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Make Yammer your default social network in Office 365

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Christophe Fiessinger (@cfiessinger) is a product marketing manager in the Microsoft Office Division, focused on enterprise social across Yammer, Office 365, and SharePoint.

Yammer logoStarting today, you can make Yammer the primary enterprise social experience in Office 365 for everyone in your organization. This is part of the Yammer and SharePoint roadmap that we shared with you in March, and it’s a first step in integrating our services. We are also on track to deliver next month the Yammer app for SharePoint, as well as guidance on how to integrate Yammer with SharePoint 2013 on-premises. 

SharePoint Newsfeed is the primary social experience in Office 365, but now organizations have a choice. You can switch your Enterprise Social Collaboration setting to Yammer, and make Yammer your primary experience. Our recommendation is to use Yammer, since it’s our big bet for enterprise social, and we’re committed to making it the underlying social layer for all our products. You can take advantage of this feature by going to the SharePoint admin center and selecting Use service. After making this change, Yammer will replace Newsfeed in the navigation. You can still access the SharePoint Newsfeed through Sites, and your users will continue to be able to follow sites, documents and tags. For more step-by-step guidance, take a look at this article:  Pick your enterprise social network: Yammer or Newsfeed? Administrators and IT Professionals also might be interested in learning more about Yammer’s Enterprise IT value and administration capabilities. 


Some considerations to take into account when you decide to switch your Office 365 social experience to Yammer:

  • Activating Yammer for your organization is just the first step. Enterprise social is different than other solutions. To drive adoption and really get the value out of Yammer, you need a strategy, advocates, and openness to the way it will transform the way people in your organization work and communicate. For more information about how to build your Yammer strategy, check out this step-by-step guide as well as this white paper: The Rise of Enterprise Social Networks. We also have a blog post to help you get the people in your organization up and running on Yammer.
  • You can change back to using the SharePoint newsfeed. Switching services will replace Yammer and change the Office 365 global navigation. This update might take up to 30 minutes to complete.

This update is a great first step for our customers but as Jared Spataro said in March, “We’re out to change the world, and there’s much more to come.”

— Christophe Fiessinger

  1. Do activities from SP show up in the Yammer feed?

    • buckleyplanet

      Not yet

  2. This option is not available to my instance of 365, has it been fully rolled out? Thanks

    • cjm.thompson

      not on ours either. eta?

      • Christophe Fiessinger User">

        CJM the update is being rolled out worldwide as we speak and you should see it by the end of the week, thanks for your patience and interest!

  3. Josh Jacob

    will this always be an enterprise user feature only or will it trickle down to the other 365 packages eventually?

    • Christophe Fiessinger User">

      Josh this is not an enterprise feature only and it will be made available in other plans such as SharePoint Online Plan 1 or M

  4. @Christophe Fiessinger Do we have any more news as to when the Deeper integration will be rolled out? I know we have been told the Fall, but it would be great to have an idea whether it will be September or December, and have more of an idea what it will look like (like where files will be stored) so we can start planning.

  5. Debbie Ireland

    I just tried this on an O365 site and still testing it..but would I be correct in saying – the user will still need to maintain two profiles – one in Yammer and one in SharePoint? – and a MySite still needs to be created – so the Sites tab works (and follow/tags etc) – is the assumption if you choose the Yammer option, you would try and disable any ability to create community sites and team discussions inside of SharePoint? and encourage these in Yammer?

  6. When Single Sign On for Yammer and Office 365 is introduced in Fall, how will the Yammer and O365 accounts be merged? What if users have different email addresses used for Yammer and O365, will they or the admins have to handle this?

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