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SkyDrive Pro increases storage and ease of sharing

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Co-authors Mark Kashman (@mkashman) and Tejas Mehta (@tpmehta) are senior product managers on the SharePoint marketing team.

SkyDrive Pro is cloud storage for business. It’s the place where employees can store, sync, and share their files across multiple devices with ease and security. With SkyDrive Pro you can collaborate with others in real time and edit documents from virtually anywhere via a web browser using Office Web Apps. Accessing your files from multiple devices (including Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices) is a cinch with native SkyDrive Pro and Office Mobile apps. Not only does SkyDrive Pro deliver the frictionless user experiences that employees expect in a file sync solution, it’s backed by a platform that provides industrial-strength content management, compliance, and content management controls. 

We’re continually improving the SkyDrive Pro service. The new SkyDrive Pro apps are now available in the Window Store and App Store. Today, we’re pleased to announce three new significant improvements to SkyDrive Pro for Office 365 business subscribers – to help you be more productive:

  • Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space (up from 7 GB).
  • You can now increase users’ SkyDrive Pro storage beyond the default 25 GB-up to 50 GB and 100 GB.
  • With the new Shared with Me view,you can easily find documents others have shared with you.

Let’s dive into the details!

Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space (up from 7 GB)

The default SkyDrive Pro storage space in Office 365 is now 25 GB-for both new and existing customers.

Let’s look at what that means for the overall storage for each user. With Office 365, you get 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage + 50 GB of  email storage + 5 GB for each site mailbox you create + your total available tenant storage, which for every Office 365 business customer starts at 10 GB + (500 MB x # of user(s)1). If you and your company have growing storage needs across your various work streams and content types, we think you’ll find Office 365 offers ample headroom on day one, at no additional cost.

1 In Office 365 Enterprise plans, only Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E4 users contribute to the total available tenant storage. Kiosk workers and external users are not calculated into the equation. For small business and midsize plans, all licensed users contribute to the total available tenant storage. 

You can now increase users’ SkyDrive Pro storage beyond the default 25 GB-up to 50 GB and 100 GB

SharePoint Online admins can now increase SkyDrive Pro storage space for those individuals that need and want more than the default 25 GB of storage. You can select increases in increments, up to 50 GB or 100 GB (the current SkyDrive Pro limit), and you can adjust the storage for up to 25 users at once. The storage you allocate will come from your tenant’s overall pool of storage and you have clear visibility of how much total available tenant storage your company has to allocate to your users’ SkyDrive Pro. If you need more tenant storage, navigate to the Storage Metrics page (Site Settings a Storage Metrics) and then to Buy quota, where you can purchase more; additional storage for SharePoint Online costs $0.20USD/GB/month.  Note: this capability requires the SharePoint Online administration center and is not available in Office 365 Small Business and Small Business Premium.

SharePoint Online admins can increase users’ SkyDrive Pro storage space from 25 GB to 50 GB and 100 GB.

 Learn more about managing SkyDrive Pro storage space on

With the new Shared with Me view, you can easily find documents others have shared with you

Have you ever experienced the pain of trying to locate a document or folder a colleague previously shared with you? Shared with Me eliminates the worry of finding those important items, because now they’re all visible in a single view from within your SkyDrive Pro.

The documents and folders you see in the Shared with Me view may live in someone else’s SkyDrive Pro, or they may be shared from a standard team site document library. Once they are shared with you, you have the same permissions in SkyDrive Pro that you were originally given by the person who shared the documents with you. This means you can view a document, edit it, share it, and download it, and more- all as if it were natively stored in your SkyDrive Pro.

Shared with Me appears in the left-hand navigation pane of your SkyDrive Pro under Followed Documents.

Learn more about Shared with Me on the GetStartedSharePoint YouTube channel.

Do even more with these additional SkyDrive Pro improvements 

In the spirit of continually improving the SkyDrive Pro service, we’re also increasing the overall file upload limit in SharePoint Online to 2 GB/file and the default recycle bin retention to 90 days (up from 30 days). And we’re enabling versioning by default on newly provisioned SkyDrive Pro libraries, which saves the last ten versions, so you never lose an important document. These service improvements apply to SkyDrive Pro and to team site documents and data. We’ll give you more details about these improvements and others in an upcoming post about increased limits across SharePoint Online.

Do more with more! Store, sync, and share is best with SkyDrive Pro. Now stop reading and go upload something already!

Learn more about Sky Drive Pro.


Mark Kashman & Tejas Mehta
Senior Product Managers – SharePoint
@mkashman | @tpmehta

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 Q. How much SkyDrive Pro storage do I get per user?

 A. 25 GB is the default in SharePoint Online and can be upped to 100 GB. 100 MB is the default setting for on-premises and it is configurable by the IT administrator.

Q. Can I buy more SkyDrive Pro storage?

A. Yes. Additional storage is sold at $0.20USD/GB/month and goes into a tenant’s pooled storage. It can then be allocated to specified end users from 25 GB to 50 GB or 100 GB.

Q:  Which Office 365 plans will have 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage by default?

A:  The 25GB default SkyDrive Pro is for all Office 365 for business users who have usage rights to SkyDrive Pro.  Specifically, these plans are:  Office 365 Small Business (P1), Office 365 Small Business Premium (P2), Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E4, Office 365 Education A2,  A3 and A4, and Office 365 government G1, G3, and G4.  Please note that Kiosk and “external users” do not have usage rights for SkyDrive Pro personal storage.

Q. Does this announcement apply to Office 365 Home Premium subscribers?

A. No. SkyDrive Pro is not the same as SkyDrive. The “Pro” is based on SharePoint, enterprise-grade content management. Thus, this article does not apply to Office 365 Home Premium offering, which combines the latest Office applications with 20GB of SkyDrive storage.

Q. Does this announcement apply to Office 365 dedicated subscribers?

A. No. The Office 365 dedicated plans are not receiving this same update, because they are managed in a unique, isolated infrastructure.

Q. What is the maximum number of docs I can sync using the SkyDrive Pro Sync for Windows client?

A. 20,000 documents for personal document libraries, 5,000 for team sites.

Q. Does SkyDrive Pro Sync for Windows use “differential sync”?

A. Yes, SkyDrive Pro Sync for Windows uses the Office Document Cache and syncs only the differences for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

  1. jguzman277

    What is the reason why there is a limit of 5,000 items for team site’s document libraries? Are there any plans to increase this limit? Great job by the way.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      This is a current list ‘view’ limit tied to sync’ing. We are reviewing plans to address, though nothing we can specifically share today. Thanks for reading the post and asking good, relevant questions – helps us understand the real blockers people are hitting or at least questioning.

  2. Oliver Bartholdson

    Excellent news! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Thanks, Oliver. Appreciate your eyeballs and sentiments. I’ll make sure the engineering team gets the feedback :-).

  3. Great additions! When are we going to see those changes applied? It would be nice to have the "Shared With Me" feature in the Skydrive Pro client for all desktop and mobile clients Any plans for that?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      We are rolling out WW now, and have hit a small issue with the SPO admin UI component to the new quota management capabilities. Stay tuned. Our "Shared with Me" is powered by SharePoint enterprise search, so not yet prevalent in clients – but like your feedback. Have you experienced "Most Recently Used" in the clients (super handy and similar)? Shows on Windows Phone, too, plus a new feature of the new Office Mobile for iPhone and Android phone apps…

  4. Loren Paulsen

    Are there any plans to eliminate the file name and file type restrictions that currently exist in SkyDrive Pro? In a pilot deployment, our experience was far from the "frictionless user experiences that employees expect in a file sync solution".

    At this point, I’d rather SkyDrive Pro be based on the consumer SkyDrive technology than SharePoint, and this is coming from someone who is a big SharePoint fan.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Aware and working on addressing both. What specifically per each issue you listed. Will help us track closer to your use requirements… to understand where you are most blocked. Thanks in advance.

      • Loren Paulsen

        Mark, our scenario is this: telling users they no longer need their "user drives" because they can upload everything to SkyDrive Pro and work from anywhere. They download SkyDrive Pro, start with an empty drive, and move over several GB of existing files from Windows. Many of our users have the habit of using certain symbols in their files names, specifically "&" and "#", which are not allowed. Windows has always allowed them, so this requirement is new. Staff are forced to rename hundreds of files for sync to complete.

        Our IT staff, already familiar with SkyDrive (consumer), currently have a "utilities" folder inside of their SkyDrive, containing portable EXEs command-line applications. They even add this "utilities" folder to their PATH. Very cool! When they try to replicate the same thing on SkyDrive Pro, they can’t, because of file type restrictions.

        Staff were also plagued by error code 0x80040208. There is some indication this is caused by having file names longer than 63 characters, but we never narrowed it down conclusively. It required some staff staff to do a complete re-sync of their drives every few days.

  5. DarrellCWebster

    Microsoft listen. I’ve seen some heated discussions about the previous 7GB limit for SkyDrive Pro. It’s great to see that adding your voice to discussion brings about positive change.

  6. Kevin Crossman

    Very nice to see versioning on by default. That’s a very nice improvement.

  7. UncleSpudBB

    Will this also be added to the Academic plans and is there a timeline for deployment?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Yes, and same deployment timeline, which is now – rolling WW as I type…

  8. JoeGasper

    @mkashman & @tpmehta – excellent new SkyDrive Pro features. I wish we could start taking advantage of them as part of my university’s move to Office 365 (A2). SkyDrive Pro is in holding pattern (and we know we aren’t the only univ) while our Security Office works through issues. The problem we have is preventing restricted data loss (FERPA, HIPAA) if a faculty, staff, or student that works with protected and restricted data enables sync to a non-managed device, specifically one that is not encrypted. The dearth of SPO cmdlets makes it impossible to disable sync on a select group of user’s My Sites. While with SPO, we know we can lock down My Site creation to a set of users while still giving them a SPO license, but we’d have students/faculty with SkyDrive Pro (no contact with restricted data) and those without (say Dental students who encounter HIPAA files). While implementation of AD RMS is not difficult and becoming increasing useful with the new release, end-user management and training, and end-user device management is not trivial (and needing to move to A3). With BYOD(es) mainstream, we would love to see local, transparent encryption of synced SkyDrive Pro storage, on any device that uses a SkyDrive Pro app. Office 365 has met many security regulations and we have a BAA agreement. And, yes, we have plenty of rules and policies, and training, on restricted data, but they don’t help Security Officers feel as good as encryption. Thank you, Joe (implementation team…).

  9. Does this announcement apply to Office 365 for Education as well?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Yes. We did add a new FAQ specific to this as we were getting asked the same question in a few places. Thanks for asking.

  10. Is this supposed to be live NOW or is it being rolled out to domains soon?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Rolling out WW now, should take 5-7 days more. We’re cranking as fast as we can.

  11. sorry so long….Is there a way I can prevent my users from creating a personal SkyDrive Live account using the company’s O365 assigned account? We understand we can hide the SkyDrive App or prevent address on our company owned devices but not from home or a BYOD. Since we do not have control over personal Live accounts (ie: can not legally search it) when a user leaves the company and we remove their O365 account then the personal SkyDrive Live account as well gets destroyed – whether or not I knew one existed. Users may not uncover this either right away, asking for their personal data back way after its too late. Because they are allowed to create a Live Account with any email address even the O365 PAID company address I feel this is a hole or an issue for us. I understand we need "processes" of our own wrapped around this, but again I can not control what they do at home, and you (MS) have made this so easy to sign up for one, users will accidently go around work processes and make the mistake to login and create a personal Live account with their O365 company Paid Account. Why not prevent them from using their company PAID O365 account from creating a Live account that the company has no control over? I have no problem putting a policy in place that says use any other email account you like for personal storage on Live, but not the Paid company’s account. Is this my only solution?

    • @mkashman & @tpmehta

    • Mark Kashman User">

      The two services are separate by design – consumer and commercial. SkyDrive folders and documents are owned by the individual and not directly governed by a company. It can be set as policy within your company that employees not put company documents in SkyDrive, but we do not have controls to map your IT governance from O365 over your employee SkyDrive folders.


    Is their any change of a Mac version of the SkyDrive Pro app. We need to use this from Mac PC’s as well?

    • DarrellCWebster

      Agreed. Many Mac Office 365 users have been requesting this for some time. While Microsoft is on a roll with listening and doing, will this be addressed? Is there something for Mac in the pipeline? Office 2011 for Mac is a little crippled in respect of connecting to SharePoint Online.

      • Mark Kashman User">

        See my reply above to "demani" (relevant)

  13. Lukasz_PL

    Does the 2GB file limit is valid only for SkyDrive Pro or also for whole SharePoint Online ?

    • Oliver Bartholdson

      The file upload limit has been increased across SharePoint Online and SkyDrive Pro. Successfully tested today!!

      • Mark Kashman User">

        Sweet. Load up that Cloud.

  14. Massimo_M

    Not sure I understood correctly.
    I have 250 x E3 plans. So, my total storage for Sharepoint should be

    + 10 GB for tenant
    + 0,5 GB x 250 users = 125 GB
    + 25 GB for SkyDrivePro
    total = 160 GB
    + 0,5 GB for each user’s personal storage (not shared)

    is that correct?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      The calculation for tenant’s pooled storage is 10 GB + (500 MB x # of user(s)) (see more above). Thus with your numbers, your company would have 135GB available to apply to team sites. Then, every user who has use rights to SkyDrive Pro will get personal space, now allocated at 25GB/user. This 25GB does not come from the tenant pool, but is additive and usable by the individual. SDP storage cannot be allocated back to a team site, nor shared with another SDP user. Hope that helps.

  15. borochena

    I don’t see anything yet in my E3 plan, any news on this?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      We’re rolling the update WW, so not everyone will see the admin UI changes immediately. All should be in place around the globe within the next week. Hang tight.

  16. JoeGasper


    Your SharePoint tenant storage pool would be 10GB + 0.5GB * 250 = 135GB (+ additional storage you could purchase at $0.20/GB/month). That is the pool you can use to allocate to SharePoint site collections or give to user’s SkyDrive Pro as additional storage above the new default of 25GB. For example, if you were using 20GB in your SharePoint Online, you could give 4 users each an additional 25GB in SkyDrive Pro (and have 15GB left in your pool).

  17. Diablo666

    Is this extra space added automatically or do I have to add it myself and how can I do this?

    • Mark Kashman User">

      You will just have more space. There is no user action required to go from 7GB –> 25GB.

  18. Stephen Pothecary

    Another fantastic addition to an already fantastic product #office365 #guru365 🙂

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Thanks Steve_Guru365.

  19. That’s great news. However, the basic workings of SkyDrive Pro on client machines leaves a lot to be desired. The issues relating to not working/not syncing when multiple editions of Office or multiple editions of Office products are installed are a big a concern of any Office 365 product I’ve seen in 3 years of deployment. I hope energies have been allocated to fix this asap.

  20. Quentin Berger

    Actually @mkashman, it would be great if, when you announce such a major move, it is only when it is really available to us!

    I spent a few minutes messing around in the SharePoint Online Admin UI to only find out that I don’t have (yet) the ability to manage my SkyDrive Pro storage. And some more minutes to understand that, even if I have now the "Shared with me" view, it is still empty because Microsoft is certainly in the process of deploying something mysterious to populate it!

    So happy to see the improvement announcement but still waiting to see it and use it!!!

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Thanks for hanging in there. We will add a Q&A to address the SPO admin UI coming soon – we’re rolling the update WW as we comment. And make sure you’ve been shared with, too.


    Does the "Shared with Me" view include documents that have been shared with everyone? We frequently use our public folders to share personal documents with the entire organization.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      No, it will key off of documents someone has shared with you specifically.

  22. yoshihirokawabata

    50 GB of email storage !?

    My email store is 25 GB, now.
    What does 50 GB mean ?

    "you get 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage + 50 GB of email storage + 5 GB for each site mailbox you create + your total available tenant storage"

  23. Kevin Crossman

    > versioning by default on newly provisioned SkyDrive Pro libraries
    Can you please clarify the meaning here?

    I had a user who had not upgraded his MySite from the previous SP2010 version of O365. We went through the "pink bar" and upgraded his MySite to get the new functionality but when I looked at the Library settings versioning was set to off.

    Does "newly provisioned" indicate brand new users to the O365 platform? For example, if we hire new colleagues next week then they should get versioning but anyone in the system prior to this week would continue to turn it on manually if needed? Correct?

    You clarification on this is greatly appreciated.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      What you’ve described is upgrade from 2010 –> 2013, which means your user now has SkyDrive Pro (SDP) for the first time. Sweet! But, it is not a new library as it’s an upgrade from what we used to term "My Documents." Thus it does not invoke the same action as creating a completely new SDP. An example: if you hire a new user today, and they navigate to their SDP folder for the first time, their SDP will be provisioned new. And they would have versioning turned on by default. And know that any existing SDP can manually turn it on as well. However, existing SDPs will not have the versioning settings be adjusted by Microsoft.

  24. Is there a limitation of the numbers of items in the SkyDrive Pro libraries

  25. Is the "Shared with Me" feature available to all users of Office 365 (including Small Business Premium)? We are currently in the trial phase and will be moving to a paid subscription in 10 days. Will I be able to see the Share with Me now, or is it only available once we move to a paid subscription? Thank you.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      It will appear to anyone who has use rights to SkyDrive Pro: Specifically, these plans are: Office 365 Small Business (P1), Office 365 Small Business Premium (P2), Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E4, Office 365 Education A2, A3 and A4, and Office 365 government G1, G3, and G4. Please note that Kiosk and "external users" do not have usage rights for SkyDrive Pro and thus would not see "Shared with Me." I’ll have to chk if trial tenants received same update at same time – though I think maybe not immediately. But for sure, in production, you would have rights to SkyDrive Pro in Office 365 Small Business and thus get access to new "Shared with Me."

  26. How about Mac support?

    Office 365 is an excellent product, but there is still no Mac client- when can we expect that improvement? (an extra 18GB of unusable storage doesn’t help much)

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Our current Mac support for SharePoint Online and SkyDrive Pro (SDP) is via the Web browser, Safari. Specific to SDP, you can drag/drop from the desktop into Web SDP (try it if you haven’t yet). I know this is not what you are asking. We are actively planning next phases of SDP development for Web, apps and sync clients – with focus on addressing Mac in the mix of innovation. You’ll see much Mac focus from MSFT. Hang tight and thanks for the comment.

      • Do you have an ETA on the focus on Mac? Our concerns are that SkyDrive Pro is not supported, that there is no connection from Outlook to Office365 and OneNote. We need to cutover our Mac users who have many files and many contacts, which would prove rather difficult without these features (unless you have some suggestions or know of any apps?). Your guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! 🙂

  27. srseligman


    Please forgive me if this is a duplicate. I posted a question while I was logged in, but it asked me to log in again and seems to have lost my post.

    My question is that I have Office 365 Plan E1. I don’t see SkyDrive Pro under Site Collections on my SharePoint Admin Center page.

    Are you rolling these new features of SkyDrive Pro out slowly, or do I have to activate something to enable them.

    Thanks much.

    • Daniel Guo

      I have the same issue, Even my Office365 plan is E3.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      Please see my reply below to "dwploc."

  28. BubbaATtec

    Will the "shared with me" feature see things that were shared with me prior to it going live? It currently seems to see just stuff that has been shared with me in the last couple of days.

    • Mark Kashman User">

      No. It’ll show documents shared with you from when it went live. #sharedwithmestartsnow

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