OneNote for Android update

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Today we are proud to announce the new versions of OneNote on Android, iPad and iPhone.  Internally, we have been calling them version 2 and we think you are going love all of the new features and functionality available in these updates.  A lot of the features are based on your feedback and we look forward to seeing what you have to say about this update. 

If you have an Android device, please download OneNote from Google Play, where you can get started for free today. We think that once you start using OneNote to keep track of your ideas, share with others and be more organized, you will never need another note-taking solution. 

Same Note, same look…everywhere

With the new version you will see notes the same across all clients on different platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS). And yes, we will render ink on your Android devices as well. Keeping in mind how personal your note-taking is, we are also introducing a bunch of formatting options so that you can mark up your notes the way you like.


Audio notes

Because sometimes it is just easier to say what you are thinking than write it down on a mobile device, we received a lot of requests to add the capability of adding audio notes. We heard, and now you can quickly record that audio note in OneNote.

Home screen widgets

If you are an Android user, you probably love how you can add widgets on your home screen. In this update, OneNote now has widgets that you can add to your home screen. You can quickly take a note and not let that thought or moment pass by. Once you have installed and signed in, go to the widgets list on your phone, add the OneNote widget you like to your home screen, and voila, you are all set for on-the-run note-taking action.


Support for Office 365 notebooks

With the first version of the app, you could access your notebooks on SkyDrive. With today’s release, we’re making it just as easy to access your notebooks on Office 365 or SkyDrive Pro. This makes the OneNote app a great way to keep track of your personal and work notes in one convenient place.

To get started, just go to the Open notebook screen and sign in with your Office 365 account. One signed in, your recently accessed work notebooks will be listed under OTHER NOTEBOOKS.

Search and Recent

Where did you store that recipe of your favorite chocolate cake? Can’t find the grocery list that you created before leaving home? We have added search so that you can quickly get to the information you are looking for. The recent notes feature gets an update as well–you can now pin your recently accessed notes so that they always show up on the top. Great way to get to your to-dos in a jiffy.

We love your feedback

We think you’ll enjoy the improvements in this update.  We’ve received a lot of great input from you and our sincere thanks for helping make the app better. Please keep sending your feedback, and let us know how you feel about the app and what features would you would like to see going forward. All you need to do is to tap the Send feedback option from the menu items on a screen.


OneNote for Android is available today so download it now, also don’t forget to tell your friends!

If you have any questions or need help please check out the OneNote Answers site where you can see the FAQ or ask a question.

OneNote Team

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  1. WOW!?!?!?!?!?!

    I always thought of MS as a PC company first and foremost, and moving into Apple product… but with this release… You provide PC users with NOTHING the old app didnt have.. except we are all pretty in purple and look like other Office 2012 apps with nice logo and splash screen??

    No pen support for Android? Have you ever heard of the S Pen or the Samsung Note line?

    You do realize there is a third party that already does OneNote better than Microsoft for the android? Even after this update?? If you are on Android and you want an app that actually does simulate the true OneNote experience on the PC, check out MobileNoter!

    SO SO SO SO SAD!!! I really was excited when I heard about this… and now I am even more disappointed.. You gave as MS Word for the Android and called it OneNote.


  2. Eduardo Klein

    My XOOM running Android 4.1.2 is not compatible anymore??? How does that happen? It says it requires 4.0.

    I can’t belive I’m going to be kicked out of One Note… Very sad about that…

  3. OneNote Team User">

    @Eduardo – I believe there were some issues with Xoom devices which caused crashes and other issues. We are aware of this and looking to see if there is a solution for a future update. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. New version seems notaarin to workshopissa with Galaxy Tab 8.9 running ICS. Why, it installed without ay warning! Where do I get the previous version or is MS going to fix the issue?

  5. Again.. now w/o autocorrections..

    New version seems not to work with Galaxy Tab 8.9 running ICS. Why, it installed without any warning. Where do I get the previous version or is MS going to fix the issue?

  6. HighCaliber

    I’m a Office 365 Subscriber, run Windows 8 and am going to move to a Windows Phone (maybe). Last night I got notice of the new OneNote app and eagerly installed it. To my annoyance after the install NONE of my notes would open. Just a flash of the screen and back to my note list. I did a data purge, re-signed in and no luck. Just removed the program and went to reinstall and now I’m told my device is not compatible. Really? You just literally bricked my tablet because that’s the only thing I use it for, OneNote. I’m sure you are aware of Android Market share and how idiotic it is to release a product in that ecosystem that does not work with so many devices. I’m just saying I’ve always been in MS’s corner but you guys don’t make it easy to support. For once help the people out by understanding the repercussions of your decisions by rushing a product out that is not ready.

  7. OneNote Team User">

    @Martti, @EMSchon, @Robert – Sorry to hear this! Quality is very important and we tested a bunch of devices. Is the app crashing? Or just not loading? Do you get through the purple first run screen? Do you have any other details? Custom ROM or something?
    Thanks for your patience and help in figuring this out.

    • HighCaliber

      I’m running a bone stock Acer Iconia A500. Here’s the details: Had the previous OneNote installed (had the old 2010 icon) and worked well. Got a notice from Google Play an update was available, this time the icon looks like 2013 OneNote. Install the update, run the app. The loading screen works, get past the purple splash screen and perform a sync. Go to open the note and I get a waiting icon, a screen flash and then a list of my notes. This is all the app does now. Steps taken to resolve: Restart Tablet – same issues. Clear App Data and Cache – same issues. Clear App Data and Cache and uninstall – Now I can not reinstall because Google Pay (Play) says the App is not compatible with my device. Funny it says that since it was recommended I update. Now I’m stuck with a nice paper weight until we can get this resolved.

  8. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, running 4.0.4, is no longer compatible with OneNote! That’s a real shame since I was using it all the time. Any chance the previous version is available somewhere so I can roll back?

  9. I have been having the same issue where my notes aren’t opening. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. I had the previous version installed but this one just pauses after i try to load a note then kicks me back to the note list.

  10. @OneNote Team: Here are my details (which seem to be in line with the problems Robert and Alan are facing): I have a stock Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – not rooted, ROMed, etc. Prior to the recent update, I was able to open and use OneNote without issue. After the update, I’m able to open the OneNote app but, when trying to go into any of my notes, I get a white screen with a spinning circle (loading) and then I’m kicked back out to my Notebook. No errors, no pop-up windows, no visible text within the note itself (ie – I don’t even see the note text before I’m kicked out). I can repeat this process with each note in my different notebooks. I’m able to browse the notebooks without issue, just can’t open the notes inside.

    • Have you found any turnaround?

  11. I can confirm all reported here. I have Galaxy tab 10.1. The update was pushed to me without any notice about incompatibility. After update, when Onenote did not work as described below, I uninstalled it. Then, I opened the browser to connect GPlay "manualy" and I wanted to download and install Onenote again. In this "browser" view of GPlay I saw notice in a box showing list of my registered devices, that new version of OneNote is not compatible withy my device!!! I was dissapointed, that such warning did not appear, when update was pushed through automatic update, or, this update should not be offered, because update is able to recognize my device. Since then, I am browsing web, looking for previous version of OneNote…I have many notes, I love this product, syncing via Skydrive with mobile phone and my PCs… Any advice warmly welcome…

  12. One feature I really liked in the first version was being able to ’email’ the page to colleagues at the end of the meeting; this way I could take notes/ record action items and have this ‘done’ at the end of the meeting. The text could then be edited/ copied/ pasted if required for other purposes. In version 2, OneNote sends the page in pdf format only, and there does not appear a way to change this setting. Is there?


    Really, really want this to work, however I’m unable to open notes that are stored in SkyDrive pro on our Office365 Account. The iPad version of the updated app does work, but the Android version on a Motorola Droid 4 and Samsung GS3 does not. Both my personal hotmail account and work Office365 account show up under the Accounts, but I’m only able to open the notebook on my personal hotmail account.

    At one point I was able to see a partial notebook that was stored on our Office365 servers at however if I tried to open I received an error about the server being unsupported.

    I’m unable to access the OneNote that I saved to the ‘root’ of my SkyDrive Pro document directory or the file I saved in a subfolder of my SkyDrive pro account. "

    The iPad app gave the ability to browse the SkyDrive "file structure" but the Android app doesn’t.

    I am the admin on our Office365 account so if you have something you’d like me to test, to facilitate this please let me know. Our MySites have been upgraded to 2013.

  14. feint glow

    Yet more designed obsolesence! Finally, MS add ink to One Note on platforms other than Windows, but they limit it to only certain hardware. I have an original iPad that is running just fine. I saw the update to One Note and so went to install it, only to find that it is only for IOS6 and above. Cant you people work out that there are a whole bunch of us out there who actually want to use our tablets for business activities, including taking notes using a stylus. We also want access to a large choice of apps so that we can tailor out tablet use to meet our specific needs, including the cross platform sharing of information.

    Everything is about competition between platforms to get the sales and the user comes a distant second. Not all of us can afford to throw away perfectly useable devices because you render them obsolete. I will continue to use my old iPads and to resent both MS and Apple for failing to support it, despite that fact that it has never missed a beat.

  15. Exactly same behavior on my Galaxy. Tab 8.9 running Android 4.0.4 what EMSchon described. No custom roms or rooting done

  16. Same Problem on a Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 – can’t read the notes any more, a circle and than kicked back to the index… Android 4.0.4…

  17. Same as EmSchon, just that i have the newest version of Sony Xperia Z tablet. Please help!

  18. OneNote Team User">

    For everyone with issues on tablet we are aware of the issue and working on a fix. I don’t have an ETA quite yet but we are planning on getting it out there as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience

    @Monika I think you are talking about the iOS version which has a mail feature. However you cannot get back to the old feature in settings. You can copy and paste if you wanted and otherwise good feedback and I passed it on to the team. Thank you


    Have you been able to replicate the issue where the android app is unable to access Office365 OneNote files?

  20. Frank12345

    Great work, but really would like to have a password on the app, so that not anyone can read my notes in case in case I let some one else play with my phone or when I lose it.

    • Due to security issues it would be better to lock the device, not just the OneNote app. In my case it is a company policy to lock the device. And – by the way – don’t you have other apps with data you want to share with a "finder" of your device?

  21. OneNote Team User">

    For any of you who had problems with OneNote on your tablet or another device please get the update was posted to Google Play today (22-July-2013) and give this a shot. It should fix up the problems you might have had.

    • Works fine on my Samsung Tablet 10.1 – Thank you!

  22. michael hanneken

    I downloaded what I believe is the newest version of OneNote for Android on a Samsung 8.0 tablet. The app supports text recognition but doesn’t appear to support stylus handwriting (annotations and alike) in the actual OneNote note field. When will the functionality to make handwritten notes in OneNote for Android be available.

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