Steve Ballmer announces the new Office 365 Home Premium

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Steve Ballmer Office 365 announcement Read Steve Ballmer’s blog post about the release of the new Office 365 Home Premium and what it means for the company and for you.

“This is a fundamental shift in our business that began several years ago and continues today with the release of Office 365 Home Premium. This is a brand new Office never experienced before,” Steve wrote on Tuesday.

For the first time, you can subscribe to Office as a service instead of installing it on your computer. Steve also explains how a subscription gives you an entirely new productivity experience, including access to your docs across devices as well as how much a subscription to the new Office 365 Home Premium costs.

Get the rest of the story over on The Official Microsoft Blog.

  1. Hi there – Office 365 looks great! But I do have a question/concern. I currently use Office Home and Business 2010 on my home PC and laptop, along with SkyDrive. I currently use it for personal purposes, as well as doing work from home and some freelance stuff on the side. Based on the terms, it seems that Home Premium doesn’t allow this type of use. Is this true? I hope not. If so, is there going to be a "Home and Business" Office 365 plan going to be available? I want to be able to use it for working from home, while also letting my family install it too, while also taking advantage of the additional SkyDrive space and Skype minutes. The upcoming Small Business Premium plan is not really meant for "Home and Business" use. I really wish Microsoft would really simplify the licenses so we users can use Office anyway we want instead of all this confusion. I really want to upgrade to Office 365.

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