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OneNote has long been a favorite place to track what’s important in life–jot down ideas, plan a trip, keep a shopping list, check to-dos, and share with family or coworkers.  You told us you wanted OneNote on all your devices, so we delivered OneNote for Windows desktop, Windows store, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the OneNote Web App all in sync via SkyDrive.

We’re committed to giving you a great experience on whatever device you have!  You’ve also given us feedback on new capabilities you want and we’re constantly working to improve it based on your input.

New OneNote Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Today, we are proud to announce major updates of OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Android. We internally call them our version 2 apps, (after all they’re twice as good as version 1).  We know you’re going to love them. These apps are based on an almost entirely new code base that delivers a full-powered OneNote experience across each device with more reliable sync that “just works.”  Our re-engineering investment also enables us to continue making improvements more quickly moving forward. 

So what does this mean for you? Let’s check it out…

Same Note, same look…everywhere

You’ve asked for rich editing and a consistent experience across devices – something no one has delivered to date – until now!  With the new OneNote updates all formatting looks exactly the same across devices – this includes text formatting, tables with shading and borders, layout and so on. Hyperlinks and note tags are consistently supported. Even ink from your Windows tablet is shown on iOS and Android now. In short, your notes look the same, all the time, on all devices.  Below is a comparison of what you see in the new OneNote for iPad compared to the previous version – what a difference!

The new versions of OneNote show your notes exactly as you expect with rich formatting.

Style it your way

OneNote for iPad now has the Office Ribbon UI that makes it easy to design and layout your notes exactly as you want.  You have access to the rich formatting you know and love from the other Office apps — text formatting including font, size color, style, bold, italic, underline, strike through, highlighting and paragraph formatting such as bullets, numbering, indent, and alignment. You can insert and edit tables. You can edit hyperlinks. You can create check lists and tag your notes with a variety of options…it’s all there!

The new Ribbon UI on the iPad make it easy to format and edit your notes.

Share with others

We heard loud and clear that our business users needed the ability to sync work notebooks with Office 365 and SharePoint, and that’s now live in the new apps!  As always, the apps sync great with SkyDrive, but we’ve made that simpler and more reliable, too.  OneNote also now lets multiple people edit a note at the same time and see other peoples changes simultaneously (unlike most note taking apps in which you’ll lose what you wrote if anyone else edits the note at the same time).

SkyDrive and SharePoint (on premises, and Office 365 SkyDrive Pro) are supported.

Finally, I’m happy to share that these apps are currently available for free with no limit on the number of notes you can create – another great update from the prior version.  With OneNote, you can take notes while you’re offline, sync without limits and collaborate with others — unlike some note taking applications which charge for these capabilities.

You can get all of the OneNote apps from, or you can directly download OneNote for iPad or OneNote for iPhone from the Apple App Store and OneNote for Android on Google Play today. 

We hope you enjoy the newest OneNote apps and keep your comments, feedback and ratings coming to help make the future OneNote even better.

— David Rasmussen, Principal Group Program Manager (on behalf of the whole OneNote team who worked hard to bring you this)

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  1. Yay! Onenote on my Note 8.0 is quite a bit nicer now! It looks nicer and the added elements are useful. Now, we just need at minimum, the ability to use shapes and lines and/or the ability to actually write in our notebooks like we can on our computers.

  2. E. Richards

    Awesome work to have OneNote across my family of devices – – – which includes a Kindle Fire HD. Any chance of getting this in Amazon’s Android App store as well?

  3. Its great that Microsoft has crossplatform support, but it would be nicer of their own platforms received more support. Taking off that limit for other platforms but not making the app for your own platforms better gives loyal Microsoft users a sour taste. WP7.x still, and probably will never, get ink support, at least the ability to view it. You can argue the platform is dead, but the latest Facebook and Youtube apps from Microsoft were promised to be released for WP7.x still. Then this post does not address future plans for WP8’s Onenote app. At least give them something a bit more unique to the platform and incentive of why WP is the productivity work horse of a phone you attempt to market it as. Skype is another problem area. WP7 will probably never see background support for this app, so much as video messaging, and WP8 still doesn’t have video messaging despite it being a Microsoft subsidiary. Then there was news of Age of Empire coming to Android and iOS, with later updates stating that there were future plans for WP. Its no surprise that Microsoft is being ridiculed about their platforms now when some experiences from Microsoft can only be experienced on competitors platforms. Love the software, wish I could use it on Microsofts own mobile OS.

  4. OneNote Team User">

    @Tiffany – Thanks for the feedback and great details in the Google Play feedback, we are listening.

    @Eric – Thanks, we are looking at solutions for this, in the meantime we are only officially supported in the Google Play store.

    @SDreamer – Thanks for this feedback and we are deeply committed to best & first on Windows Phone. In fact everything released today already was on WP8 from last fall when customers would start getting the new update. We continue to invest in OneNote on WP and stay tuned to this blog about future updates once we are ready to announce them. Thanks for the feedback

  5. Thank you so much for these new updates. I was already using it for my virtual library of e-books and now I’ll be using it for College next year (I just graduated ^^)

  6. I’ve been waiting a long time for this – sadly it’s STILL not available in my country. Please MS release it on Android for the UAE

  7. I’m going to download this update when I get home and while it’s encouraging that the apps now display content the same across all platforms, I think it’s really strange that handwriting is not supported on all devices. I don’t know how you can claim to be a mobile note-taking app and not support this for all platforms or at least closely integrate with other apps that do (like Evernote does)

  8. It seems that https for SharePoint is not supported. I always get an error…

  9. three_pineapples

    When do we get stylus/pen support on android? (Eg, support for the S-pen on the galaxy note line, or other similar products)

  10. for Andriod: Please support in Thailand country. I’m waiting for you!

  11. OneNote Team User">

    @reini – SharePoint is supported, we plan to get a blog post up soon to help explain all of this. But here are some links in help which might show you how to do this.

  12. OneNote Team User">

    @Phil – At this time we don’t support it, thanks for the feedback we will keep it in mind as we think about future updates.

    @Randa great to hear!

    @Steve & @fourkosi – Thanks for are looking into this. Thanks for the feedback

  13. I was so excited to see this update and it really is like night and day. I’m a big OneNote fan and evangelist, and you’ve made a huge leap with this version.

    BUT – I am pulling my hair out because keyboard support is broken on Android! I have a Google Nexus tablet I use with an external BT keyboard, and the keyboard will not work to type into OneNote. Even worse, my phone is a Samsung with a sliding keyboard, and the physical keyboard won’t work there either! Only the soft keyboards seem to interact correctly with OneNote.

    I would LOVE to use my tablet and even my phone to feed into OneNote when I’m on the go, but only being able to use the soft keyboard negates the point. I carry devices with physical keyboards because soft keyboards aren’t fast or accurate enough for real work. And sadly, neither is OneNote… yet. Please see what you can do about this! I need my OneNote to be 24/7!

  14. Great improvement!
    one of the things i love about onenote is the great way it lets you organize notes (section, subsections, pages, subpages)
    However, in this update there was no improvement in that area. You cant even move a page in the same section!!

  15. However, overall the update was a great improvement

  16. Anders Lundgren

    Looks really promising! I’ve been looking for a way to sync OneNote notes to mobile devices from on premises servers for some time. Now, I can’t seem to be able to read any of my notebooks, what requiremenrs are there for proper access to SharePoint? Tried with OneNote 2010 notebooks on an on prem SharePoint 2010, accessed via a VPN that allows port 80 access.i can connect with no error but all notebooks show up empty, only sub folders/tabs are visible but there’s nothing inside. Any pointers most appreciated!

    IOS6 Ipad 3rd gen, Cisco VPN, SharePoint Server 2010 (without web apps), OneNote 2010 on laptop for creating notebooks.

  17. To OneNote Team – Long time user of OneNote on PC and have been using OneNote on Samsung Tablet with Anroid 4.0.4 OS for past year. Recently OneNote appl updated on tablet as developer site says OneNote supports Android 4.0 OS but can no longer access OneNote on tablet. Have Android phone with 4.1 OS and it works there fine. Have colleague with previous version of OneNote on tablet with 4.0.4 OS and their OneNote appl still works so they are not upgrading. Does OneNote support Android 4.0.4 OS? Is it possible to reinstall previous version of OneNote which worked exactly as needed and synced with SkyDrive flawlessly?

  18. puja gupta

    thanks you so much for this new update…..
    Android apps Development India

  19. Grant Miller

    what? your saying that v2 is out for android? same as it is for ipad? google play only shows the current version as 15.0.1827.2300. where is the update? on my android tablet (Asus Transformer T700) it looks the same is it did months ago, while on the iPad, it has the update and looks and works great. if the update simply isnt coming to my phone (HTC Evo 3D) or tablet, what android devices is it coming to then?

  20. OneNote Team User">

    For any of you who had problems with OneNote on your tablet or another device please get the update was posted to Google Play today (22-July-2013) and give this a shot. It should fix up the problems you might have had.

    • Glad to see it here for my users, but I have a major issue with it.

      Why does Microsoft insist on requiring a Microsoft account before adding an Office 365 account?! For those using SkyDrive Pro, they’re confused at the login screen because they keep adding their domain account credentials. There’s ZERO information at this screen detailing what they need to do. There’s no "click here to login at your organization" option. I see many others on the Play store also criticizing the app because they can’t figure this out.

      This is the same as the Windows 8 mail/messaging/calendar/people apps. Enterprises don’t want to require their users to use a MS account, we only want to use our domain accounts.

  21. Phil Stearns

    I’ve used OneNote since it was first released, and I’ve waited since 2008 for an iPad version that wasn’t terrible.

    Well, now that it’s here, I can’t install it on an iPad 1 because of OS limitations. Thanks a pant load. Nits time to look at the alternatives — both on tablet and desktop.

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