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Office 365 news round-up

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Every couple weeks, we round up industry news and articles you might have missed. We hope you enjoy our latest selections.

The Office 365 Upgrade: New Outlook Web App. The new Office 365 includes “a vastly improved” Outlook Web App.

ABB Deploys Office 365 and Yammer Worldwide. Power automation firm ABB plans to deploy Office 365 to its 145,000 employees around the world.

V8 Supercar Races Off with Microsoft Office 365. V8 Supercars chooses Office 365 because of trust in Microsoft brand.

Microsoft’s Lync Communications Platform Used by President Obama’s Re-election Campaign. The Obama campaign used the Lync platform during the 2012 elections, enabling staff to work from anywhere.

Why Office 365 Makes Sense for Small Business. Three compelling reasons why Office 365 may make sense for small businesses: a low upfront cost, multiple licenses, and Exchange Online.

Microsoft’s Top Ten SharePoint Online Features. A senior product manager on the SharePoint Team shares his top 10 features of SharePoint Online.

Microsoft Turns Up ‘Scroogled’ Attacks with Campaign Against Google Apps. Microsoft calls on Google to stop providing user information to third-party Android developers.

  1. "Office 365 news round-up". What does the very sad Scroogled campaign have to do with office 365?

    Stop denigrating; start innovating.

    You are beginning to look like the spoiled brat in the playground calling the more popular kids names and saying they dress funny. You have plenty of competent and dedicated people working at Microsoft, and you tarnish then and yourselves with such crass activities

  2. hwangeruk

    @Simon Ayling, its relevant because 365 is in direct competition with Google Apps. And they are very different in terms of privacy stance.
    Also difference likes:
    * Direct support with Microsoft vs Channel only with Google (scary)
    * Labels vs Folders (Just try training your average user labels vs folders)
    * Migration, Hybrid (lets face it most Enterprises are coming from Exchange) vs a Dirsync and IMAP sync : EAS is soooo much better.
    The Gmail man advert was pretty amusing, and I take this as more tongue in cheek – it must be a very difficult thing to articulate in a sober way. (People often criticise MS for being too staid and boring, but when they are fun or humorous then they are crass) They can’t win. I’m glad every day I am not being Scroogled. I stopped using GApps myself, as I was tired of searching for one thing in one location but ads being served up in other places. Or Maps always knowing my whereabouts. Too much info in the hands of 1 company who pass it off to 3rd parties too regularly for my tastes.

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