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4 new ways to edit Office documents in your browser

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If you’ve been using Office Web Apps for a while, you know that we continually make improvements to them, even since our big update last October. And now that you don’t have to sign in, you can try out the 4 latest updates right here, right now.

Copy and paste pictures from the web

Find a picture on the web that you want to use in your document? Now you never have to leave your browser. Just copy the picture and then paste it in the web app, using the keyboard (CTRL+V or ⌘+V). This works in Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App, and OneNote Web App. Give it a try in this sample notebook, in OneNote Web App (be sure to click Edit in Browser when you get there).

Format with tools that follow your cursor

When you select a word or phrase in Word Web App or OneNote Web App, you immediately get a toolbar with formatting commands. That saves time, since you don’t have to go back up to the command ribbon to make a bulleted list or apply a style. In PowerPoint Web App, this floating toolbar appears when you right-click a shape. In OneNote Web App, the toolbar includes commands for marking to-do items and tagging notes as well.

Here is a Word document with lots of text that you can have fun formatting. Just click Edit in Browser and start formatting.  

Change slide layout and more in PowerPoint Web App

Editing slides in PowerPoint Web App is getting more and more like working in the PowerPoint desktop program. Now you can change the layout of a slide just by right-clicking and picking a different layout.

You can format the text in a shape, and you can copy and paste content from one slide to another (use the CTRL and ⌘ key combos). This sample presentation has shapes with text and other elements you can play with. Click Edit in Browser and then start experimenting.

View comments and do more with touch in Excel Web App

Excel Web App now opens workbooks that contain comments. You might notice that workbooks open faster too, because we worked to make the web app snappier.

If you use Excel Web App on a touch device, now you can move and resize charts, and you can select multiple cells by tapping a cell and then dragging a selection handle.

This sample budget has a chart you can work with, as well as comments and sample data. Click Edit in Browser and then give it a try.

We hope these updates improve your experience with the Office Web Apps. You can always let us know what you think whenever you’re working in the web apps by clicking File > Help, and then Give Feedback to Microsoft. We’re listening to your suggestions all the time!

  1. "Format with tools that follow your cursor" it’s a real innovation and a step ahead of Google Docs.

  2. techrahul

    In office I generally use webapps to edit my document

  3. Gavin Ding

    Good tips.

  4. Thanks for constantly improving Office Web Apps. Really convenient to work together with other students (change last errors etc.) . I would like to recommend the following features to make it even more useful for students (and others as well):

    Add ability to add / edit footnotes and endnotes (really lacking)
    Find and replace

  5. balaharan

    hi, nice news – does this apply to enterprise owa 2013 farm deployments within an Organization as well – any update link would be helpful. Thanks.

  6. Liridona Gashi

    bitte öffen sie das program weil ich gib ihr das cod aber geht nicht warum

  7. Roxanne K. User">

    @BalaHaran: I assume you’re talking about Office 365 business and enterprise plans? The answer is yes, these updates apply when you’re using Office Web Apps in your SkyDrive Pro and team site libraries. Major update to commercial Office 365 is available starting today! 🙂

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