Hola, 感叹词, bonjour, مرحبا: Say hello with Microsoft Translator

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Did you know there is a translation feature built right into your favorite Office applications? Whether you work with teams spread across the globe, want to research documents in other languages, or would like to eavesdrop on café conversations as you backpack across Europe, Microsoft Translator is an easy way to translate words and phrases.

Microsoft Translator is included in Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel and Visio under the Review tab.

Simply highlight the text you’d like to translate, click Translate and Translate Selected Text.


Then voila!, the translation will display in the Research pane to the right of your screen, including an option to Insert or Copy the text directly into your document.

Let us know in the comments how you plan to use Microsoft Translator or what other translation features you’d like to see in future versions of Office.

  1. Tried this on Office 2007 (what we have at work) and I have to say Google Translate is much better at it. It detects the language and gives options where a word could be interpreted differently. It also has more languages including Latin, one I keep coming across in books I am reading but which almost nobody knows these days since most schools stopped teaching it decades ago.

  2. PS Is that meant to be Hello in Chinese? Translate in word 2007 doesn’t recognise it and Google Translate translates it as Interjection with something quite different for Hello in Chinese.

  3. The Afrikaans language needs to be catered for 🙁

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