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Thinking about making the change to Office 2013?

Changes bring exciting new features, but new versions of your favorite software can take a bit of getting used to.

To help ease the transition, we’ve put together nine handy Quick Start Guides that introduce you to the newest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Project, and Visio.

Whether you’re coming from a previous version of Office and just want to see what’s changed, or you’re entirely new to Office and want a quick overview of how to get to the most important things, each guide provides helpful information that we’ve based directly on feedback from customers just like you.

The new guides are available as separate downloads, so you can grab just the ones you need:

1. Install the free Adobe Reader (if you don’t already have it on your PC).

2. Browse and download our free Office 2013 Quick Start Guides.

While you’re viewing any guide, you can save a copy of it to your computer for later viewing, navigate through all of its pages (each guide has several), zoom in to get a closer look at any of the screenshots, or search for feature names or keywords to quickly find something in the text.

If you find these guides useful, please share this blog post with your colleagues and friends who use Microsoft Office programs. And please leave us a comment below to let us know what you like about these guides or how we might improve upon them.

Thanks for giving them a try!


  1. Huw Jones

    Thanks for these – very clear and straightforward. I have a few queries on Office 2013:

    1. After using the new feature of embedding a video into a word doc from Youtube, double-clicking on the embedded video does not result in it playing in a pop-out. A black pop-out appears but no video appears in it. Is this a flash issue in Windows 8 or something else?
    2. Choosing ‘insert online pictures’ will list my Skydrive files, but ‘insert online video’ doesn’t. Is there any reason why?
    3. Just a suggestion – when I’m working with Outlook open in the background I really don’t want to be bothered with alerts every time a piece of e-mail goes into the junk folder. Can we have an option to control the level of notification we get in these circumstances please? I’d prefer to go over the contents of my junk folder at a more convenient time, and not be interrupted every time a piece of spam appears!

    Quibbles aside, I really like Office 2013 – more colout themes would be nice as well though!

    • Daryn Bogart

      @ Huw Jones…….

      1. Sounds like you’re missing some codecs regarding your black popout for video.
      2. Not entirely sure about this one but likely because of the ability to use the embed feature.
      3. There are abilities to shut down the notifications. Got to: File > Options > Mail > Desktop Alert. You can turn them off here but it will turn them off for everything.

      Hope this was helpful.

  2. techrahul

    Thanks for these quick start quides

  3. Very helpful. Thanks

  4. Thankyou for the guides.. they are very helpful..

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