OneNote for iPad and iPhone update

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Today we are proud to announce the new versions of OneNote on iPad, iPhone and Android.  Internally, we have been calling them version 2, and we think you are going love all of the new features and functionality available in these updates. A lot of the features are based on your feedback and we look forward to seeing what you have to say about this update. 

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod, please download OneNote for iPad or OneNote for iPhone from the App Store, where you can get started for free today. We think that once you start using OneNote to keep track of your ideas, share with others and be more organized, you will never need another note-taking solution.   

Same Note, same look…everywhere

With the new version, you will see notes the same across all clients on different platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS). And yes, we will render ink on your iOS devices as well.

Style it your way

Keeping in mind how personal your note-taking is, we are also introducing a bunch of formatting options so that you can mark up your notes the way you like. On the iPad, there is a rich set of formatting options always available at your fingertips: 

And the iPhone has some of these formatting features as well:

Support for Office 365 notebooks

With the first version of the app, you could access your notebooks on SkyDrive. With today’s release, we’re making it just as easy to access your notebooks on SharePoint, Office 365 and SkyDrive Pro. This makes the OneNote app a great way to keep track of your personal and work notes in one convenient place.

To get started, just click the arrow in the top left to get to where you can see your recent notebooks, open a notebook or add an account.


Search and Recent

With so many things in one place it is important to have an easy way to find anything, and in these updates you can search across your notes. On the iPad, just look for the magnifying glass in the top right.

And on the phone, you can find your notes on the Recent Pages list and pin your more important pages.

This is what the team has been up to and we look forward to seeing your feedback in the App Store, Facebook and Twitter. 

OneNote for iPad and OneNote for iPhone are available today so download them now, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

If you have any questions or need help please check out the OneNote Answers site where you can see the FAQ or ask a question.

OneNote Team

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  1. WOW!?!?!?!?!?!

    I always thought of MS as a PC company first and foremost, and moving into Apple product… but with this release… You provide PC users with NOTHING the old app didnt have.. except we are all pretty in purple and look like other Office 2012 apps with nice logo and splash screen??

    No pen support for Android? Have you ever heard of the S Pen or the Samsung Note line?

    You do realize there is a third party that already does OneNote better than Microsoft for the android? Even after this update?? If you are on Android and you want an app that actually does simulate the true OneNote experience on the PC, check out MobileNoter!

    SO SO SO SO SAD!!! I really was excited when I heard about this… and now I am even more disappointed.. You gave as MS Word for the Android and called it OneNote.


  2. Sean Wallbridge

    This is a huge improvement. Very happy to see this update and the commitment to making a great note taking experience across devices. Bye bye Evernote, I hardly used ye… Not sure what Ken there is on about, this looks like a great reset to build on. Happy Canada Day, eh?

  3. nephipower

    I feel bad for the poor sap who was up at 2 and 3 AM in the morning to take these screenshots and then photoshopped the AM part out. The moon indicating Do Not Disturb and not seeing the AM on the time gives it away.

    • ankbomb User">

      I think it is the 24hour format. But yes, late night screen caps I imagine.

  4. This is a huge improvement, thank you.

  5. How do you connect to Sharepoint sites? When I select Add a Service the only two choices are Office 365 and Skydrive.

  6. skramer49

    What about OneNote for OSX?

  7. OneNote Team User">

    @Doug – Thanks you can connect to on-prem. Here are some ways:

    1. Get a hyperlink to the notebook from OneNote and email yourself that link to that notebook and tap on the link in mail. It should open OneNote directly just like on the desktop!

    2. If on the iPad and you click on the back button and then Open you can choose to add a site and add that site.

    Hope this help, if you have questions please let us know or go to the Answers forum.

    • spaatz965

      The hyperlink method does not appear functional on my iPhone. I receive a response, "The following URL is not mobile supported: /my/…../_layouts/OneNote.aspx"

  8. Just tried to update OneNote on my iPad – nope. One important fact is omitted from this post: you need iOS 6.0 to get this update. So if you still use your iPAD 1 (like I do), you are out of luck. Another subtle hint to throw away a perfectly working electronic device, because ‘it is no longer supported’. I understand, why Apple does this – they obviously love to sell new iPADs. But why has Microsoft decided to abandon iOS 5.0 (which was released only 20 months ago)?

  9. No tablet UI for Android?

  10. OneNote Team User">

    @Mark – You need to make sure you send a OneNote hyperlink not the link from the browser. If you open the notebook in the OneNote client and right-click on it and choose to copy hyperlink and them ail that to yourself. Or navigate to the SharePoint site directly and open from there to OneNote.

    @Johannes – Thanks for the feedback, we understand that some customers are still using a first gen iPad. Based on our telemetry there are very few users and the vast majority were running iOS6 or higher, similar to what Apple said during WWDC. Because we were targeting the most recent & up-to-date OS we require iOS6. The old version of the app will continue to work for some time. Thanks for this feedback.

    @Ilia – Not at this time other than what you see in the update which came out today. Thanks for the feedback!

    • spaatz965

      I did use the link from OneNote desktop app. Also tried navigating direct. Navigating direct offers to open in other apps like SharePlus, etc and OneNote is not in the list.

  11. Puckhog21

    Great update we were anxiously waiting for. Are there any plans for inking capability? It’s an essential key missing feature needed to make this the perfect tool for ipad

  12. felixbast

    Major problem with this app is that every time i restart my phone or go offline, entire notebook collection gets disappeared. When I’m online again, the app start syncing from ground zero and it takes hours to sync all notebooks. this is especially irritating if you quickly want to refer an information, like eticket no., in your notebook to see all are gone! I’m therefore back to simplenote-syncing flicknote.

  13. clejackson

    The new Ipad app is a great improvement as I use Hyperlinks a lot. It seems that when I enter a hyperlink with some upper case (such as a YouTube address) the caps are being stripped out after the paste.

  14. OneNote Team User">

    @Christian – Thanks for the feedback, yes the size is much bigger and this is because the app has all of the common Office fonts. This is so we have content fidelity for all of the languages and the various Office fonts. We are monitoring this feedback so thanks for mentioning it.

    @Felix – This should not be happening! Once you open the notebook it should be in sync and work offline. Are you closing the notebooks after you are done?

  15. Looking good so far, but I am yet to find a way to create a new section on the new iPad? Am I missing something?

  16. Peter Charlwood

    Really like what you have done, great update on the old version. But how come we still don’t have the ability to use a stylus key feature for me that would really top this app off as one of the best. Please keep working and add this feature soon and I don’t think you will have to worry about evernote and its poorer cousins anymore if you do.

  17. Dear all, I’m trying to export things to OneNote for ipad, as I do with the virtual printer in my PC.
    Some apps let me do so (i.e. while surfing Safari send a news page to Twitter), but OneNote doesn’t appear there.
    Does it exist any feature in order to "Send to OneNote" there?

  18. OneNote Team User">

    @Chris – Are you still seeing this? Are you copying from the browser? We tired it ourselves and we saw the casing was preserved without any problems.

    @Derek – This isn’t available in this version, but we are listening to customers as a bunch of people have mentioned this to us recently. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Peter – What do you mean stylus key? Just wanted to get more details.

    @Dotan – Are you running iOS7 perhaps? We have seen a couple internal reports but so far it looks like it was something in iOS7.

  19. clejackson

    It seems solid. It’s after you paste the hyperlink into the dialogue box for "Enter Hyperlink". It is after pasting from the Youtube app, but you can see the casing kept. You can see it if you just type capitals into the box. It does not seem to be caused by syncing.

  20. I want to add a Sharepoint location to One Note. When I add the url to my personal documents on Sharenpoint 2010 i don’t see any One Note notebooks. Am I doing something wrong or do you have a manual to add a Sharepoint connection.

  21. OneNote Team User">

    @clejackson – Looks like we found an issue with the hyperlink dialog. If you paste directly on the page it works fine. I have logged a bug for this and marked it for a future update. No promises bug hopefully this should be easy to fix up. Thanks for reporting!

  22. Great new version especially for the iPad! Well Done!

    One problem: every time I use the either the iPad or the iPhone app (after a certain timeout) I have to reenter my SkyDrive username and password in order to sync. Auto login does not work anymore like it used to.

    Is there a workaround?

  23. Jorisdeckers

    Hi, just installed the new OneNote app on my ipad and am unable to login with Office 365 organisation credentials. Help!

    • Scott Czesak

      I had this issue too… I worked around it by creating a regular SkyDrive (non-pro) account and logging into OneNote with that- Then I added the o365 account as a service- then it worked… HOWEVER it does not seem to allow the o365 account in by itself NOR can you change the main account to o365. Sorta a bummer.

  24. Great update. But I absolutely need webdav support!

  25. I like the new look of OneNote 2013 wrt OneNote 2010. And I like the fact OneNote is available on several touch devices with new several touch functions. But I don’t like you have forgotten the pen users apparently. As a math student I take a lot of notes with the pen; touch and touch only devices are practically useless for math or for writing. One very very useful feature of OneNote 2010 on a pen+touch devices was the ability to switch between inking with pen and panning&zooming with the fingers. AUTOMATICALLY. With OneNote 2013 this has to be done manually, each and time we need to scroll a page. Very very annoying. And very very expensive. Can you reintroduce this feature, at least for pen enabled devices? Otherwise, for us, OneNote 2010 stay a must. Regards.

  26. jpickerell

    First, thanks for the update! HUGE improvement on the iPad! Would LOVE to see local only notebooks (not synced to cloud), sign in with Office 365 account (no consumer Microsoft Account needed), ability to create new sections, and inking (thanks for viewing ability but would LOVE creating ability/Outline+ has added this).

    Thanks OneNote team!

  27. Waynetynes

    Why did you pull out the email page feature? Sharing thoughts with others is a key feature. Thanks for the great app!

  28. My daughter accidentally updated my iPad before I was ready & seems to have lost the documents I had on my iPad before the update. Is there any way of finding them or undoing the update to see if they’re still there? They weren’t backed up to a cloud or computer :/

  29. Germonator

    Fantastic to see that Microsoft have finally updated OneNote app. Sorely needed and much appreciated.
    A real shame that you can’t *create* ink as you can do so easily in most iPad apps. Why wasn’t this included?
    Also very strange that you can’t create sections or group sections.
    Sync with SharePoint is a breeze and such a welcome capability. Unfortunately, you can’t see *who* has made changes to your OneNote app pages but you can see authors in the native Windows client (so the name in your OneNote app will be permanently associated with edits in your native client!).
    Would love to have the priviledged ability to modify OneNote options relating to disabling the ability to delete pages/sections, honour SharePoint library permissions to restrict edit access to notebooks/sections and similar options.
    Nevertheless, thanks so much for this great update….keep them coming…and quickly!!

  30. Germonator

    Would be nice if you could *shade* cells, rows and/or columns in tables instead of only being able to use *highlight*.

  31. With Outline Plus I can open the attachments. Is this possible with OneNote 2.0?

  32. Whenever I start a new item on the page,it always comes further indented to the right -?? And there is no way to move one indent space left, as the icon is grayed.

    What’s that? Is this how OneNote teaches us to organizes info on our pages, or is a a bug?

    Moreovert,there is always liek double spacing between notes and on top of that OneNote always adds an empty line in teh end of every note – even it stays there after I delete it.

  33. Thanks for this great update! Please consider features like math equation, and attached file support.

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