Outlook leaves preview as the world’s fastest growing email service going from 0 to 60 million in just 6 months

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Last summer, we released a preview of, a new modern email service from Microsoft.  Since then, we’ve been humbled by the fast pace of adoption with over 60 million people already actively using  During the same period, we’ve received lots of feedback and made many improvements.  Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in this journey: is coming out of preview and people everywhere can get started and give it a try at

Today is a major milestone in our mission to provide people everywhere with the world’s best email experience.  You’ll also see us kick off a large-scale marketing effort around the world to show that can get you going.  And because we’re confident that is the best email service available for consumers and ready to scale to a billion people, we’ll soon start to upgrade hundreds of millions of Hotmail users to the new experience.

A vision for modern email

When we launched the preview, we talked about as a bold step forward to build a brand new email service from the ground up–all the way from the data center to the user experience and everything in between.  Now more than ever, email plays a crucial role in how we get things done. Consequently, was designed as an email service focused on removing barriers and getting people going:

  • Delivering a beautiful, fresh and intuitive experience on modern browsers and devices
  • Keeping people connected to their friends and co-workers across the networks they really use
  • Providing a smart and powerful inbox to handle today’s email needs, including SkyDrive for sharing virtually anything in a single email
  • Putting people in control by prioritizing their privacy

As part of the preview, we also wanted to have a conversation and ensure we were building the email service you really wanted.  Our goal was to learn from feedback, fine-tune the experience and ensure we could scale appropriately to deliver on our vision of a new modern email for a billion inboxes. 

Over 60 million people actively using Thank you for your support

It’s been just over 6 months since the preview released and the reception to date has greatly surpassed our expectations; over 60 million people already actively using  This number represents people that sign in several times a month via the web, client, or smart phone to really use our service. 

Through the preview, we’ve heard and learned a great deal about your favorite features and how well is delivering on our vision for modern email.  For example, millions of people are connecting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date on their friends’ contact info, updates, photos, and Tweets.  And a number of people have expressed appreciation that replaces advertising with the latest updates from Facebook or Twitter when they’re reading email from one of their contacts.  In fact on average, people saw 60% fewer ads when using because they’re now getting much more relevant updates from their friends.’s tools for handling newsletters and commercial mail, which make up as much as 80% of the typical inbox, are another set of well-received and well-used features. comes with Sweep, a simple but powerful feature that helps people clear out their inbox by moving, archiving, or deleting specific email (and having this happen automatically in the future, if they want).  It’s a very satisfying feeling when you regain control once you sweep out hundreds or even thousands of messages from your inbox. was also designed to make it easy to send hundreds of photos, videos and just about everything people want in a single message–all powered by SkyDrive.  Nearly half of the people using have already used SkyDrive to share more than half a billion photos and Office documents.

We’ve been very excited by the adoption of the preview and how it’s delivering on our promise of a new, reimagined email service.  Throughout the preview, we learned a tremendous amount from seeing how people used the service.  Early adopters have told us what they liked, what they’d like to see next, and what we needed to do to make more people switch.  And we’ve used that to add new features and fine-tune the services to scale.  Now that is coming out of preview, we’ll be kicking off a huge push across a number of countries around the world to drive even greater awareness and adoption of  Our goal is to make people everywhere aware of the new and compelling features provided by and to make it easy for them to give a try as a new email service.

A great upgrade for people using Hotmail

When we say that we’re confident is the best email choice for consumers, we mean it.  As comes out of preview, we’re also announcing that we will soon upgrade every Hotmail user to The upgrade is seamless and instant for people who use Hotmail.  Everything from their email address, password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation replies, etc. will stay the same, with no disruption in service.   When upgraded, they’ll also get all the benefits from the redesigned experience–a fresh and intuitive user interface, lots of new features and better performance.  And we won’t ever make you switch your email address to an address if you don’t want to.

We expect all people using Hotmail to be upgraded by this summer.  And for those that are excited to get the new benefits of the experience, there’s no need to wait. You can upgrade today by simply signing in at and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Get started today

We want to thank the more than 60 million of you that are already using actively.  We sincerely appreciate the feedback you’ve been sending us and the valuable role you’ve played in making today’s news happen.  Of course there’s always a lot more to come, but for those of you that have been waiting to give it a try, now is your chance. is out of preview and it’s a great time to upgrade. We look forward to hearing what you think.

–David Law, Director of Product Management,

  1. Lot of requests and complaints sent through Feedback on are not been solved. But, it got out of preview.

  2. gohan16ken

    When is Skype coming to

  3. @David Law – If there is an option in Calender to use it like personal dairy by adding text to everyday, it would be much better instead of just To dos and birthdays

  4. browsetech

    Taking about the calendar, why did all the holiday calendars stop in 2012? Old UI and no holidays in 2013 and later, you need to do something ASAP!

  5. Why do we still need @outlook/ after our username to sign in? Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to not have to type it all out every time I log in.

    • andrewtechhelp

      because not everyone who owns their also owns an address. might be a different person to and so logging in with steveqqq wouldn’t be enough for Microsoft to know which account is being logged into.


    Problems I have:
    use an iphone and when using to reply to a message it doesnt show as replied on my iphone.

    pop only checks for new messages every 30mins
    ts slow

  7. Hey, I think is a great service, but…
    1. The Calendar still has the old ugly and also slow user interface
    2. Since 2013 I have no holifays in the calendar (also new added Birthdays won’t show up)
    3. If I sync the calendar with my iPhone, some birthday dates move one back or forrward

    Hope this will get fixed, then will be really the best free e-mail service

    • The problem with the birthdays is most likely related to the timezone selected in your Microsoft Account and/or birthday calendar. It happened to me when moving from a country to another, got it solved by sorting out those timezone settings.

  8. David Law User">

    Great feedback – thanks all. And we appreciate both positive feedback and suggestions – keep ‘em coming.

    @tripint – there are several domain names you can use to login to (,,, etc. And those are just the US-based addresses; we have dozens of worldwide domains, too). And each domain has its own set of unique names before the “@” sign. So every users has to login with the suffix of their domain.

    @(lots of people) – we hear you – you want Calendar. Believe me, we agree. It’s coming – just not today. But soon.

    @ronaldt – thanks for the feature suggestions – I can’t get to them all in this comment but know your feedback has been clocked. Appreciate the details – that’s super helpful for us.

  9. andrewtechhelp

    But what about the Calendar? When are you going to update the Calendar?

    • Kamran Mackey

      I bet it will probably be updated soon for sure.

  10. David Law User">

    @andrewtechhelp – calendar is still coming – stay tuned.

    • Can you give us a date? I am a heavy user of calendar and can’t get myself to use old Windows Live calendar after enjoying the clean looks of

  11. What about more security? Please turn on something like 2-factor authentication via SMS for all country.

  12. cpmcgrath

    There’s one thing that stops me switching from gmail – no 2 step authentication. Please implement this, for many people it is critical.

  13. other than calendar, drag and drop email attachment please?

  14. Disappointing that you still can’t stay signed out of messenger and instead have to use invisible mode, though I suppose that problem goes away when messenger is killed off, as long as you don’t do the same thing with Skype! To be clear I absolutely do NOT want to be automatically signed in to Skype or Messenger when I am trying to read emails.

  15. Being using since day one, and love it.

    That said, with "Calendar", "Skype integration", and the "ability to rename principal e-mail account" (Microsoft Account) still missing, it seems to me that this "we are out of beta" statement is simply "marking the begining of the mediatic push", rather than releasing a more finished version of


    My main question is, when is the calendar going to get its upgrade? This should have been something done right off the bat.

  17. FCHenning

    I just discovered this! With all the personal emails that you may have, it is great to have one that is strictly business related. I can’t wait to be able to use this as I attempt to open my own home based business.

  18. Carlo Mendoza

    Please let me send out emails without the "on behalf of" in the from field.

  19. aminojaku

    What the **** just happened? I lost my entire inbox. Everything before 11:20am EST today in my Inbox is gone.. Years of emails.. GONE. What the **** happened?

  20. Outlook renaming / Creating Alias is not working for many users for the last couple of months. When will this be resolved?

  21. coffeemike

    @David Law – Since you’re listening on these comments, great job coming to launch. Exciting. Love the interface. REALLY want to switch over.

    Only think that’s keeping me from doing so is the lack of custom SMTP server settings (or another way to not send from hotmail-GUID at on behalf of any of my own-domain aliases).

    That’s it. I’d be on board in a heartbeat. Hopefully the feedback on this has been heard. Otherwise, great product, and great to see the consistent UI across MS platforms.

    • Carlo Mendoza

      Amen. No more "on behalf of" PLEASE.

  22. CaptainStack

    I have a account that was grandfathered into the old 25gb SkyDrive account. I really want to upgrade this to a new outlook account but the rename account isn’t working for me. Is there any way for me to upgrade this account or move the SkyDrive over to a new account? I heard that they were working to make all users able to do this.

  23. Since last summer, did you change rules for aliases.
    I mean the creation of 5 by 12 months (even if they are deleted during the same period) with a maximum of 15 per account?
    PS I have no problem with the limit of 15 per account, but rather with a limit of 5 per 12 months!

  24. David Law User">

    @CaptainStack and @BrijeshH – rename has been temporarily disabled, but you can definitely add an alias. Just go to the setting icon in the top right (looks like a little gear), click "More Mail Options", and then pick "Create an Outlook alias". thanks!

    • CaptainStack

      Oh okay awesome. I was just asking because I couldn’t rename my account before. I figured it had something to do with this:

      "If your account has been blocked more than once because someone else was using your account, you will not be able to rename it. We’re working to remove this limitation."

      taken from here:

      Any word on when you’ll re-enable renaming, and when you’ll allow people who had blocked accounts to rename?

  25. @David Law – For how long will it remain disabled?

  26. Great news on the launch, but we need a better solution than POP for Gmail/Google Apps users wanting to switch and import message history. Let me import all my messages, including sent messages, labels/folders, read/unread status, etc. Even IMAP would help make this much easier (I’ve used IMAP to move 8 years of content from Gmail to Google Apps with a custom domain).

    Make it easy and I’ll switch immediately.

  27. Same question as before guys – when is IMAP coming? That’s when you’ll see people start looking at Outlook as a real Gmail alternative.

  28. David Law User">

    @Gordon – totally hear you and the rest of the folks on IMAP. I know you guys know all about EAS and how it works (in many cases, better than IMAP) on Windows, iOS, Android, etc. But totally hear you that there are still lots of other places where IMAP is needed. Nothing to report today, but we hear you guys loud and clear.

    @Carlo and @coffeemike – both of those comments (SMTP and "on behalf of") are related to how we’ve set up SMTP for our users. Nothing to announce today, but stay tuned on this one.

    • Chris Dunphy

      Don’t forget about CardDAV and CalDAV as well. To win the trust of savvy customers today, Microsoft has to commit to using the same open standards that everyone else is using.

  29. I have a Hotmail account and a linked Outlook account. But under Inbox>Options>Your email accounts it shows "You have no Outlook aliases". How that’s possible? I’ve joined the preview since the first day. That’s why?

  30. Hmm, so you went out of preview, and what’s changed? Skype integration? Better fb/wm chat? More responsiveness? Complex filters? Proper conversation view grouped by theme?

    • And even more – finally live/auto mail checking?

  31. outandabout

    I’m with those who are looking for more security. E.g. trash the 16-character password limit and implement multi-factor authentication.

    I’d never move into an apartment that had nothing but old, rusty locks on the doors. Why would I trust my email to a service that has just about the shortest — if not THE shortest — password limit of all email providers and no 2FA ?

    Consider all those ads of Hotmail/Outlook challenging Gmail on privacy. "Switch to Outlook so you don’t get ‘Scroogled,’ " and all that. Well, security-wise right now my Gmail account has a 100+ character password and 2FA enabled. What is Outlook doing (I mean, really DOING) to compete with THAT ?!

  32. David Law User">

    @Kunal – IMAP is one of the most requested features. Nothing to talk about today, but please know we’ve heard the feedback. Thanks!

  33. Congrats guys! Love love love

    Sweep gave email back to me, seriously. Before I left Gmail, tech blog feeds had made my Gmail inbox completely unsearchable. Would search "Alaska Airlines" looking for my frequent flyer # and would get page after page of that "80% of newsletters and commercial mail", of which Google alerts was the worst.

  34. browsetech

    Has something changed that with now that it is out of preview? Or is the only change that your ads are ready? I have been using since the first day and one thing you are horrible at is time. The preview video had Skype and it said "coming soon", now just over 6 months later nothing has happened, how can this be anything near coming soon? I do like the new UI very much, but how hard is it to upgrade the calendar? The calendar is one thing many prefer with Gmail, it may be your biggest selling point if you can fix it. And when mentioning other sites on the domain, why has a broken UI? There is no drop-down meny for Mail, People etc. Now chat, not settings menu. The left menu is more or less useless, you can’t see any sub-menu before you click on "Manage email preferences " in "Notifications", then suddenly the sub-menu "Email" and "Marketing" pops up. And why is it that if you go to "Permissions > Managed linked accounts" you get four links in the sub-menu if you click on "Manage accounts" you get a whole new menu with "Add accounts" and "Manage your accounts". I love but I can’t see whats "out of preview" and especially not sites that have very much to do whit but is not the main mail site.

    • According to the interview The Verge did with Dharmesh Mehta, senior director of, a "Calendar UI upgrade" together with proper Skype integration and an updated Android-app will be coming "soon after the 19th"…FINALLY.

  35. I’m also looking forward to Calendar getting the Modern UI so it looks more like Mail, Skydrive and People. And please either let us continue to sync up Calendar with calendars on non-Windows RT/8/Phone devices through Gmail or let us sync them directly to Calendar.

  36. roeiegans

    OK, nice!!! But what about the Windows Phone 7 users? Untill now it was said, that you could not change the Live ID used during the setup of the Windows Phone. So what will happen when the accounts are automatically migrated to What about all the data and the purchased apps on the Phone linked to the Hotmail Live-id?

    • Dick Craddock User">

      Hi, Roel – Don’t worry – when you are upgraded to, your email address does NOT change. All your mail, calendar events, contacts come over, and you still sign-in and send mail with your existing address.

    • browsetech

      Your account is still a Microsoft account, even if the name of the service you use is Hotmail or Outlook. As it says in the article "And we won’t ever make you switch your email address to an address if you don’t want to."
      If you do want to change it to (you can also make an alias with I do think you will need to reset your phone to factory settings.

  37. Chris Dunphy

    Microsoft! This product looks great. I’d love to switch. However, I’d say that support for open standards (namely IMAP, CardDAV, and CalDAV) are a _total must_. I like to mix and match platforms (Mac + Windows Phone + iPad) and whatever provider I use has to just work with these. The one thing that Google does better than you guys still is support for open standards which free the user from vendor lock-in. Please do the same and give them some real competition!

  38. bgoodbody

    rename of Microsoft Account has been disabled by MS for 2- 3 months without acknowledgement by MS.

    NO commitment on when or if it will be enabled again

    Can’t rename an eMail address now!

  39. Tim Acheson

    Awesome! 🙂

  40. let me someone understand: I’m probably the only one idiot who yearly pays for a hotmail plus account opened in 2001, for being linked to MS Outlook. What happens now? shall I switch and keep paying, or am I not supposed to pay anymore?

    • @francesco faverzani There is a similar feature in Outlook, so I would expect it to simply carry over if you switch services. Obviously, ads in outlook are less prominent than in hotmail, so you may consider stopping the service all together as well.

      • thanks for your answer, but I’m not I understood it. In your opinion, if I switch, will I be able to keep my hotmail address without having to pay for my hotmail Plus account anymore? = Euro 19,- /year.
        I think yes, as hotmail as such won’t exist anymore.

  41. Stefan2142

    No, it’s nothing that I thought it would be. Yes, it has clearer interface, inbox is improved, there is less ads or none (i don’t know, I am using ad-blocker), but if I wanna know who is online from my fb contacts I to open the contacts tab, and if I, while chatting wanna know if there is a new mail I need to go back to the inbox page. If I wanna see who is online I need to scroll all the way down(on contacts page) and see it, which is time consuming. Hotmail was way better, on one single page, you could see who is online, social updates and new emails. Maybe, it would be better if you make another WebIM just like you did with Windows Live so that we can use chat separately. So, please, Microsoft, keep the existing Windows Live service, don’t retire it. This is not just me talking, I have heard other people saying the same thing.

    • browsetech

      If you want to see who is online when viewing a mail it’s just to open the messenger sidebar and click on "Start new conversation" and you will see all online contacts. I do miss the social updates, but you can see new mails and chat/see who is online with Outlook.

    • GoodThings2Life

      Or here’s an idea, open multiple tabs and keep them in the views you need. I shut off "chat" on Outlook and keep the site open. Much easier.

  42. I love Outlook and have been using it ever since you told Hotmail users to try it out. I’m wondering when the calendar update is coming. That’s the one thing that is still old school Hotmail style. When we can we expect to get the new calendar?

  43. is good, but can be enhanced on some points:

    1 – Regarding Rules/Sweep:
    1.1 – Add Mark as read to the Select the action the rule applies list and/or to the Sweep menu
    1.2 – Enable multiple actions per rule instead of only one (for example: Move to x, Flag and Mark as read)

    2- Ability to send password protected Office files: at the moment it is impossible (This file, X, is password protected so it can’t be scanned for viruses is shown)
    3- Send mail for aggregated email accounts via that account’s smtp server instead of, because now email sent as if from another account will bear a "From on behalf of" header which confuses some recipients and makes some spam filters skittish.
    4- Reading pane is really convenient, except that after deleting/moving a message the next message is automatically shown and that one gets marked as read. When using the reading pane, automatically marking the next message as read isn’t convenient. Therefore i would like to suggest the following things:
    4.1 – Add ‘Show a message only after I select it after deleting/moving a message’ (like the already existing option for Reading Pane ‘When you first open your inbox or another folder, set the reading pane to: Show a message only after I select it’
    4.2 – Mark email as read when viewed in the Reading Pane, but wait x (say 4) seconds before marking email as read
    4.3 – Mark email as read when selection changes

    5 – Add a Format Painter feature to the ‘toolbar’ of the composing/reply pane
    6 – As has pdf viewing capability, pdf files should be viewable from within as well (like pictures Active View)
    7 – The option to toggle between "Reply" and "Reply All" as the default option is convenient, but please add a toggle to switch between reply/reply all/forward *after* having started to reply
    8 – Add option to change “from name” for aggregated email accounts
    9 – Add the following option to Default "From" address (Options > Your email accounts): send from the same address the message was sent to; especially useful when you have added send-only or send-and-receive accounts (aggregated email accounts)
    10 – More options for reply-to: if I receive email from my work address, when I click reply, the default reply-to should be my work address.
    11 – Multiple (custom) signatures according to the send-as address. E.g. if I want to send email from my address, it should use my signature. If I send email with my aggregated address, it should use that signature.
    12 – Add ability to save attachments directly to SkyDrive and send files already on SkyDrive from within

    • browsetech

      Please, please fix number 6, needs Active View for PDF files. Also, would be so much better with number 11. I have my work email in so that I can send and receive, but I do want my work signature on emails sent from my work mail and not on my personal mail.

  44. I noticed that a friend’s inbox (Reading Pane off) shows next to the subject line “Categories” or the name of the added category (I saw it in the Get Sweep Automate your inbox ad as well). I found it really convenient that he could add a category to the message by clicking on the label next to the message (instead of the need to click on categories in the toolbar). Is there an option to set this or is this feature rolling out (he’s on a server while I’m on

  45. GoodThings2Life

    So when is Outlook getting a new Calendar? Microsoft, in general, has this amazing knack for releasing great things that are half-finished and then taking forever to get the job done.

  46. David Law User">

    @Ramin – it sounds like you have two separate Microsoft accounts and have linked those IDs. Linked IDs are different than aliases. With a linked ID, you still have two separate inboxes with separate calendars, contacts, folder structures, etc. Linked IDs let you toggle between inboxes without having to sign out/in.

    Aliases are different. The best way to describe their value is via example: if you buy stuff online or sign up for newsletters, you can create an alias first and use that new email alias for your online shopping/newsletters. You can route all incoming email to an alias to a given folder and reply to mail from that alias while still having one inbox, one set of contacts, etc.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

  47. How in the world could they simply disable publishing of calendars to from Outlook? Don’t they realize how many people use this feature and have been summarily cut off without warning?

  48. lance.stevens

    If only the "Windows 8 Style" email client for was functional. When I access with any browser — I get options to "select all" items in a folder — then move them, delete them, etc. with the Trash folder – I can empty it. With the Metro — err Windows 8 Style "App" — no such features anywhere to be found. How could that feature possibly have been left out?

  49. techrahul

    Using outlook since long and I am loving it.

  50. Upgraded from to (via upgrade button on recently received email) maintaining existing address. I do not appear to have a "metro style" user interface to access my newly created email inbox. Still go to inbox via win8 mail app? Is inbox accessed via browser or a metro app? Thanks

  51. "Sorry, upgrades aren’t available right now"

  52. David Law User">

    @Graeme_w – you can access via a variety of clients (Outlook desktop app, Win8 Mail, etc.) or devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). but you can always go to via any modern browser, including latest versions of IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, and access your inbox.

  53. David Law User">

    @Sofia – we are aware of a login issue affecting a very small number of customers attempting to access via the URL We’re working quickly to address this issue, but in the meantime you can access your inbox via When logging in via, you will see a Hotmail logo, but after logging in you will be taken directly to your inbox. Mobile, POP3, and other entry points are not affected. Thanks!

  54. The "Archive" menu feature on only appears when I’ve checked a message (viewing in list mode) or when I’ve clicked on a message to view the details.

    By mistake several times, I’ve meant to hit Delete and instead hit Archive. I have not seen a "Setup message archiving" screen that was referenced in another "how to" article I read. So I have no idea where the message I’ve archived have disappeared to nor how I can get them back in my Inbox. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If it matters, I’m using IE v8.


  55. I am having trouble getting to my contacts. I just upgraded to the new Outlook email. when I try to get to my contacts through the icon People, the page won’t load all the way. why would it do that?

  56. I have just switched my accounts to outlook . I have an account and a account. Since switching accounts to outlook i cannot access both accounts from 1 computer. When i try to link the accounts i am told one or the other is not a good account. Both accounts can be accessed only on the computer i set them up on. Does anyone know how to link them so i can use both accounts from any location? Thanks

  57. Hello,
    On February 23, I received an email from Outlook Team ( Offering me to transfer immediately to

    hotmail service to It offered to make the change by clicking a blue button. which was done. A new page

    appeared and it contained all my emails.
    However, this page has no header. No actions can be taken in short I can only receive emails and put them in the trash. I

    feel like I’m not the new account in outlook.
    I do not have access to my hotmail calendar which is really annoying. Trying to download to site, sometimes my

    new outlook appears but for a few seconds then return to this email list.
    Could you explain to me what is happening? because I really would not want to lose my email list as well as my hotmail


    thank you,

  58. Joe Cassara


    Any word on when the Calendar will be upgraded from the old Windows Live UI? Also, I’d love to access my as an Exchange account on Mac OS X I’m even willing to pay for a premium account. tops Gmail (long in the tooth) and iCloud (too slow via browser.)

    Great job, but we need some tweaking to make it perfect!

  59. victor902

    outlook crashed if you still have hotmail you can accesss email but if out look could be awhile

  60. Alex Kirke

    This is all very well and good but what if i don’t want to link my social networking to my email? I’ve spent the last hour or so searching for a way to do it and there’s no clear cut solution. It’s getting to the time of year where i’m applying for summer jobs. Having a facebook profile in my email to said perspective employer destroys any chance at a good first impression. Please remedy this QUICKLY! Ideally a bomb proof step by step guide to changing permissions on all the websites concerned with pictures to guide us on how to do it. Microsoft has really dropped the ball here. Fix it now!

  61. "Over 60 million people actively using" – Yes, because you upgraded our Hotmail to Outlook without our permission! You forced people to use something they don’t know / they hate! I pay for my internet service, and I can’t use the program I like? I feel like you broke into my house and stole something! "A great upgrade for people using Hotmail". I would call something an upgrade which is actually a downgrade.. Light grey text on a white background? It’s very HARD to see the text, it’s awful! And because there is no yellow envelope to show the new messages, it’s almost impossible to see if I got a new message, even if it has a little bit different color! And where is the animated colorful background?
    We want our Hotmail back! I’ve been using it for many many years and I loved it so much! My mother is 75 years old, and she has problems to use to this Outlook and it’s terrible outlook! And if that isn’t enough, you will take the Messenger also from us, which we used for more than 10 years! I love WLM Messenger, and I hate Skype!
    I have no words to express what I feel, I am really very very angry and disappointed. 🙁

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