Join the OneNote team for a reddit AMA on Tuesday, July 9th

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reddit Hello OneNote and reddit fans!

Recently, we released major updates for OneNote for iOS, Android, Web App, and the Windows Store version. With so many products currently available, we’ve received questions from techies in Dubai to students in New York.  From our point of view, it is super exciting to hear the comments and criticism and turn them into features for the future.

Tuesday, July 9 at 10AM (Pacific)/1PM (Eastern) the OneNote team will open its doors to the outside world.  We’re partnering with reddit to give you an opportunity to ask us anything (well, nearly anything) about OneNote, why we do things a little uniquely, where the obsession with the color purple comes from, and generally any intimate detail you’ve been thinking about. 

The entire team has been looking forward to tomorrow.  We hope to see you there!

The OneNote Team


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  1. Please, for the love of all handwriting apps, make this a usable handwriting app for the Surface. I jumped striaght into using Notability for iOS on the iPad with almost no training. I have spent in excess of 15 minutes on google and youtube trying to figure out optimal ways to use OneNote to take notes in class but I just see no way about it. I’m using a Surface RT. I expect to be able to take notes without having to lift my hand (I slide my palm along the bezel for iPad), I expect to be able to scroll without navigating out of the pen tool and I do not expect there to be a sidebar for switching between notes because that is not usually necessary. If you’re making a touch application, please put some thought into adding PROPER stylus support. Stylus’s aren’t gimmicks for making stupid drawings. A lot of people use their tablets as writing devices. So please, OneNote, look at some proper note taking apps. Then try to tell an intern or one of your leads to use OneNote for a single day to try to take handwritten notes for the entire day.

    An intern in the Bay Area who sold his iPad, swapped to a Surface RT and has since started to regret his decision.

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