Video: Tips and tricks for the OneNote Windows Store app

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Ashwini Purohit is a Program Manager on the OneNote team.

We recently published a blog post on tips and tricks for the OneNote Windows store app. In it, we showed you how to:

  • Use the radial menu to format your text
  • Invoke the Charms bar to search and share your notes
  • Right-click through the cross-swipe gesture.

In this 1-minute video I’ll demonstrate these quick and simple tips and tricks for using the OneNote Windows Store app. Check it out!

–Ashwini Purohit

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  1. stupid must sing in i lost all the text i wrote i saw that i didn’t lost text when i singed in facebook and assumed it will stay the same +you are the first site to connect with facebook two times what’s the point
    i copied the text in clipboard and forgot when i needed to sign in twice
    -hard to find this site
    -too many separate videos it should be one hd hq professional tutorial or at least playlist option or a compilation if there is same as first observation (hard to find )
    -must sign in to comment very very bad (i wrote that before sing in incident now i know im more than right if that’s even possible :D) (must) is turn off itself im not going to explain anymore it’s just bad

    i can say many good thing but it would take to much time one note is probably my favorite software

    -i know is somewhat contradiction but can you make advanced video tutorial just for people who don’t have to much time (there wasn’t learning first time i opened actually windows but in this case i wanted to say one note almost instantly knew what to do but there are thing that are not so clear and in depth video would save time )

  2. Genghis7777

    Sometimes OneNote gets confused as to when I want to ink and when I want to insert text

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