OneNote for iPhone and iPad update, new notebooks and sections on iPad, and additional improvements on iPhone

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Avneesh Kohli is a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

Today, we released a new update to OneNote for iPhone and iPad. With this update OneNote on the iPad is untethered because you can now create notebooks on the iPad as well as create, delete and rename sections.  When the team shipped the update we heard some customers asking for these features on the iPad so they could do everything from within OneNote and we are pleased to announce that this update is now available.
If you already have OneNote installed on your iOS device, get the latest on the Updates tab in the App Store. Or you can get started for free by downloading OneNote for iPad or OneNote for iPhone from the App Store.

New SkyDrive notebooks

Notebooks are an essential part of OneNote and play a significant role in helping you organize all of your content. Many of our customers submitted feedback requesting the ability to create new notebooks.  We’re happy to announce that OneNote for iPad now has full support for creating new SkyDrive notebooks.

On the Notebooks list, tap Create Notebook.  

Enter a name for your new notebook, then tap Create. You’re all set!

Add, rename, and delete sections

Sections are a great way to help you group your notes within a notebook. With this update, you can add, rename and delete sections.

It’s really easy to add a section on OneNote for iPad: On the sections bar, tap the plus button, enter a name for your new section, and you’re on your way.

Tap the desired section title to bring up the two options, Delete and Rename.

 If you’d like to rename a section, select that option, and the section title will be automatically highlighted. Just start typing and tap Done on your keyboard to save the new name.

Japanese typing improvements

Some of our Japanese-language customers reported slow typing responsiveness. Our engineering team did some remarkable work, and we think you’ll be really pleased with the results.

Download size reduction

We received feedback from some of our customers that the download size of OneNote for iPhone was too big, and now the download size is less than half the size of our previous release.

Automatic list detection

OneNote for iPhone and iPad offers a variety of text formatting options, so you can craft and style notes the way you want to. Many of our customers frequently utilize lists as part of formatting their notes. This update offers support for automatic list detection, so you can spend less time formatting your content and more time creating it.

Bug fixes

We addressed a number of reported bugs from our last release.


This wraps up the highlights from our latest OneNote release for iPhone and iPad. Our team has worked incredibly hard to deliver some features and fixes we think you’re going to really love. Please make sure to update, or get started for free by downloading OneNote from the App Store.

We always appreciate your continued feedback via the App Store, Facebook, and Twitter — we rely on it to continually improve OneNote and make it the best possible note taking experience for our customers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, please check out the OneNote Answers site where you can see responses to FAQs or ask a question.

–Avneesh Kohli


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  1. Dear Onenote Team,

    I posted the following suggestions in the comments section of an earlier blog but (forgive me) would like to re-post it here since this blog seems to be a more proper forum to make those suggestions:-

    1) Contents of embedded documents, at least word, excel and powerpoint files and hopefully pdf, should also be searchable (This can already be done in Lotus Note version 7). Currently, the only workaround is to insert the files as printout which consumes resources unnecessary;
    2) More advanced searching features, such as "search-in-search" and the use of operators, should be allowed to refine the search results;
    3) Hovering over a search result should bring up its preview;
    4) Search language should be customizable rather than just blindly following the settings of Windows. This is important to people using non-Latin based languages who may have their Windows set to their native languages but still need to take notes in English;
    5) Pictures inserted in web app should automatically set to be searchable instead of requiring users to turn on OCR picture by picture in the desktop version, which is inefficient and annoying;
    6) As many suggested, web app should allow search, at least for the folks who have paid the desktop version. The absence of the ability to search virtually makes the web app unproductive, if not useless;
    7) In terms of inking, Onenote should be compatible with Wacom’s cintiq panel, if the jaggy inking effect is just because of some software problem;
    8) There should be a function similar to "email to evernote"; and
    9) Radial menu should be available to the desktop version too;

    Hope the said suggestions will come true some day.

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Hi dthk,

      Thanks for the feedback! We always like hearing about what new features our customers want, and work hard to make a product that offers the best experience for them.

  2. Thanks for the update! 🙂

    Being able to manipulate with Notebook and Section categories are important indeed!

    What I would like to see, especially giving very convenient iPad touch factor, is drag’n’drop for re-ordering Pages and Sections, please.

    Then, having ability to generate from the app a link for sharing from, say, Skydrive, both pages and notebooks.

    Next, is Intelligent Copy-Paste of content between pages, sections and notebooks – especially, putting into clipboard a range of cells and pasting it accordingly – currently we are getting only embedded in one cell a range of pasted cells, table-in-the-table is not what it should be.

    Finally, audio notes – on my WP8 phone OneNote does have this option, and I do use it – so then on iPad I am both unable to listen to audionotes, and unable to create new ones.

    Hope we will see some items from the list above still this year!

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Hi Sergejs,

      Avneesh from the OneNote team here. First off, we really appreciate your feedback. It’s always great to hear what features OneNote users want to see next. We work really hard to make OneNote the best it can be for you all.

      You mentioned wanting the ability to generate a link for sharing a link to a notebook. You can do this in the latest version of the app by going to the main screen with a list of your notebooks and tapping the share button to the right of the notebook you want to share. It’ll give you the option to select sharing permissions (view or view+edit), and then bring up a mail dialogue with a link to the notebook. That should get you what you’re looking for.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  3. jscottbennett

    Is there any way to move a page from one notebook to another on the ipad? If not this is critical.

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Hi Scott,

      Avneesh from the OneNote team here. At this time, there isn’t a way to move pages across notebooks. We’ve heard the request and made a note of it. We really appreciate the feedback! It really helps the team understand what our customers want – please be sure to keep the feedback coming!

  4. Paul Christian

    Dear Microsoft. OneNote is one of the best things to come out of your company and it has a huge, cult-like following of fans… Many of them are using Apple hardware.., Please consider releasing a OneNote version for OSX (standalone or as a part of the next Office suite). This would make current OneNote fans extremely happy, and keep your loop and OneNote/Skydrive ecosystem closed between Apple devices.

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the feedback! It’s great to hear what platforms our customers are using. Right now, the OneNote Web App is the best way to use OneNote on your Mac.

  5. This is huge. I can now seriously work on my iPad and not feel hamstrung without my PC. Still using/trying Evernote, but OneNote just appeals more to me.

  6. Why don’t you sell it on the international Application Store?
    It is only available in the USA.

    We need it as well…

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Hi Royi,

      Avneesh from the OneNote team here. Which country are you located in? We do offer the app in an number of international countries. If you respond, I can confirm whether or not OneNote is available in your country’s App Store.

      • I am from Israel , i suspect from the name that Royi is as well from Israel. I can tell you that the app works great with Hebrew. actually hebrew is better on OneNote on iPad then on Apple Pages !!!

  7. linday2009

    Please can you please integrate audio voice to onenote for iPad? That will be awesome for so many people like me.

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Hi Deolinda,

      Avneesh from the OneNote team here. We really appreciate your feedback! We’ve heard the requests for audio notes and have made a note of them. Please keep the feedback coming! Thanks!

  8. I think I found my exit out of using Google docs for notes with an ios 3rd-party application! I will dive deeply into the onenote world. I especially like the web version for Mac and windows. Many thanks and I look forward to the future updates. Currently using on ipad and iPhone.



  9. Forgot to post my suggestion: password protected app or notebooks.

  10. jasonmirk

    Let us REORDER pages on mobile devices please!!!

  11. Sean Wallbridge

    Liking the evolution of the product. Here is my wish list:
    1. Send link to page (not just send the page, I want to "collaborate")
    2. Insert GPS coordinates
    3. Moving sections and tabs

    Coming along nicely folks.

  12. Very informative post. I was looking for information about this topic and this post really helped me a lot.

  13. Thanks OneNote team! OneNote is just getting better. Please consider support for mathematical equation, and embedded files (like pdf). Being a student, lots of my notes (created in desktop OneNote) have mathematical equations.

  14. Just appending from my last post for iOS devices:
    1. Better/improved syncing. Faster, more efficient sync.
    2. Turn auto sync off for ability to manually sync
    3. Ability to resolve conflicts
    4. Password protect notebooks
    5. Advanced search based on criteria (dates, hash tags, etc…)

  15. why is the app limited to specific appstores ? I need to change my appstore region for every update , just add it to my region so it will be easy !!!!

  16. nicolefowler

    Thanks for the update, much better to use now! One question/suggestion I do have, when will the app have the ability to ‘handwrite’ and have that converted to text? I know that the app on the Surface allows this, and having seen it being used, it would make note taking in lectures and meetings much easier. Thanks again OneNote team!

  17. Good to see some well needed inclusion of existing desktop facilities in the iPad version. For me the mobile version is a way of accessing and being able to update my data. Unfortunately some key features are still missing:

    1. Opening password protected sections – a large part of my data is is inaccessible due to no support for password protected data.

    2. Support for sub-pages. Part of the core design philosophy of One Note is round the use of hierarchy (Notebooks, sections, pages and sub pages). The iPad version shows sub pages, but you acn’t create one which is frustrating. Frequently I enter new data on the iPad and have to remember to revisit it on the desktop in order to adjust the basic structure I intended. I should be bale to get the basics right, I can accept that maybe the nicer features don’t fit (though competitor apps seems to cram in a lot more).

    3. Automatic List Detection – I can’t see any change? I type a list, preceded by numbers or full stop and nothing is detected, I still need to use the menu options.

    By the way I love OneNote and really would like the iPad version to be a viable extension of it’s use..

  18. martindotporter

    Can someone please explain something for me – OneNote is free for iphone, ipad & windows phone but not PC?
    Thanks for listening.

    • martindotporter

      Duh. Scrub this. On the pc you use the Skydrive Webb App.

  19. Justin007

    Hello Admin

    I read your blog post these are fabulous information Battery Tools Monitor battery level and charging cycle for iPhone

    Thanks again for this blog i am regular reader

    Justin Cook

  20. laursaurus

    This is a tremendous update! Much easier to access OneNote features on my devices. Thanks!

  21. Updated to the latest version and then to iOS 7 and now I cannot sync or log in to my SkyDrive account! I also tried uninstall and reinstall and still got the same error. I can go through the login screen but once I click on "sign in" the next screen in the login window becomes blank with no prompt except to go back to the previous screen (arrow pointing left) and attempt to log in again. HELP!

    • Avneesh Kohli

      Avneesh from the OneNote team here. We’ve posted a workaround for this issue:

      Thanks for your patience!

  22. Ken Koyle

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to add a reminder (or Outlook task) in OneNote for iPad? This is a great and easy-to-use feature in Evernote, and it’s part of the desktop version of OneNote, but I can’t find it in the iPad version.

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