OneNote for Android update for external keyboards

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Listening to feedback is an integral part of the OneNote team and it is our responsibility to always listen to what you all are saying. In the past few weeks, we have received feedback for OneNote on Android that external keyboards are not working on certain devices and that it is making note-taking painful. Today, we have released an update which enables usage of English (QWERTY) external keyboards with OneNote for Android.

We would love to hear about your experience with this latest update. Please leave your comments and suggestions below. We’re also listening to the comments in Google Play from the in-app feedback button or Microsoft Answers.

Update or download directly from here: OneNote for Android

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  1. Larry Seltzer

    Dear OneNote team – when will OneNote mobile be able to access SkyDrive Pro?

    • OneNote Team User">

      @Larry – It already does today! Just open a link from SkyDrive Pro and it will open in OneNote.

  2. Larry Seltzer

    "open a link from SkyDrive Pro" – since there’s no SkyDrive Pro app on Android this has to mean from a web browser on my Office 365 site, correct? When I do that it opens up the web-based OneNote in the browser.

  3. indranil_leo

    Hello OneNote Team,

    Firstly, thank you so so much for providing and updating OneNote app for Android. I have been using onenote for about 8 years and have extensive amount of material in it, and I love the fact that I can access my notes on my nexus 7 device (through SkyDrive Pro). I love OneNote, and I seriously think that it is a way better tool than any other note-taking tool out there.

    I have two comments through:

    1. About 3 months back I upgraded to OneNote 2013, and moved all my notes to SkyDrive so that I can access the notes from my Nexus 7 device. However, lately I have observed onenote failing to start up more than 50% of the time when I try to access it from my Windows 7 PC. I have tried clearing and deleting cash, settings, etc, but that hasn’t solved the problem. Currently, opening onenote in my PC is like tossing a coin.

    2. Since I am an academic, I write a lot of equations in onenote notes (and I really love it). However, I can’t obviously see the equations in the onenote android app. It would be great if there may be a way of at least viewing the equations (created in the desktop software) in the onenote app.

    Thanks for the great work.

  4. OneNote Team User">

    @Larry, you would need to open via a hyperlink that you might have emailed yourself. Or you can download & sign-in to Office for Android which also lets you browse SharePoint & SkyDrive Pro sites and then you can open from there.
    Finally if you have opened the notebook in OneNote 2013 it should be in your roaming list. Just go to More notebooks and you can see the SkyDrive Pro & SharePoint notebooks. Hope this helps if you have questions please let us know.

    • Larry Seltzer

      Using the Office 365 mobile app did it. I should have thought of that. Still, it would be nice (in the future) to add a straightforward option in the Notebook Open procedure to offer SkyDrive pro. Thanks for your help.

    • said_maitham

      please ,
      when you fix onenote android version issue with Arabic language?
      i update to last version "Onenote 15.0.2020.2302" still same problem with Arabic in android devices.
      all thing are OK in PC but in the mobiles or tablet NO.
      waiting for your answer.

  5. chatravin

    It seems this version does not support Right-To-Left Languages and shows them in an untidy manner and the odd point is previous versions did support.
    Am I making a mistake?

  6. Is there any chance of getting inking onto the android OneNote? I’m an architecture student and do a lot of drawing/diagrams/notes, and that would be wonderful!

  7. said_maitham

    i have big issue when use onnote for Arabic language.
    in this notes written with Arabic that not shown correct in android .
    all thing are OK in desktop PC, but in the mobile or tablet it shown reverse and character by character.
    also i now upgrade to 15.0.1917.2300
    test this with
    Samsung galaxy S2 I9100
    Samsung note 10.1 N8000
    Sony Xperia P
    all with android 4.1.2
    same problem.
    i s there any update to fix this problem?

  8. You recently launched a fantastic update for the ipad version of OneNote. When will you release an update for Android with the same level of functionality? It is very limited and basic in comparison to the Ipad version. I use an ipad a work and find it very useful for note taking and project work. I cant say the same for the Android version on my Galaxy though….

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