Which keyboard shortcuts should we add next to Web Excel?

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This post is brought to you by Daniel Stein, a Program Manager in the Excel Team.

Excel keyboard shortcutsCTRL+PgUp, CTRL+F, SHIFT+TAB: keyboard shortcuts can help you streamline work in Excel and look like a magician in a spreadsheet.

We’re currently planning the next round of keyboard shortcuts to add to Web Excel and would love to hear your input. Let us know about your favorite shortcuts in desktop Excel by filling out this survey.

Daniel Stein, Excel Program Manager

P.S. Want to make your own surveys like this one? Read more about Web Excel surveys here.

  1. A "Tab" key in the 10-key pad. Maybe, CTRL+Enter, or something…

  2. I would like to see CTRL+End so that Excel will automatically correct my exams and enter the grades.

  3. X2. Every time I try and use the web app or try and share a file I discover missing functionality. An inability to use a Data validation list was the latest deal breaker. Do they want it to be a viewer or an app? That’s the question.

  4. Dan Battagin

    @David Fair – Thanks for the feedback. We’re definitely focusing on functionality that we’re missing (like freeze panes, which we are wrapping up and are coming soon!). It turns out that certain keyboard shortcuts are a lot like freeze panes in that they are very commonly used (Ctrl+ for navigation as an example) and so we want to make sure that we focus on getting some of these ease of use things covered as well.

    @Obsidian – More good news – we’re also wrapping up work on a really nice implementation of Data Validation for Web Excel. To your question about viewer/app – in the 2013 and previous releases of Office, the Office Web Apps, including Web Excel were really considered companions to the desktop Office applications. As such, we designed them to be great viewers so that you could get to your Office content anywhere, and OK editors (so that you could get basic work done). Moving forward, we see that changing – the Office Web Apps should no longer be companions and we’re in the process of adding functionality (like DV, freeze panes, and much more) to make that reality.

  5. muhannad yousef

    I’d like a shortcut for > tables filters > text filters > contains … I guess that will allow quick use for some table that need quick search … like the names on payroll

  6. excelhippie

    I’d like a shortcut for window > freeze panes. it’s one of the only quick-and-dirty-data-formatting options i use on a regular basis that makes me mouse beyond the home frame. i don’t need it that often–just once per document. but i need it *every* document i use, so a shortcut would be handy (even if it’s three-keys; ctrl + alt + f or z, for instance).

  7. Hello. I have one question.
    Is posible to change word position in cell automaticly (excel)?
    Like this:
    Nice Car – Car Nice

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