Recapping posts on the new Visio

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written by Aftab Alam

Over the last few months, we’ve been posting about the new Visio – discussing features in depth and introducing the editions that will be available. Before we get started on a new series of posts, we thought it would be helpful to summarize our existing content – while the material was written for the Visio Customer Preview, it applies to the released version well. Also, we’d love to hear you response in the comments — whether there are posts you absolutely love, certain topics you’d like to hear more about, or just how much you’re thrilled with the new Visio!

We’ve loosely organized the posts in a few areas, but most span multiple topics, so please take our categorization as only a starting point:

New and updated content

Ease of use

Workflows, BPMN, Database and UML

Versions and availability


  1. rjpaulsen

    Considering there are zero positive comments on the posting "UML and Database diagrams in the new Visio" (OUCH!), it would be nice to hear how MS expects customers to use Visio’s Database diagrams and how they integrate with the rest of the product line (Should we really be using "ADO.NET Entity Date Model Projects" ?)

    • Mark Sargeant User">

      Thanks for your comment! We’ll certainly follow up on this with the engineering team and take this under consideration for a future blog post.

  2. Thanks, Aftab — this is very convenient. It would have saved me a lot of the time I spent flipping through multiple pages while fact-checking for "Visio 2013 Step by Step." In fact, for the convenience of my readers I think I’ll add a link to this page to chapter 1 in the book!

    • Mark Sargeant User">

      It’s great to hear! Let us know when we can get our hands on this book!

  3. alejandrormz

    So, where do I subscribe to use Visio 2013 for Office 365? I recently subscribed to Office 365 but I can’t see any options in there to add that subscription.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for this information. Could you perhaps make a blog post that focuses on issues which concern one of Visio’s bigger user segments – UX professionals? Drawing tools, different types of automated diagramming specific to UX practitioners, better exporting/XML between programs like OmniGraffle and Visio, etc.

    • Mark Sargeant User">

      Hi Bree — That is an excellent recommendation! Your feedback is much appreciated and we’ll definitely put this up for review as a potential future blog post. We’ll be sure to do our homework for the post, but if there is anything beyond your short list of topics I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      Thanks for the great feedback!

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