OneNote for Android updated, fixes loading issues for most devices

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Today we released an update to OneNote for Android which addresses an issue that some customers experienced where the app would not load correctly. This only happened on devices which had a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor which is used in select Android devices. When we first heard from you about this problem we blocked those devices and now with this update the app should be available on most devices.

We appreciate all of your feedback.  We are reading the comments in Google Play as well as the in-app feedback button. Shipping frequent updates based on your feedback is important for us to continue to improve our experience, so please keep it coming and if you have any issues please let us know!

You can download the update via Google Play or download it directly here: OneNote for Android.

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  1. Simon Condon

    I have a shiny new Galaxy S4 and I go to the Play store to install OneNote and I just get a message saying "This app is incompatible with your device." what is going on????

    I miss my notes.



  2. Is there chance we’ll see s-pen supportinking feature in the near future?

  3. pjanvanderlinden

    There’s 1 thing I really miss before I will start using OneNote (more) and that’s the possibility to add/remove files to onenote webversion en androidversion. Please add that functionality asap if possible.



  4. sumitmehta

    Any updates on Outlook for Android ??? Though outlook for android updated few week ago is welcome but it needs to be more functional. There is lots of room for improvement as compared to rivals like Gmail for android and even Y-mail for android. Direct Integration with skydrive and picture preview are necessary addition.

  5. SlackerKJ

    Please, please, PLEASE add support for external keyboards on tables. Somehow Evernote was able to figure out how to do it, so I’m really surprised that MS can’t. I LOVE the other changes with the new design, the improved syncing, etc, but if I can’t have support for an external keyboard, then I’m going to have to make the switch over to Evernote.


  6. Kihyen Kim

    Hi, do you have any plan for "Send to Onenote" options in Onenote for android?
    As you knows, "send to" function is commonly used in android, and it’s one of good functions in Android. but Onenote for android doesn’t works in "send to" from other apps.
    Could you make this functions for app?

  7. Hi,

    Is there going to be an initial "skydrive pro" version/login on the roadmap besides the personal skydrive login? It’s strange that you need to login with a skydrive personal account before you can have access to a corporate skydrive pro setup.

  8. shifuimam

    Is there a reason why the Android version of OneNote has no tablet version? The iPad release looks amazing, with tabs and the ability to easily switch between notebooks and pages. With so many Android tablets on the market, why hasn’t Microsoft updated the Android OneNote application to take advantage of these larger displays?

  9. Will the application be available to the Kindle Fire? I know its an old product but I like it.. I love OneNote and have been using OneNote since 2007. Evernote is available but not remotely close to usefulness of OneNote..

  10. thehat1973

    I am struggling to understand why the older version of OneNote for Android had hardware keyboard support but the updated version does not. The new version looks great and performs excellently, but the lack of hardware keyboard support makes it extremely difficult to use with a TF700 without having to undock the tablet. The irony is that the keyboard does work in the feedback section of the app! I’m seeing posts like this all over the internet, but not seeing any change to the support for keyboards.

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