Your top 10 favorite Outlook posts of 2012

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Best of Outlook 2012Email is all about communicating with people–whether you’re sharing a photo, or scheduling a meeting or phone call. Some of last year’s most popular posts about the new Outlook show you how it’s been designed to put people first. 

When too many people communicate with you about too many things, your inbox can make you feel overwhelmed. Most of the popular posts about the current version offer simple ways that Outlook helps you stay on top of your messages.

If you haven’t yet tried the new Office, visit the Customer Preview site.

Top 5 posts about the new Outlook

  1. Introducing – Modern Email for the Next Billion Mailboxes
    What is An upgrade to Hotmail? Definitely. But from scratch. It’s an all-new cloud-based, personal email service, which includes Skype, integration with social networks, and more. This post was its Hello World.

  2. The New IMAP in Outlook 2013
    IMAP is an industry standard that governs how email programs retrieve messages. In the new Outlook, it’s vastly improved.

  3. Introducing Outlook 2013
    This post unwraps the new Outlook.

  4. The new People Hub in Outlook 2013
    If you’re like many people, you store contact information all over the place – in different email programs and social networks, which are installed on various devices. In the new Outlook, you can view contacts from all those places in one location.

  5. A Modern, People-First Inbox in Outlook 2013
    In the new Outlook, we overhauled the design of the message list to reflect how most people use it to search and sort through emails. For example, our research showed people tend to search on names so we designed the list so you see them first.

Top 5 posts about the current Outlook

  1. Email stuck in your outbox? Try this.
    Ever think you’ve sent an email that never made it out of your outbox? Or can’t delete one because Outlook keeps trying to send it? Read this post for solutions.

  2. 5 Tips on using Bcc in Outlook Email
    How do you add (or remove) a BCC field so you can hide names of some of your recipients? And how do you see who those people are after you sent it? Read on.

  3. Want a way to send email to a group?
    Sure, it’s easy at work to send one message to a pre-defined group of people. But how do you do that at home when you’re not connected to Microsoft Exchange Server?

  4. Webinar: Unclutter your Outlook inbox
    Watch this webinar to learn how to stay sane. It’s part philosophy and part tips and tricks on managing your messages.

  5. Filtering emails in Outlook
    An email filter lets you see only those messages that meet certain criteria. For example, you could pick a filter that lets you see only those with attachments. Outlook offers lots of ways to filter that you might not know about.
  1. semantria

    Hey guys, a bit off topic here. We created an Excel Add-In that does sentiment analysis in Excel. Is there anyone we can get in touch with to collaborate on a short post about it? Can’t find contact info anywhere on the blog.
    Cheers! -Semantria team

  2. Guys, how can you say: "IMAP is an industry standard that governs how email programs retrieve messages. In the new Outlook, it’s vastly improved."

    IMAP in Outlook 2013 simply does not work. Check out the comments under the respective post. The situation is broken to the stage that I am forced to use 2010.

  3. CivilEngine

    SetUp our Social system software storage smart by Facebook fast fact files fetch.

  4. mcarroll501

    I have access to my manager’s inbox. Is there a way for me to read a message (before she herself has read it) but have it appear to her in her inbox as "unread." If I read a message on my computer before she has read it on her computer, she has trouble distinguishing which items in her inbox she has and has not read as she relies on the seeing the message in bold (i.e., as "unread" in her inbox). I have to read a lot of messages so I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t require me to mark the message as "unread" once I have read it. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  5. Sure would be nice if you made conversation function actually work with WP8, and with Outlook 2010 client on Windows. Everytime I respond to an existing thread on my WP8 Lumia 920, a new thread is created on And don’t get me started on Outlook 2010, which just fails to thread properly in mixed use with Heck, even using a Google Mail account works better in Outlook 2010 and WP8 with

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