Webinar: Prepare for a waterfall of Office tips

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Keyboard shortcuts have a lot more to offer than Ctrl+X for Cut and Ctrl+V for Paste. We’re going to see how many nifty shortcuts and other timesavers in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Word we can deliver within 15 minutes.

Can’t view this video? Try viewing it at Microsoft Showcase. Need a sneak peek? Here’s a 30-second trailer.

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–Doug Thomas & Dave Ludwig

  1. Doug Thomas User">

    Here are all 32 tips we mentioned in the webinar. The links above include more resources including complete shortcuts listings for each program, and training courses. –Doug

    1. F1 is for Help (any Office program)
    2. Ctrl + X is Cut | Ctrl + V is paste
    3. Ctrl + Z to undo | Ctrl + Y to redo
    4. The Alt key makes all ribbon items a keyboard shortcut
    5. Shift + F7 is your thesaurus (choose a word first)
    6. Type first, set-up later. Then use Page Layout>Margins to quickly change margins
    7. Find older copies of your document. File>Manage versions

    8. CTRL+HOME takes you to cell A1.
    9. CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW selects everything to the right in a range
    10. CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW selects everything down in a range
    11. CTRL+Q brings up the Quick Analysis window.
    12. CTRL+SHIFT+$ to currency
    13. ALT+F1 for an instant chart
    14. CTRL+T to make a table
    15. Insert>Power View to insert a Power View sheet. Note: This feature isn’t available in Office on a Windows RT PC. Power View and PowerPivot are only available in the Office Professional Plus and Office 365 Professional Plus editions.

    16. View>Outline view to write and organize your content in an outline view.
    17. ALT+SHIFT RIGHT ARROW indents content to the right.
    18. ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW “outdents” content to the left.
    19. Posterize: Picture Tools>Format>Artistic Effects>Cutout
    20. View>Slide sorter

    21. CTRL+1, 2, 3, 4 to move between Mail, Calendar, People, And Tasks
    22. CTRL+E to search
    23. CTRL+SHIFT+B to bring up the address book
    24. Remove autocomplete suggestions by “arrowing” down to one, and hitting the DELETE key
    25. Copy appointments or meetings by “CTRL+Dragging” into calendar
    26. Enter new calendar items easily: View>Change view>List. View settings>Other settings>Select Show “new item” row
    27. Turn on or off new message alert pop up window in File>Options>Mail

    28. The Format Painter is Awesome (Ctrl+Shift+C). Double click to hold formatting until you click button again.
    29. Insert pictures to capture the text (right-click on picture for menu, then paste)
    30. Don’t cut and paste, use "Send to Selected Location" when using Windows Ley + S to grab a screenshot.
    31. Alt +N+A to starting recording audio
    32. Send the selected pages in an e-mail message. Ctrl+Shift+E

  2. Helen Blumenthal

    Have keyboard shortcuts been assigned to move between snapped windows? Windows can be moved using the keyboard but i haven’t found a way to move between 2 windows on the same monitor.

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