Skype 6.1 for Windows with Outlook integration makes staying connected even easier

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Back in July at the Office Customer Preview event we said that Skype integration with Outlook would be coming as part of the new Office. As of today, we’re happy to share that it has arrived with the release of Skype 6.1 for Windows Desktop.

Users of Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 will see both Skype online status and mood message in the Outlook contact card. From the card, you can start a Skype call or IM session directly from the card without having to exit Outlook. We think Outlook users will love being able to quickly and easily connect to their Skype contacts directly from inside of Outlook and encourage you to download the update today and give it a try. For more information about the rest of today’s release, head over to the Skype Big Blog.

  1. davidacoder

    Same here, have Office 2013 RTM and Skype 6.1 both installed, no sign of any integration, though…

  2. Rino Bertolotto

    It seems Outlook integration doesn’t work yet … with Skype 6.1. At least, untill today …..

  3. Same here. Still no Skype calling from Outlook. Tried signing in with the same Microsoft account in Skype and Outlook – no effect.

    Skype for Windows 6.1 / Outlook 2013 RTM

  4. I’m really disappointed 🙁 I really don’t like Outlook but I have always liked the Hotmail layout…now I will leave Microsoft and have to get a Gmail or Yahoo account (which I also don’t really like). Really bad idea Microsoft…

  5. Frank Fellows User">

    Thanks for your comments–couple of thoughts/questions:
    @Dewald and @David: Do you have Lync installed? If you have Lync installed at the same time, it takes precedence over Skype and will disable the Skype and Outlook integration as you can use Lync to connect with your contacts.

    @Rino: Are you running Office Preview? Currently, Skype integration only works on Office 2010 and 2013 RTM.



  6. Rino Bertolotto

    @Frank Fellows: i’m using Office 2013 RTGM with Windows 8, with Lync 2013 installed. You said that Lync has precedence over Skype but if I want to make a call (on VoIP like Skype) how can I do it? Lync doesn’t allow to make call to contacts not in my Lync list.


  7. ari_gupta

    typical problem I am facing – I have windows 8 enterprise, outlook 2010 and office communicator 2007 integrated with outlook on my laptop. After installing Skype, by default outlook got integrated with Skype, and I am not able to re-integrate outlook 2010 and communicator 2007. I believe this auto integration of Skype and outlook is not at all a good feature SINCE I NEED TO HAVE OUTLOOK 2010 AND COMMUNICATOR 2007 INTEGRATED. Can some one help ?

  8. techrahul

    I am also facing problem in integrating skype with outlook. Though I really miss Windows live messenger

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