Introducing the Yammer Browser Extension

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We’re always excited to see the way you use Yammer, so when we noticed how many customers are sharing external links we decided to build a new feature to support this activity. Users frequently start discussions around all kinds of web pages on Yammer, sharing everything from viral news stories and business blogs to cloud-based business applications like SharePoint. Now, we have made it even easier to share and talk about these web pages within Yammer – with the Yammer Browser Extension.

The extension adds a Yammer tab to your browser menu, and lets you quickly share any web page you’re viewing  – just click on the Yammer icon, choose which Group you’d like to post your message into, and share your own comments with a link to the page.

In addition, as you’re browsing the web, the browser extension will notify you if there’s an existing Yammer conversation about the page. If you see a red notification number on the Yammer icon, that means that your coworkers are already having a discussion on Yammer about that page – simply click on the Yammer icon to pull out a separate viewing pane where you can view the conversation, all while remaining on the web page. You can  join in the discussion and post from within this pane.

All in all, the browser extension is a great way to enhance your web browsing experience with Yammer. You can share interesting finds and insights with coworkers without ever having to leave the page, and gain increased context and commentary from your own coworkers while browsing the web. We’re initially offering the Yammer Browser Extension for Google Chrome – come check it out here!

  1. Yammer is now over a year ago bought by Microsoft and the first browser extension for the Yammer product you deliver is one for a non Microsoft browser being Google Chrome, how come?

    • We recently released a new Windows 8 app that will deliver the same functionality for those users on Windows 8 devices (whether it be a desktop or a tablet). The Internet Explorer in Windows 8 comes equipped with the Share Charm ( which allows you to share web pages into certain apps – our latest release allows you to share into Yammer.

      The difference between the Windows 8 implementation and the Chrome Browser extension comes down to the fact that the Share Charm is built into Windows 8 (and therefore we only had to build the piece that allowed it to share into Yammer), whereas Chrome doesn’t have a native piece that allows sharing so we built it in the form of an extension.

      As with any of our features, we’re looking to see how our users use the browser extension before continuing to iterate and develop further – more platforms (such as Firefox and Windows 7 IE) may be forthcoming depending on these results.

  2. Doesn’t work – nothing happens when I click on Yammer icon.

  3. Can see this being very valuable, however, all headlines are currently appearing as “Yammer” when shared via the extension, rather than the actual headline. Not a viable solution until this is resolved.

    • Paul, I just talked to our engineering team about this and we found a bug that was causing headlines to be rewritten with “Yammer” on certain sites. Thank you for spotting and calling this out – we should have a fix ready for this soon and your extension will auto-update with the fix.

    • Hi Paul, just wanted to give you an update on this. We published the fix to this late yesterday – if you force update your Chrome extensions you should get the new version with the patch. Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  4. sorry, extension on Chrome Version 28.0.1500.72 m not working – emptyness all over the place.

    • Matt, could you submit a ticket to ? I’ll let our team working on this know that you’re having issues with that Chrome version but it’ll help us track fix this quicker if we get additional details through a support ticket.

  5. We’re using SAML for authentication with the Yammer service. Extension does not seem to work for our Chrome users.

  6. Hi,

    I love having a Chrome plugin, however, it will not work for us without the ability to post to a selected group. E.g. we have groups for tips, learning, product, etc. I need to be able to select a group that I want to post the article to.


    • Hi Mike,
      You should be able to post to any group on your Yammer network. On the plug-in, after you pull out the extension and click into where it says “What do you think about this page” (the main input field), you should see a few more options pop up. To the left of the blue “Update” button you should see “Post to: My Colleagues”. If you click on “My Colleagues” that is actually a drop-down menu that will display your groups – selecting one of those will share the message into that specific group.
      If this isn’t working/showing up for you please respond and I’ll see what’s going on.

  7. Doesn’t seem to work for our Chrome users when SAML is being used to authenticate with Yammer.

    • Duncan, I’ve contacted our team regarding this. Could we get a little bit more information about your set-up? Someone from our engineering or support staff should reach out to you soon with details. Thanks for trying it out and letting us know about the issues!

  8. The Chrome extension doesn’t allow for posting to any “External Networks” in my dropdown list of possible groups. Is this a feature that only exists in a full-blown Enterprise implementation, or should it work in any Yammer group that is established and verified?

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