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Stay informed with the new Message Center

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Over the past two years since the release of Office 365 we have been working diligently to improve our communications with customers on changes that impact the Office 365 environment. By providing more targeted and timely communications we can ensure you are aware of changes and updates to the service well in advance and are prepared when changes do take place.   

Today we are adding Message Center, a new admin feature for communications.  Message Center will help inform Office 365 admins about new features and actions they need to take to keep their Office 365 service running smoothly.

Message Center is an in-product experience that complements the service alert emails that administrators currently receive to help keep customers up to speed on critical communications. Message center goes beyond the information provided in service alert emails, including information about new features coming to the service.

Tour of the Message center

This is an example of the Message Center homepage.  Message Center is available as a new link on the left side of the admin portal. You can see a list of important items, links to detailed information and visual indication of items that require administrator action.

When you click on the details link you are provided with more information on the specific action that administrators need to take and timeframes for those changes.  






This is our first release of the Message Center. Over time we’ll continue enhance the experience by adding new features.  Some items on our list include delivering communications in your preferred language and information that is specific to just your organization.

Stay tuned for more improvements to Message center and let us know what you think in the comments!




  1. Frederic Forest

    Good initiative! Truly.

    But if you want to improve communication, try doing so with migration planning. It’s been months that the 2013 version of O365 and the only tini-tiny bit of info we’ve got is "Sorry, we have to postpone your upgrade. We will send you an email with a new date as soon your upgrade is re-scheduled." Not great when major initiatives inside the company are dependent on new features related to this migration and we have no way to do any planning on that. We look kind of dumb in front of upper management when we can’t give even a quarterly estimate and the only excuse we can provide is "Microsoft just won’t say".

    Anyhow. Communication, on that front, could be improved.

    • Scott Vinick

      I’m in the exact same situation as Frederic, and there are many more out there like us. I’m seriously considering creating a new tenant, because of course they are already "post-upgrade". I’d rather migrate our entire company’s email a 2nd time than to keep flying into a rage every time I learn about functionality that I have no idea when I’ll be able to use…

      • Scott Vinick

        One suggestion for the Message Center: why can’t the content just be included in the Support Overview page?

  2. Breakingcustom

    I’m in the same boat. I have a customer who got postponed and it’s been about 3-4 months now and no word. It’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice to know to a tentative date.

    Also, is there no way anytime there is a service disruption, etc that the Tenant Admins get an email?

  3. qualitycontrol

    That’s nice, honey.
    Now how about reducing tech-support hold times to under 3 hours?

  4. How about a Office 365 admin center Windows Phone app and Win 8/RT app that has the message center and the RSS feed for Service Health notifications/planned maintenance? Maybe even a hub to follow service requests. Now that would be helpful to stay on top of communication.

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