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We recently announced that was out of preview as the fastest growing email service in the world.  We then released a new, modern calendar, a refreshed app for Android devices, and two-factor authentication for your account. is also the first email service that is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google to help bring relevant context and communications to your inbox. Today, we’re excited to announce that a preview of Skype video calling and messaging is starting to arrive in–making it easier to stay connected to the people you care about most. Your Skype contacts appear in your contact list, so the next time you get an email from someone, you can call them back with just a click.

With Skype coming to, we’re bringing two of the world’s largest communications services together in one place. To start, we’ll provide the preview to a select set of people in the UK and then the U.S. We’ll gradually make Skype calling available to all our customers as we update the experience based on your feedback.


Getting started with Skype

When Skype is available in your inbox, you’ll see a banner like the one shown here–just click it to get started. You can also open the Messaging pane by clicking the message icon near your picture at the top of From there, you’ll see a message telling you how to get Skype.


You can use Skype with your existing Microsoft account, so you don’t have to create a new account. If you already have a Skype account, you can link it to your Microsoft account–your Skype contacts will appear in your contact list and you can call or message them directly from


Once your account is set up with Skype, you can message any of your Skype friends right away. To make an audio or video call, you’ll need to install the Skype web plug-in. It only takes a minute, and you won’t have to restart your web browser. The first time you try to make an audio or video call, will prompt you to install the plug-in. Just follow the prompts and you’ll be making video calls in no time.


Skype calls are just one click away

The easiest way to send someone a message or to call them is to click on their picture. For example, if you get an email from someone and want to call them, use your mouse to point to their picture. You’ll see all the different ways you can reach them. If you already have someone in mind and want to send them a message or start a video call, just type their name into the Messaging pane. Here are some examples:

 1.       Click on a user picture to make a call or send a message.


2.       Open the Messaging pane and type in your friend’s name.


3.       Search for your friend in People and send a message or start a call.


Call your Messenger buddies, too! has some perks for Messenger customers who have recently been upgraded to Skype. With Skype and, Messenger customers can call their Messenger buddies from a web browser or from any Skype client.


Take a look at this demo video to see how it all comes together:

Give Skype a try!

As with any new experience we build, we’ll be listening to feedback from our community and welcome your comments and ideas. When the Skype preview arrives in your inbox, we hope you try it out and let us know what you think!

— Douglas Pearce, Group Program Manager, Connected Services


  1. gohan16ken

    Please create two step verification for Skype accounts.

  2. @ gohan16ken: The same reason it matters on Windows 8. So you can use Skype "inside" webmail. Windows 8 has the same Start Screen app as Windows RT, that isn’t the point of this update.

  3. What platforms is the plugin supported it? I’m guessing IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari? Which versions of IE?

    Chrome for Windows uses the Netscape plugin architecture I believe, same as Firefox. I’m guessing it’ll work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE on Windows at least.

  4. By the time and if you have permissions to install a plugin, you may as well have opened Skype (Desktop or Win8 Start Screen).

    Is it really that compulsory for you to be able to do it inside your e-mail?

    Now if they’d managed this with HTML5 and without the need for a plugin t be installed, that would be cool. I suppose it’s cleaner though, no need to also install Skype and have it running too.

    Facebook video chat (also using a Skype plugin) hasn’t exactly set the world alight.

  5. HTML5 would’ve been better, then you could’ve used any computer with a modern browser. No need to mess around installing a plugin, you may not have permission to do so (i.e – Internet Cafes).

  6. Dang blasted plugins. Why go down the plugin route when neither windows phone or metro ie10 support plugins. Seems counter intuitive to the direction Microsoft is heading.

    • gohan16ken

      Why would this matter on Windows Phone and Windows RT? You can use the Metro Skype app in both. This is for traditional desktop users and Chrome OS.

  7. bartwilleman

    So how will this work on Windows RT / Metro IE as no plugins are allowed? Will we get an update before Windows 8.1?

    • gohan16ken

      Why would this matter on Windows RT? You can use the Metro Skype app. This is for traditional desktop users and Chrome OS.

      • vitor_canova

        I think you cannot install in Chrome OS. probably it will be a Windows plugin. In this case why would this update matter since you can use a Skype desktop app? just saying.

  8. The enterprise is the key here. That $792M per year in Skype revenue could soar as this makes its way from this new capability into Office (Outlook, Sharepoint, etc. and who knows what other Microsoft apps). Looks like a winner, strategically, over the coming years to me.

  9. Дай Бог здоровья.

  10. antonio_rennvick

    isnt this still available for sri lanka?

  11. ALegendisBorn

    Hi I’ve tried to intiate merging of Skype and Outlook however when I click the link in the email to start, a new tab from Skype says I’m not signed into Is this an error that I can fix? I’ve tried signing in and out of Outlook numerous times.

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