Updated app for Android devices

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We’re excited to announce a major upgrade for our app for Android devices that overhauls the entire user interface and provides a number of new features. You can get the latest app here.


We believe that the best mobile experience is enabled through Exchange ActiveSync–which provides a rich, powerful, network-optimized experience for Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile devices. However, native support for Exchange ActiveSync on Android devices varies significantly and so we build a separate app to ensure as many people as possible can have a great experience across all their devices.

As you’ve heard us talk about previously, the overall response to has been very positive. However, our Android app has been behind and so we’re excited to take this large step forward. Starting today, you can get the same great look and feel you’ve come to love on Windows 8 and the web on your Android device.

In addition to the great new look, we’ve added a number of other features including conversation threading, filters for unread and flagged mail, as well as the ability to mark messages as junk. We hope you like all the new changes. Get the update here and let us know what you think.

–Steve Kafka, Program Management

UPDATE May 23, 2013:

Based on your feedback since this release of the app for Android devices, we’ve made the following improvements that are now available in the Google Play store:

  • Font size: we reduced the font size to fit better on the various sizes of Android devices, and to allow you to see more of your messages.
  • Friendly name: your full name is now correctly displayed when you send an email, rather than just your email address.
  • Sign-in: We’ve fixed the sign-in issue that people were experiencing on Android 2.2 or 2.3.
  1. criscoduck

    excellent timing! Ordering my S4 today. Much love for the new

  2. NiteCourt

    Now if you only fix it so links open in the default web browser, not within the mail app itself. The links never work for me. It was like this in the previous update also. Luckily the Amazon app store still had the older version where links did open in the web browser. Please restore this most important functionality!

    • NiteCourt

      Or is it fixed? I don’t want to go through all that hassle again.

      • Steve Kafka User">

        @ NiteCourt – Links should open in the default browser.

        • NiteCourt

          That’s great. Want to try it. But I’m getting the authentication failed like everyone else with Android 2.2. That’s not so great.


    I’ve been using the Outlook App for my Xperia S and it’s been working fine.

    Today the background switched from black to while so I realised that something was going on.

    But the only thing that matters is that it’s slowed down.
    It can take up to 4 seconds to open.

    PS How can I convince it to synchronise email folders that I have created

    • Steve Kafka User">

      @Richard – hitting the refresh button should refresh your folder list and pull in any new ones you just created


    I love and am dying to switch all my accounts from the mess that is Gmail. But the android app STILL DOES NOT allow you to choose which account to send from?!?!?!?! Wow. Just wow. This can’t be that difficult…

    • Steve Kafka User">

      @jenkinswv – Great suggestion, we’re always looking at ways to improve.

  5. what about pc’s

  6. Innocent_Bystander

    One thing I can’t find is a way to change the name shown on the outgoing emails. I sent a test email to myself and it showed on the "from" line instead of my first / last name.

    Maybe I’m just missing something.

    • mdonaldson

      Yes, I have the same issue. It allows me to set the "reply to" address, but not my name. And, it doesn’t use what’s set in the web interface. This is definitely an issue, unless we’re just missing a setting somewhere.

      • Steve Kafka User">

        @Attila, @mdonaldson, we’re taking a look, thanks.

        • mdonaldson

          Unless this can be resolved, it’s a deal-breaker for me. The current situation makes outgoing emails look unprofessional and like my email client isn’t set up correctly…

  7. rayaustin

    Please please please change the font size… 75% of my emails get the names truncated, and it’s just not pleasant to look at. It’s like dialing on one of the huge large-button phones at your grandmas. I really like all of the changes and it looks very slick… but it could show 4 or 5 more emails on the screen as well as being easier to look at. It’s like trying to view at 640×480… there’s just waaaaay too much content for the small screen resolution. Maybe it works better on a tablet, but on my droid razr maxx (and in the screenshots above) it is just too large of a font.

  8. mdonaldson

    It appears that contacts synced through this app cannot be edited on the device? Previously, when I synced though an Exchange account, I was able to edit contacts on the device, and have the changes sync back to my account’s contact list. Is this functionality planned for the app account?

    • Steve Kafka User">

      @mdonaldson – Unfortunately, this is a known limitation with our app integrating on Android.

      • mdonaldson

        Hopefully that will be implemented at some point. In the meantime, I found a workaround, by following the instructions at the link below and only chosing to sync Contacts. Contacts synced using Exchange in this way can be edited on the device, with the changes synced back to See:

  9. Shannon Ashley

    Every time I try to sign in on my Samsung I get the message that the authentication of my account has failed and I can’t access it, I really need to!

  10. Font size too big on smartphone but good size on tablette. Impossible to edit contact. Good change ! Nice app!

  11. MikeyD880

    So much better. But for the love of god add an Archive button. That is what I do 90% of the time with email. I read, then archive (or delete or mark as spam). I don’t want to click three times to move it by hand.

  12. Overall I like it. But did we lose the ability to move emails across folders or am I not seeing it? I accidentally deleted an email but couldn’t move it back into my inbox through the new app. Not having this prevents the ability to sort emails into folders which I think is a big deal. The web/mobile web has this functionality and I thought I still had this on the old hotmail app… I’d also like to have the ability to make default font size adjustments due to my resolution or is this locked down as part of the Windows8 look and feel?

    • Steve Kafka User">

      Mark – you can still move mails across folders. The folder icon with the arrow is "move."

      • Thanks, Steve. I figured it out. It appears if you don’t have the Deleted folder set to "sync" the "move" option is not presented. But once sync is enabled for the Deleted folder (not the default setting), all is well.

  13. Leslie Pedrick

    Good upgrade but subject font is way too big.

  14. any update on how to fix the authentication problem?

  15. Mariacava

    I think it´s very easy use outlook

  16. Chris Dunphy

    Still waiting for IMAP, CardDAV, and CalDAV support! is awesome but I need standard interfaces so I can use OS X Calendar, Contacts, and Mail. Please make this happen Microsoft!


    Any word on if/when this will support Office 365?

  18. SAPaleAle

    Would have been better if it actually upgraded the hotmail app rather than just installed a new separate app. Every time I open the app I have to sign back into all three accounts again !!!! Also please reduce the font size it is way to big(one of the reasons I dont use windows 8 on my PC)

  19. I think you release that app too soon! 4 of my friend at the office cannot use it on their android phone, and you disable the old Hotmail app then they cannot read their mail (They send you a big round of applause).

    Also, why do you make that subject font size so BIG. I cannot read the subject of nearly 80% of my emails.

    Why do you have remove the capabability to zoom out the content of an html email. Now, I cannot zoom out to see a full page of an email (like it was possible in the Hotmail app) I need to scroll, scroll, scrool. I just have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone not a 10 inches tablet.


    Still waiting for sync Tasks as is via EAS. It’s possible? What’s about edit contacts? When can we expect this functionality?

  21. @Steve Kafka We still need the following features…
    1). Email notification should display the Name and subject for JB 4.1.2 version
    2). Widget needs a scroll bar and max the size of the widget

    Are these in pipeline ?

  22. Rajesh Bathla

    Problem with Outlook Android app validation

    I’ve recently had to upgrade my Hotmail app to Outlook on Android. I’ve tried logging in but Outlook is trying to authenticate my account but I keep getting a message saying ‘Authentication failed – Authentication was not successful – Try Again’.

    I know that my log in details are correct. I’ve logged into a desktop version of Outlook without any problems so it would appear to me that this is a problem with the app. My problem is that I am no longer able to revert back to my Hotmail app and am left without any e-mail application at all.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android version 2.2.1

    Now I can’t access my email at all. PLEASE fix this, otherwise I’ll have to switch to other mail account.



    • Antonella

      A mí me sucede exactamente lo mismo!!!

  23. Great app! But it will be better if we can also save attached docs on the cloud like Skydrive.

    • any update on the authentication issue? thanks!

  24. Mac Owens

    I can’t see any way to add a second account?

  25. Mac Owens

    Found how to add a 2nd account – swipe right, a list of folders appears, tap the account name and the folders close to show an ‘Add Account’ option. Seems a bit convoluted to switch between accounts now

  26. Eli Algranti

    I’ve just updated my Hotmail app. BIG MISTAKE!!! Now I can’t use the old app and the new app is horrendous. What’s up with the humongous font that cannot be changed? I can see the first few letters of maybe five emails. It’s very hard to distinguish between read and unread mail.
    With that font size the app is all but unusable.

  27. Eli Algranti

    Please re-enable Hotmail app until font issues are fixed. It is obvious the app was not tested with older lower resolution phones. The font is big on newer phones but unusable in older ones. On my phone the "Justin Cooperman" in the example would show as "Justin Coop"

  28. Sorry,
    but this update has not been successful. Android 2.2, app does not validate account, meaning that my productivity has risen as I´m unable to check my email. Please make the app run on my HTC Desire 🙁

  29. scatteredthings

    The app is a great upgrade over the previous offering. However, I am strill frustrated that 1. I cannot upload photos to my contacts in and that 2. the photos used on (presumably from FB, Skype etc.) are not synced down to my phone. I want to abandon Google’s offerings, but I can’t until this contact picture problem is sorted out.


    As a developer of both Android and Windows Phone, they should really take a hard look at the subject line font. It does not need to be that big. In fact if they reduce it by 4sp, it would be so much more readable. The widget is awful too. If you follow the Android guidelines, it would be awesome. I don’t think they really tested this application on multiple phones, which is a shame. It is defiantly an improvement over the previous version.

  31. sunandajit

    It is unfortunate that existing Hotmail app forces to upgrade to Outlook app and Outlook app does not work below Android 2.3. So people with older version of Android will have to rely on third party apps.

  32. orlando2bjr

    I can’t get tasks to sync on android. Anyone got it?

  33. Marcelo Rocha

    Yesterday i updated this app and to my surprise, doesn’t work. Please Microsoft, you need to test before launch or publish the update

  34. Trying to get onto my android app and keep getting message authentication failed. Changed my password and everything. Please advise. I cannot even get access to my email on my phones default app for mail. Whats going on?

  35. And what exactly are those running Android 2.2 or lower supposed to do? Well done, Microsoft. I may finally make the switch to Gmail.

  36. JosephKirwin

    I too get the authentication failed message after inputting my credentials and allowing the app access to specific assets on my phone. At least I could login with the Hotmail app. What happened here?

  37. What about calendar and contacts?
    I used to use outlook calendar and contacts rather than google calendar and contacts.
    I don’t want to share or upload all these info on clouds. app android version seens doesn’t support sync calendar and contacts from PC to Android phone!!???
    I won’t use app if it can only manage mails.
    Microsoft throw away all exist customers who are using PC outlook’s calendar and contacts.

  38. rkononenko

    When will there be support for Ukrainian language in the Android app?

  39. Protection password does not work. Great app! Enjoy!

  40. Bug: recipients are getting my emails with the email address as the "From" name instead of my actual name

    1 – New mail notifications should display the Name and subject, Use Jelly Bean’s Extended notifications (Reply From Notifications) and Actionable Notifications (display the full text of new mail)
    2 – Custom notifications for new mail from specific contacts / folders (especially useful when using Rules / Sweep) and option to notify only for specific contacts / folders
    3 – Add new widget (icon only 1*1) that shows number of new messages on top of outlook icon
    4 – Existing widget needs a scroll bar and be able to change the size of the widget
    5 – Ability to Sync Tasks
    6 – Editable contacts on phone
    7 – Be able to change font size
    8 – Option to view (sync) all mail, not just the last 30 days
    9 – Ability to save attachments to Skydrive

    • Made a mistake, 1 should read as follows:
      1 – New mail notifications should display the Name and subject, Use Jelly Bean’s Extended notifications (display the full text of new mail) and Actionable Notifications (Reply From Notifications)

  41. rshecterle

    PLEASE tell me there is a way to shrink the size of the sender names! The current size forces too few messages on a screen!! I scroll in screen size chunks, and this forces me to scroll a LOT more than before.

  42. rshecterle

    I am going to have to delete this app and find a different way to access my emails. The font size is RIDICULOUS! Why do I need the app shouting at me? Names are cut off, and it seriously limits the amount of data on a screen. Maybe if I got 3 emails a day from people I know it would be OK, but I get a hundred a day from all kinds of sources. New look makes it unusable!

  43. So I upgraded from the previous Hotmail app on my Galaxy Note 2. But now my recipients are getting my emails with the email address as the "From" name instead of my actual name. The previous Hotmail app was fine. This is really not going well for me. Please fix this asap, thanks.

  44. outlookexpert

    One of the major bug is that when email get sent it does not display the name to the recipient just rather the email address of the sender. This is for any android device 4.2.1 but any device with lower version, shows the name. I am surprised Microsoft has not tested these before putting this on google. This is a bug that should have been fixed right away. needs more work…. the name font should be smaller…rather it is too big.

  45. outlookexpert

    second thing is when email get sent it goes as plaint text, we should have the option of having html or plain text as it does for reading the email.

  46. mdonaldson

    Set up two-factor authentication on my account today, and an unable to Authenticate this app. It asked me to log in again, and then prompted for the authentication code. I tried both the Authenticator App code, as well as having the code texted to me. Neither code worked. After entering the code, I was presented with the permissions screen. I chose Yes, and then it popped up with Authentication Failed dialogue. After three attempts I gave up and uninstalled the app.

  47. To me the Outlook App. works fine.
    Is there a way to login off?

  48. تطبيق outlookالجديد في الاندرويد سيء جدا، وإعداداته قليلة، وعندي مشكلة (النصوص الكبيرة تذهب خارج الشاشة، ولايمكن تصغير نص الرسالة إذا كانت طويلة وبخط كبير، وكانت الخاصية هذه موجودة في تطبيق الهوتميل السابق

  49. I like the app, but it would be better if the user could change the font size. It would also be nice to have a "mark all" option our the ability to mark 10 at a time so we don’t have to mark or open each message for deletion or to mark as "read".

  50. In my phone it just works connected via wifi, but not via 3G.
    So, now, I don’t have email in my phone.

  51. stephanstricker

    I like the new app and I think it looks great. For all the people who complain. This is the first version so give it some time improve.

    • Eli Algranti

      stephan: We know it is a new app and a step in the right direction, but IT IS A NEW APP. Why was the old app disabled? The new app does not support all the phones and resolutions of the old one and does not have all the features of the old one. Until the new app can fully replace the old one, the Hotmail app should be re-enabled.

  52. Neil Armstrong blog

    The upgraded Outlook is OK except for two MAJOR problems, you now CANNOT change the font size (ie make the Inbox headers with smaller text??) , I cannot pinch zoom either?? When I open the emails again I cannot change the default text size however I can pinch zoom within an email. What is even more frustrating choice to allow text wrap within the screen size making it impossible to read without scrolling right to left to read the whole email?? Why did you remove default change for font size and auto wrap for text??

  53. I like this app ! But the problem is that it works only via wifi. It doesn’t works via 3G… I will wait for an update!

  54. I have a major problem with the app.
    in the log-in screen i try to type in my mail adr. but the app will not let me type in " _ " and since all my mails have the " _ " . the app is useless for me. waiting for that update.

  55. How can you access linked accounts? The gigantic fonts are annoying, but I couldn’t figure out how to get at my linked account, which was a deal breaker.

  56. not able to login android app with ouitlook id, but from web browser it is possible.

  57. Bug: recipients are getting my emails with the email address as the "From" name instead of my actual name

    1 – Send emails from aliasses, “send-and-receive accounts” & “send-only accounts” from within the app
    2 – New mail notifications should display the Name and subject, Use Jelly Bean’s Extended notifications (display the full text of new mail) and Actionable Notifications (Reply From Notifications)
    3 – Custom notifications for new mail from specific contacts / folders (especially useful when using Rules / Sweep) and option to notify only for specific contacts / folders
    4 – Add new widget (icon only 1*1) that shows number of new messages on top of outlook icon
    5 – Existing widget needs a scroll bar and be able to change the size of the widget
    6 – Add Tasks sync
    7 – Editable contacts on phone
    8 – Option to view (sync) all mail, not just the last 30 days
    9 – Be able to change font size
    10 – Ability to save attachments to Skydrive
    11 – When email get sent it goes as plaint text, we should have the option of having html or plain text as it does for reading the email

  58. Messages don’t appear as html. Most most messages do not even give me the option to view as html. Am I missing something?

  59. fedemilani

    The android version on my S2 only syncs via wifi. I’ve tried EVERY action/configuration possible but I have not been able to access my email over 3G, H or whatever. Please advice….

    • Hi I have Samsung Galaxy S3 and have the same problem. I am able to download emails via wifi and nothing happens over 3G… any help resolve it… Otherwise it’s a good app, it absolutely syncs all my folders.

    • Same here, can’t access to my email over 3G, H or whatever. Samsung Galaxy S 2 here.

  60. icenineairwaves

    How do I change the font of my email messages? For the Outlook App on Android?

    • David Dennis User">

      Hi Michelle, that’s not possible right now. We’re looking at providing that ability in the future.

      • Near future? I run my small business through my mobile and not having accesss to my email has caused a decline in productivity.

  61. Neil Armstrong blog

    1. It has taken a person 12 days to respond regarding why we cannot change the font text size within the inbox Names and Headers as well as email body?? The return response? It is not possible to do this within the Outlook Android App at this stage?? Why? This a Microsoft / Outlook / web most basic industry ‘minimum/must’ requirement yet you do not state this is high priority or when to resolve???

    2. If there is NO embedded picture or wide banner (as a picture) within the email body it appears text auto wrap within the screen width does work however if there is a banner (picture) wider than the phone screen size within the email body then you have the disaster of all the email text/ body falls off to the right of the email/page making impossible to read long email/ newsletters by instead of scrolling down you have to read right to left off the screen and then down??

    Can a Microsoft engineer from Outlook tell us explain how this auto wrap when there is wide banner /picture within the email body to be resolved?? Maybe if you did not first click on download image then the top banner width is ignored and the email body can all fit within the screen as per default auto wrap ??

    Now that all the Hotmail boxes are transferred to Outlook we expect faster resolution times. Surely Microsoft App engineers understand resolving the BASIC functions such inbox and email body ability to choosing font size (for different eye distance strengths and phone screen sizes) as well as text auto wrap when there is an embedded banner MUST be of the highest priority???

    When will there be an Android Outlook App update to resolve both above?

    • David Dennis User">

      Hi Neil,

      The two issues you described are ones that we’re looking at addressing in app updates. No timing on that yet. Thanks.

  62. I was forced to update to the Outlook app. At first no issues, downloaded, then installed it.
    It asked for my username / password. Done.
    Then once I press sign in and asks me if I want to push for emails. Done.
    After that, it loops back to the username / password insert screen.
    And I once again, type my username / password…………………..and asks me again the same questions……..

    …….in conclusion, I’m in loop around here and the Outlook doesn’t show my inbox or any email as I can’t even pass that screen…. I’m using Samsing Galaxy S 2 , Androidn version 4.1.2

  63. I now can’t access hotmail / live mail through my phone…..major bump…….. and for what I read already, tons of other users also can’t…………. before Outlook everything was so easy and simple……………………now…… it doesn’t even work.

  64. KahumaDante

    Forcing your users to use this app is ridiculous if so much aint fucntioning right yet

    I made an account here to post some problems the app has.

    – Font size (obviously)
    – With notifications, I want a notification in my header on my Samsung G S4, with hotmail o got this without vibrating all the time. There are 3 options in the app, audio noti. Message noti. and vibrate. I want with message noti. the possibilty turning off vibriting with that!!!
    – Option to post under Alias

    Three major problems of the App, please do something, otherwise the app is great, truly.

    Kind regards, happy outlook user

  65. Can not authenticate account and now can not use Hotmail any more.
    What stupid idiot made that decision? He/she ought to be fired!

    FIX IT!!
    Or perhaps I will just CLOSE my Hotmail account.
    Reply kindly requested.
    Kind regards,

  66. If you like something, you will tell three people. If you hate something, you will tell everyone!!
    Is this the kind of advertisement your company wants?
    I was not happy being forced to use an app that DOES NOT WORK! Now I cant even check my mail from my mobile. The app is stuck in an "account requires re-login" loop. Fix it or at least let everyone use the hotmail app untill you do.

  67. Steve Mavica

    Just installed on my new smartphone. Getting the same error as everyone else – authentication error. What gives Outlook When will we see the fix?

  68. jamieroark

    Getting the same error as everyone else – authentication error. What gives Outlook When will we see the fix? Was working great until a few minites ago. I can still sign in on so I know there is nothing wrong with my username and password.

    • Steve Kafka User">

      @ Jamie – We’ve identified a fix on the service that should have resolved the issue for most people. We’ll be adding support for Android 2.2 soon. Please let us know if you’re still having authentication issues.

      • Eli Algranti

        Getting intermittent authentication errors. Got one today, requires me to re-login and then everything is fine (until the next time it happens, mildly annoying). Any info you’d like to share re the font size issue?

  69. tony.k.liu

    Oh Microsoft… Alienating loyal users again with forced upgrades to non-functioning apps. Please fix this soon while we can still forgive

  70. I like the new upgrade to the android app (with exception of the extremely large FONT) on the home screen.

    Secondly, any iOS apps in the future? I have switched all of my personal email on the PC and android over to you guys, but hate having to go through the web on my iPad. Please let me know when we can expect an app for the iPad?

    • Steve Kafka User">

      @Jake – You can use the native iOS client to get your mail, calendar and contacts using ActiveSync.

  71. rconfiant

    I keep getting authentication error. I have uninstall the app and would NOT recommend it.

  72. What is this app? It looks ridiculous. More importantly, IT FORCES YOU TO RE-LOGIN PERIODICALLY. That defeats the purpose of having quick phone access. Get rid of the forced re-login now.

  73. @Steve Kafka: Any fix forthcoming to resolve recipients getting my emails with the email address as the "From" name instead of my actual name?

    Didn’t have this problem with the old Hotmail app on my Note 2.

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