Office is a life skill for graduates on the job hunt

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Graduate job huntA recent survey* conducted by Telefonica and the Financial Times caught our attention this week, revealing that 83% of millennials say technology makes it easier to get a job. We couldn’t agree more. Computer skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office in particular, are fundamentals most employers expect.

In fact, a search for “Microsoft Office” on, a popular job site, returns 133,000+ job openings in a variety of fields, including media, business and finance. (Note: a search on “Google Apps” yields less than 800, while “Apple iWork” returns less than 20).

With this in mind, we wanted to share resources that will help the class of 2013 – and beyond – brush up on Office skills and stand out from the crowd:

The same Office skills that pop on a resume will also help you create one that stands out. Instead of starting a resume from scratch, has tons of free templates for the head-start you need. From traditional to more modern options, you can make it your own with fonts and formatting that reflect your personal brand.

Office knowledge stands the test of time because we continue to reinvent our products around people and business’ ever-changing needs. As you go about your job hunt, keep in mind that many of the organizations you may have an eye on use Office 365, and Office is the suite of choice in most of the Fortune 500, S&P 500 and beyond.

Are there other Office skills you need to land your dream job? Talk back to @Office using the hashtag #OfficeReady and tell us what Office skills are critical for you or what new Office capabilities you’d like to see.

–Clint Patterson

*Survey was conducted on 12,000 people, age 18 to 30, across 27 countries with a margin of error of less than one percent.

  1. Adham Salama

    The Microsoft Office suite is an important package for any student who’s recently graduated or graduated from a while ago; because the majority of companies is asking about the skills and how proficient are you in the Microsoft Office products; because companies put their 100% trust on Microsoft Office to do specific tasks or maybe all of the whole work. Thanks to Microsoft that presented this product from long time ago that helped millions of people find their right job or maybe the right choice to be a part of this company to work on updating the Microsoft Office suites and for the new suites.

  2. Yes, frequently used office software

  3. Good info. It would be cool though if there was a demo that I could follow along/interact with while learning PivotTables.

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