Webinar: What you need to know about PowerPoint Slide Masters

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It’s true that you can create PowerPoint presentations without using Slide Masters or even knowing what they are, but they save so much time and effort that we think you’ll be glad to know about them. In this week’s webinar, we’ll show you how to master the Slide Master–a built-in tool that controls the look of your PowerPoint presentation and keeps it consistent throughout.

Can’t view this video? It’s also available at Microsoft Showcase. Need a quick peek? See a 30-second trailer.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar:

  • Stop cutting-and-pasting in PowerPoint
  • What a Slide Master does
  • Ways to edit Slide Masters
  • Why open the Slide Master when you get a deck

References for this webinar:

Go to for more information on how to join the series live every Tuesday, or watch recordings of previous webinars.

–Doug Thomas

  1. Nice video. But as far as I know it is not possible to insert a certain type of SmartArt pn a layout. You can only insert a SmartArt placeholder. If you insert a SmartArt as shown in the video, it will become an image in the background, but not an editable SmartArt graphic.

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Ute is absolutely right, my mistake You should only add the placeholder of SmartArt. This way the user will click the SmartArt icon and add their own SmartArt. But you can’t "templatize" the actual SmartArt shapes you want them to use.


  2. Nice Video. I have question in powerpoint. How can I customize group of color themes for one presentation and name them under this presentation??? I am trying to customize it and name it but they all go under custom and they will be in all the new document. However I just want to do one presentation or template that has only these color theme?? Thank you

  3. Hi! thanks for the video.
    How do I take the formatting and custom bullet points from an existing slide and add it to my slide master? I tried to copy and paste the bullet list into my slide master, but it embeds it, I can’t edit it. I really need the bullet point icons from a particular slide to work with my presentation. thanks

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Add the custom bullet points to a slide layout. Then apply that slide layout to the slides in your deck (button in ribbon). You can add them in Normal View but then you’ll have to manually add them to each slide that you want to use them on.

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