Office Mobile for iPhone now available for Office 365 subscribers

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Office Mobile for iPhoneToday, we’re releasing Office Mobile for iPhone available at no extra charge from the Apple App Store for Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 ProPlus subscribers. Similar to our free Office Mobile for Windows Phone that ships with every handset, the iPhone app enables great Office content viewing and on-the-go content editing capabilities.

Update 3/27/2014:  You no longer need an Office 365 subscription to edit documents with Office Mobile for iPhone.  You must update to the latest version of the Office Mobile app to enable free document editing and creation.

After signing in to an Office 365 account, you can access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from anywhere. And, you can count on Office Mobile to keep all your content and formatting intact so the document still looks great when you’re back on your PC or Mac.

When we launched Office 365 earlier this year, we committed to delivering regular updates and new capabilities to Office 365 subscribers. Since then, we’ve expanded Skype calling and added new OneNote features. Office Mobile is another great example of the value of subscribing to Office 365, and I can guarantee you, there will be lots more to come.

So, let’s get into the fun stuff and look at what this app can do!

Consistent Office experience

Because Office Mobile is from Microsoft, your formatting and layout remain intact when viewing, editing or adding comments, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes. When you return to your PC or Mac your document looks like it should.

Excel on Office Mobile for iPhone

Easy access

Office Mobile is designed for people on the move.  We made it quick and easy to access your Office content in the cloud on SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro. When you’re on your phone, you’ll easily find the content you viewed on your computer in the Recent Documents panel. And, of course, you can view and edit Office documents sent in email.

Recent Documents on Office Mobile for iPhone

Optimized for the small screen

Office Mobile has been optimized for the small screen of your phone so you can get the important things done quickly. For instance, the Slide Navigator allows you to page through PowerPoint presentations fast while Speaker Notes help you practice presentations on the go. When reviewing Word documents on your phone, the Resume Reading feature takes you to the exact point in the document where you left off on your computer so you never miss a beat.

Sharing built in

You can make quick edits and share your documents right from your phone with Office Mobile. When working with others, you can review comments in Word and Excel documents on your phone and add your own. When you’re done, you can save directly to SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro or just send as an email attachment.

If you don’t already have an Office 365 subscription, a great way to try Office Mobile is to sign up for an Office 365 trial at And of course, if you’re already using a Windows Phone you have Office Mobile already installed on your phone.

For those of you who want to see the app in action, check out this video. You can also learn more at the Office 365 Tech blog.

–Julia White, General Manager, Microsoft Office Division

  1. Android app???

    • Clint Patterson

      @Jens, today, we’re announcing Office Mobile for iPhone only, so we have no Android-related news. If you have an Android phone, give the Office Web Apps ( a try via the browser. They deliver a good experience.

      • knightnet

        So Clint, how do enterprise users access their Office 365 documents or their SharePoint documents via the Skydrive consumer offering?

        • Clint Patterson

          @knightnet, not sure I’m following your question, but taking a stab. To access your SharePoint files, you select SharePoint as a source in the Office Mobile app. Then it just works courtesy of the magic of software. Give it a try. It’s pretty seamless. Let me know if I’ve missed your question.

          • knightnet

            Hi Clint. Reading the FAQ, it seems that you need an Office 365 subscription that includes Office web editing. We have 8,000 licenses on E2 SharePoint which does NOT include Office web as we have Office 2010 via a separate enterprise Office license. Will this combination work?

            On my own personal home laptop, I have a copy of Office 2013 via a business partner license & it is connected to the consumer (which DOES include Office web). Does THIS work with the app?

            Do either of these setups allow me to edit the documents stored in the enterprise SharePoint Online?

            Thanks for the clarifications. Julian Knight.

  2. I’d like to see Dropbox added to the cloud storage options. I realize Skydrive is a competitor but if this is about serving the millions of Office users who may also have an iPhone, it would be great to not force them into using Skydrive, frankly I just won’t do it. I’ve been a Dropbox user for a long time won’t be splitting my cloud saves between two services. Also, is the app available in Canada? I see it featured on the App Store but I can’t click on it. This may have something to do with the fact that I am running iOS 7, but I thought I would check regardless.

    • techpaul64

      I disagree regarding Dropbox. Skydrive is 100x better with regards to sharing an co-authoring office documents and quite honestly I’d like for more of my colleagues to migrate away from Dropbox for this reason. Office365 has encouraged that transition for many of my friends and none have regretted it. I’d give it a chance of I was you. Stil I see where you are coming from if you’re already invested in Dropbox. I was never a heavy user.

      • cjm.thompson

        I concur, dropbox is a much inferior product, and if you’ve got office 365 you should definetely be using SkyDrivePro / SharePoint anyway!

  3. Its not available in the Canadian App Store. What the hell.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Mike and @Anonymous, this is US only today. Coming to 135 markets in 27 languages very soon.

  4. US only?


    No support for iPod touch 4 because of not having a camera with auto-focus? Really? Frustrated.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Kevin, the auto-focus camera is a bit of a ruse. We don’t support iPod touch 4 and earlier because the devices lack sufficient memory to deliver a great experience. In the Apple model, we can’t simply indicate the devices we want to support, but instead must choose the hardware features we don’t support. The autofocus camera is the feature on these devices with the least impact (i.e. it rules out the fewest devices while still covering those that deliver a sub-par experience for Office Mobile).

  6. knightnet

    Oh boy, not only don’t comments work on this site in Firefox – MS "decide" to release an iPhone only app for editing office documents. Who in their right mind would choose to edit documents on an iPhone!! Where the heck is the iPad version? Is it really actually hard to produce a universal app?

    Also, where is the OneNote experience?! The OneNote app STILL can’t access Office 365 or SharePoint.

    • Clint Patterson

      @knightnet, for iPad, we recommend the Office Web Apps; you can create, edit, share Office docs on your iPad.

      To your other point, we’ve had Office Mobile on Windows Phone for a while, and you are right that the most common usage is viewing documents, not editing. But, lots of people actually use the apps to make quick edits on the fly on their mobile devices, so we’ve enabled that in the new iPhone app as well.

      As for OneNote, this is great feedback. We’ve heard it, and please stay tuned!

      • knightnet

        Thanks for the response Clint. While Office edit works great on an iPad, it IS NOT available for E2 customers. There is a serious disconnect between licensing in the Microsoft enterprise space right now. We have a UK wide license for Server and Office but this doesn’t help us now move into a true mobile environment.
        With a highly mobile staff, we need people to be able to edit OFFLINE not just online and we need to do it without having to spend months, possibly years, renegotiating enterprise agreements to realign licenses.
        I understand the desire to force people to the leasing model of Office 365, it’s great from a Microsoft revenues perspective. But please spare a thought for those who are in a long term process of changing the enterprise.

  7. Very Good so far. ..looked at recent docs on corporate sharepoint team site – will be very useful for leadership team —
    BUT am not able to understand how to sign off of my office 365 account on my iphone app so that it is NOT always running on my iphone ?? How would I back out of the app or sign out of office 365?

  8. Note: We have many people creating and editing docs on our sharepoint site using office 365 on their PCs – The great use for our team members with IPhones will be to access and review these docs primarily and then to also be able to do limited editing on the IPHone will be a big plus.

  9. belfastbiker

    Dropbox is better than Skydrive for most people. Senseless duplication otherwise, messy. and frankly, I’m getting Skydrive for Mac here tell me my internal 2nd HD is a removable and it won’t set up the skydrive folder on it.


  10. belfastbiker

    Due to lack of skydrive being able to setup on my 2nd HD, currently uploading document.

    From DROPBOX.

  11. thejoecarroll

    The app’s webpage indicates that the app is available with Finnish localisation, but you can’t download it in Finland. Why on earth is this being released only in the US App Store?

    • Clint Patterson

      @joe, we are making sure everything goes smoothly for you by letting us poor Americans work out all the kinks first :). It’s coming soon to a market near you, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

  12. ernestlehmann

    Any word on when .edu will be supported, or how to activate licenses for .edu Office 365 subscriptions?

    • Clint Patterson

      @esnestlehmann, .edu subscription are supported today. Office 365 Education A3 and A4 and Office 365 University subscribers can use the app now.

  13. Michael Stephens

    Continuing the long tradition of being cross platform, Office is now available on iPhone for O365 customers. Check it out if you get a chance. Great work by the APEX team.

  14. When is it going to be available in India?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Mothi, it is coming to India and 124 other markets very soon. Stay tuned!

  15. Jim Stanger

    My org subscribes to Office 365 under Enterprise E1 licenses, and the app will not authorize me. Does that license not qualify for this access?

    • Clint Patterson

      @jimstanger, the ‘technical blog’ linked to above has more detail on the specific offers that qualify. In short, subscriptions with the Office client apps qualify.

  16. Why has the Onenote app not been updated?? It was last updated in 2011. Its pretty useless currently.

  17. And an Ipad optimised app when ??

  18. SterMeyer

    I’ve been looking for a better way to access access on the go

    • SterMeyer

      In retrospect I’m not sure if my comment really contributes much to this discussion.

  19. vinny8989

    Does the PowerPoint app show presentations with all animations functioning?
    Will it play back sound and video files?

    Are we going to be able to edit presentation on the app and to what extent?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Vincent, yes, PowerPoint Mobile displays all animations. You can edit presentations. Obviously, on a small screen, the edit functionality is focused on what’s appropriate for that type of device (e.g. more advanced editing options are not available), so you can edit text, tables, notes.

      When you embed an audio or video file, you can see the image/object, but it will unfortunately not play back. That’s a great suggestion for the future. Thanks!

  20. mackdoong

    when is it coming to ipad??

  21. How about an Outlook component for iOS? This would be incredible if it were to have the same features as the desktop with a smaller footprint. Also, what about the ipad version?

  22. What about Office for iPad? It makes more sense…

  23. Steve Steve

    What about supporting password protected documents? I hope this feature is on the top list of features. Please do it as soon as possible, it’s important, especially for documents stored online.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Steve Steve, thanks for the feature suggestion!

  24. Paul Sahota

    I don’t understand what is the point of having subscription if this app is not available in Canada.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Paul Sahota, stay tuned. Global availability is coming very soon!


    Office on iPhone – so cool. But there’s still no chance to view Active Directory Rights Protected (ADRMS) documents on the iPhone / iPad or other mobile devices with full protection still enabled. You may add this to the FAQ, maybe add a 3rd party Microsoft Partner solution like RMS Viewer which enables these kind of documents and works perfect with the mobile office package.

    Best regards,

    • Clint Patterson

      Thanks for the feedback, Lisa!

  26. germanwada

    It is not available in the Japanese App Store.Will it be in June 18?

    • Clint Patterson

      @germanwada, many Office 365 subscriptions are not available in Japan due to local market factors; as such, Office Mobile for iPhone is also not available in Japan.

  27. Office 365 is required? No thanks. I would rather pay $10 one time for the app then have to pay a yearly/monthly fee.

  28. will stick to the Google Drive app for iPhone and iPad

  29. leadlighting


  30. I purchased Office 2010 and do not want to pay for an Office 365 subscription in addition to that. Would rather pay $10-20 for the app.

    I also wonder how Microsoft plans to handle corporate clients who have enterprise licenses for Office. Do they expect the companies to also purchase enterprise licenses for Office 365 ?

    Our company has a large installed base of iPhones and iPads and I woudn’t mind having Office mobile on my iDevices.


    • Clint Patterson

      @Chris Rom, thanks for the feedback. For corporate customers, a subscription with the Office client applications is also required. See the Office 365 Tech Blog (link above) for details on how that works, and if your company is interested, please talk to your account rep or partner about what the options are based on your current setup.

  31. test

  32. Bill Tandy

    I am the admin for a Plan P1 subscription. When I enter the email address and password "associated with the subscription" into the Office Mobile for iPhone app setup screen, I see this message: "No Subscription Found. We couldn’t find a subscription connected to your account." Please advise how I can work around this problem.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Bill Tandy, thanks for asking, Bill. Unfortunately, Plan P1 isn’t eligible for Office Mobile for iPhone. The app requires an Office 365 subscription with rights to the Office client applications (e.g. a Plan P2 or E3 subscription). In the blog above, there is a link to the Office 365 Tech Blog, which has a full list of qualifying products.

  33. I wish we had a mail client that would surface the App Bar (Apps for Office). Using a browser to get to this functionality is less than ideal.

  34. I tried to install this on my ipad2 and was denied because the app needed an autofocus camera. Is this really a pre-req or only the first error it came to? I’m a 365 subscriber and am having a hard time believing I really need a better camera to edit my word docs.

  35. Tyrone Howland

    I have a 2 part question –
    1. After downloading the app, how does one apply the license from the Office 365 Subscription that is already active?

    2. On the release information it does not mention anything about being able to apply this on iPad devices, however on the iTunes product description for the application it lists the iPad as a compatible device/requirement. Can someone confirm if this license will be covered on these devices too?

    • davidrshelton

      For Q1, when you initially launch the iOS app you’ll have an opportunity to put in your Office365 userid (you choose the Sign-In button under "I have an Office 365 subscription.") and "activate" the application. For Q2, the iPhone app will install on selected iPads (iPad "3" and higher), and the activation process is identical. There’s nothing special one does on the back-end other than making sure you have an Office365 E3 license assigned to that account. I haven’t fully tested what the minimum subcomponent licenses of E3 are required, but at a minimum, the Office Web Apps would need to be assigned (which, in turn, requires SharePoint Online).

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