OneNote just made your touch more powerful!

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Many of our users expressed the need to be able to draw on the touch devices that do not ship with a pen. With this update to OneNote for Windows Store, now you can draw with your finger!

Simply tap the screen, open the radial menu and select “Draw”.

From here you can get creative; choose pen colors, customize your thickness, and store these combinations as a ‘favorite’ pen.  Once you are done drawing, open the radial menu and select “Exit Draw”.

Note: If your device does not have a touch screen, you can still use the feature with a mouse by following the same instructions above.

Inking with a pen still remains the preferred experience.  You can flip between pen and touch without much hassle and pan the page more easily.  If you are interested in doing a lot of inking or sketching we recommend that you get a device with a pen like a Surface Pro. 

To download this update, simply tap on the Store tile in Windows 8, and then tap or click Updates at the top right. If you haven’t installed the OneNote app from the Windows Store, you can download it here.

Keep the feedback coming–we are listening! 


  1. Hi,

    While this is a greatly appreciated feature, is there any chance of adding the ability to record audio as per the desktop and mobile versions? it seems a little strange this isnt already a feature concidering the mobile version on windows phone 8 has it!

  2. gregsedwards

    Awesome. I’m definitely getting a stylus for my RT now. Quick question: does Microsoft make a capacitive stylus for Surface RT that can clip into the charging port like the one for Pro, or is that coming soon? Thanks!

  3. Will this be coming to the iPad version soon?

    • OneNote Team User">

      We have no announcements for the iPad version at this time.

  4. What about OneNote Mobile for Android ? Are there any updates on the way for it?

    • OneNote Team User">

      Sorry, but we have no announcements at this time. When we do, you’ll read about it right here on the OneNote blog!

  5. Great feature.

    the biggest problem I am having with OneNote is that the on-screen keyboard flips up and down all the time. As soon as I put the pen to the screen the keyboard goas away. Then when I try to use my fingers to move the paper or select text, the keyboard flies up again. It’s kind of annoying. whish there were a way to make the on-screen keyboard to stay away until i call for it.


    Absolutely brilliant news, thanks guys! I’ll invest in a good capacitive stylus now I think.

    Next job: use the Adonit Jot Touch APIs to bring pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and button support to the app! (I think there are other special capacitive styli that support this too but the Jot Touch is the one I’m planning on buying due to reviews).

    I’m really interested to see what is next for OneNote, and particularly the RT app as it’s already so far ahead in functionality than a lot of apps out there, well done!

    Oh, as an aside: I’m unable to log on to these blogs using the modern version of IE and have to revert to desktop each time, which is a bit of a pain.

    • OneNote Team User">

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

  7. vitor_canova

    This is really awesome. Just tried to see the drawing in my Windows Phone and I had no problems. Just works.

    • OneNote Team User">

      Great to hear! Thanks for the positive feedback.

  8. Wonderful addition. I have been waiting for this. Now if they will only get the insert screen capture added, I use that all of the time for school.

    • OneNote Team User">

      Yep, it’s definitely a useful feature. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Great feature, thanks!

  10. Great feature! Now I can use Win-Store-Onenote as my main Onenote.

    • Would be great, if we can choose the size/type of the eraser.

  11. Are there EVER going to be any more updates to the Onenote mobile? I upgraded Onenote on my PC just so I could sync to my android device, then notice that wow, it’s really bare and there have been no updates to it when there could have been a lot. Just saying, no announcements at this time isn’t good enough. I’m a product user who BOUGHT the product and now it’s not as useful and there are other apps that are improving all the time while this one isn’t, which is sad, because it’s the best on the PC and should be the best on android.

    • OneNote Team User">

      Thanks for your feedback. We have no announcements at the moment but hear your concern. Any updates you will read right here on this blog…please stay posted!

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