SkyDrive Pro apps now available for Windows 8 and iOS

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The SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS are now available in the Windows Store and Apple Store respectively for SharePoint Online users in Office 365. Find out more about how you can use SkyDrive Pro apps to access, view, and upload documents from anywhere on the O365 technology blog.

  1. Seriously? No on premise support? I get that MS wants to push the O365 story and subscription model, but if this not followed shortly be a version that supports on-prem SharePoint environments, it just looks like nose thumbing at the people who actually generate the revenue for the SP team (you know, enterprises).

    • Agreed. This is a little ridiculous. Not everyone is going to want to have a O365 subscription just to use this on their mobile device. . Especially enterprises. We’ve been using skydrive pro at work for a while now and while it’s great, we have no realistic plan to move anything to O365 when we already have a large SharePoint implementation on premise. It’s just not cost effective.

  2. Matthew.Yarlett

    I echo Same and Mike’s comments. This is a shame. Using SkyDrive Pro from a mobile device with an on premise deployment would be great.

  3. I thought it was our choice whether we went with O365, on-premise, or a hybrid model. Issues like this mean it really isn’t our choice at all.

  4. princyxavier

    Very useful and needed apps especially for business purpose as this supports saving, sharing and could be accessed from anywhere.Thats nice to have for both the platforms

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