The power of the new Outlook on Windows RT

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Learn the latest about the power of the new Outlook: Outlook 2013 RT. It’s the same Outlook you know and love, and it’s coming to Windows RT tablets such as the Microsoft Surface later this year.

Folks with Windows RT devices can expect to see Outlook 2013 RT showing up with the Windows 8.1 update. Check out the Office News blog for more on the announcement.

  1. NicolasFranchini

    Good news ! Thank you !

  2. I have one issue regarding Outlook aliases and I really hope that you will take this issue into consideration. Initially, Outlook only allowed users to sign in their account with the main email address. Since you introduced two-step verification, you also started to allow users to sign in by any alias associated with that account. I know there are lots of people who wanted this for their sake. However, I believe that there are many users out there, just like me, don’t like this idea. This change just put my account at risk. In my case, I have one alias that I use to sign up for spam websites, forums, etc. and I do not wish to use this particular alias to sign in my account.
    My suggestion is, you should make a change that allows users to choose which aliases they want to use to sign in. For example, I have 3 aliases and I just want to sign in with 2 aliases, not all 3 of them.
    Thanks for reading my message and I really hope you will take action on this issue.

  3. If the IMAP support is still broken, there will be no added value for me.

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