.

  14. Access 2013 was released earlier this year. You can acquire Access 2013 now and start building your Access web apps, using Office 365 to host them.

  15. Tieme Woldman

    1) Make (global) macro variables, defined with SetVariable, accessible in table event macros.

    2) Copy/paste of views

    3) A ‘free format’-modus for macro-editing like the SQL-window for queries

    • Pipes User">

      Tieme, you can copy a view in the designer by right clicking on the view name in the navigation pane and choose "duplicate"

  16. I too completed the survey. There are rather a lot of things on my wishlist, many of them capabilities deprecated from 2010 like e-mail notifications, better control over the user interface (which is practically non-existent in this version), ability to restrict adds and deletes but not edits on datasheet views, etc. Simple things really. Then the more challenging tasks like providing read access to external databases (importing data won’t cut it), bringing datasheet views up to snuff in terms of capabilities one can perform in normal form views (including cascading lookups), etc.

    The value of Access is not to be charming. It is to enable business process SMEs to make manifest their expertise in the form of an application which can be shared with the organization. Its key attraction is that it doesn’t require engaging development middlemen who know nothing of the business process and who are in remarkably short supply (competent ones anyway).


      Vlad nailed it ! Couldn’t have summed it up any better !

      "The value of Access is not to be charming. It is to enable business process SMEs to make manifest their expertise in the form of an application which can be shared with the organization. Its key attraction is that it doesn’t require engaging development middlemen who know nothing of the business process and who are in remarkably short supply"

  17. These features are very important for day-to-day use, it will be perfect if you guys can consider that asap:
    1. DSUM

    2. DLOOKUP

    3. Email preset messages to specified users

  18. Would be pleased to see the following feature released:

    Fine granular security permissions on table and field level
    eg. grant Read-Only permission on table ORDERS to Sharepoint user ABC
    eg. grant Read-Write permission on ORDER_DATE column in table ORDERS to Sharepoint user ZYX

  19. AlmightyBlade

    Please add Mobile browser support, Apps are currently impossible to use on a mobile browser.
    Also, please add MySQL or some other server support, users shouldn’t be forced into Sharepoint.

  20. Hi guys.

    I’d like to see four things, in the following order of preference:

    1. The ability to manage the development lifecycle. Perhaps with a way to script changes so we can deploy and rollback changes programmatically), particularly to a SharePoint backend.
    2. A full-featured programming language to replace macros (VBA would be nice, but I know you won’t do that).
    3. The ability to create and manipulate the ribbon at runtime, programmatically.
    4. The ability to subclass the ribbon, or the ability to sink its events.

    Graham R Seach

  21. Bonnie Hicks


  22. 1) SSRS Reporting – please
    2) SSRS Reporting – pretty please

    3) SSRS Reporting – with sugar on top

  23. A mobile interface would be nice. Also, for desktop users I’d like to be able to have traditional "overlapping windows" instead of the tabbed interface that you guys at Microsoft seem to love so much now. 🙂

  24. mburns_08109

    1) Support a REAL S.D.L.C. story! (the lack of this is really inexcusable!)
    2) give us the option to edit macros as XML in an external editor or something closer to a traditional text/code-editing UI – the current macro editor UI is simply way too restrictive.

    3) a sufficiently granular security API for WEB *AND* Desktop UI experiences is LOOOONG overdue! (note: an API, and not a canned one-size-fits-all security system is the request here.)

  25. I would like the macro builder to include all available macro functionalities (it is very limited on what you can do with web apps). The macro builder fails to deliver in the same manner that VBA does. That’s really my only complaint.

  26. The biggest update should be to upgrade the Northwind DB tmplate. The Northwind DB is very thorough except for one VERY important function:
    The "Invoices" table never gets any data. It is all $0.00 The update is supposed to be accomplished via a macro but it DOES NOT WORK. This makes the entire Northwind database unusable as a template.

    It’s very strange that after all these years in existence it has never been corrected.

    Has anyone else commented or has anyone corrected this or does anyone have a solution?

  27. Top three:
    1. Ability to update SharePoint lists from Access Web app.
    2. Ability to edit Access Web app data from an external source.
    3. Web Reporting, increased macro functionality and better documentation.


    1. VBA
    2. Reporting

    3. Possibility to change the connectionstring to another database so that you can have a development and production environment


    And one more thing: make it possible change the UI according to sharepoint-role: show or dim tables or buttons depending on role.

  30. I just want to be able to customize the CSS so I can create a printer-friendly view that doesn’t include the tile panel of my Access 2013 Web App (through Office 365), or a printer-friendly popup view. Is this asking too much? The entire web apps platform falls sadly short when it comes to printing. It doesn’t appear that I can currently modify any of the existing CSS for the web app.

  31. Arvin Meyer

    I develop solely for the desktop. The web does not interest me. The Cloud does not interest me. I could spend time telling you all my reasons, but the only one that’s of major importance is that not even 1 client has ever asked for or needed any form of web development. What they do need, Microsoft has yet to deliver, and that’s mobile capability.

    I am not talking about remote connectivity, that’s easily handled with Terminal Services and RDP or VNC. What I’m talking about is gestures, built-in Windows VPN, and a version that runs on the Windows RT platform. And how about a version that runs on the Mac and one for iOS and yes, even Android? Microsoft is missing the boat here. Hell, the boat may already be on the other side of the ocean.

    So, if you want to know what I think of Access’s future, I think it’s bleak unless Microsoft is willing to make a major investment in mobile computing. Both Alpha 5 and Filemaker are 2 versions ahead of Microsoft in this area.

  32. williamross

    Production and test database connectivity
    Menu creation tool

  33. Urgently need the following – that would make Access Web App a winner:
    Simple way of updating SP lists and documents
    Reporting tool – printing to custom formatted HTML / PDF / DOC formats
    Granular security access to table / fields level – eg. based on roles / groups
    Access to / from via REST and other web service technology

  34. When Access gives you an error message popup and you click on "Help" it should then take you to a page where it gives you all possible reasons AND relevant solutions to the issue. Currently it takes you to a generic help page where the solution is not even relevant.

  35. Should be able to copy from and paste to Table Design View.

  36. Should be able to copy from and paste to Select Query design view.

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