Really want to do some winter cleaning? Switch to for the best email experience across all your devices

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We were very surprised to see Gmail announce last week that they’ll soon end support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), unless of course you’re willing to pay Google for your email.  It means that many people currently using Gmail for free are facing a situation where they might have to degrade their mobile email experience by downgrading to an older protocol that doesn’t sync your calendar or contacts, doesn’t give you direct push of new email messages and doesn’t have all the benefits of Exchange ActiveSync.

So if you want a better email, especially on your phone or tablet, it’s time to join the millions who have already made the choice to upgrade to

To learn more about how to get started with, check out the technical spec for Exchange ActiveSync in Exchange 2013 just follow these simple steps:

To learn more about setting up on your mobile device, see our simple instructions here.


  Outlook inbox with chat panel












For those still on the fence, a quick introduction to why EAS is so important for a seamless experience across devices could be helpful. There are many protocols for sending and receiving email.  POP and IMAP were designed decades ago, were considered state-of-the-art at the time, and are still used by millions of people.  Both were created before mobile phones really even existed.  To have a great email experience in 2012, a protocol needs to do more than just send and receive messages on a PC.  It needs to work really well on a variety of mobile devices, to sync not only email but also your calendar and contacts, to do this automatically, and in a way that preserves battery life.

Exchange logo



Exchange ActiveSync was first introduced in 2002 as a way to help you have a great mobile email experience. Since then, it has continued to improve, with a number of optimizations specifically for mobile devices, including tablets:

  • Designed around Direct Push of information so a device can be updated in near real-time when an email is received – so you can get notified when there’s new email instead of having to constantly check manually.
  • Unlike IMAP or POP, EAS also syncs calendars and contacts.
  • Setup is much easier because EAS supports AutoDiscover so you don’t have to remember and type server names; instead, you simply type in an email address and password to set up a new device over-the-air.
  • Built with bandwidth and battery life as key design considerations; for example, sync requests are bundled for all folder syncs in order to optimize the amount of battery required

You can read more about these innovations and a whole host of other nitty-gritty details in the history of Exchange ActiveSync.  It’s because of these advanced consumer benefits that many devices choose to natively support Exchange ActiveSync-whether that’s a Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, or even a number of Android devices.  You can see more detail in this chart of some of the other devices that support EAS

We hope you have a wonderful winter holiday. As you enter the New Year, we encourage you to seize the opportunity to upgrade your mail to a service that puts the consumer first and gives you a great mobile email experience. 

 –Dharmesh Mehta, Senior Director, Product Management

  1. Chris Dunphy

    I am strongly considering this. I am a Windows Phone customer and I do really love Windows Phone. But I also use a Mac, and that is not going to change anytime soon. It doesn’t appear that I can use your services with Mac Calendar or Contacts like I can with Google. Also, doesn’t even offer IMAP, only POP. I’d need at least IMAP with Apple Mail to consider making the switch. Both sides are too closed now and that’s really too bad. Microsoft does have an opportunity here though to gain a lot of customers for their on line services if they are willing to be a bit more interoperable. You are 80% there.

    • zoompooky

      I believe Snow Leopard introduced support for Exchange…

      • I think the deal is Mac OS X has support for Exchange Web Services (EWS) but it doesn’t support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). In terms of Apple products, only iOS supports EAS.

      • Chris Dunphy

        I don’t think hotmail/ will work… unless I am missing something

  2. zoompooky

    I think you guys should finish implementation before trying to get everyone to switch.

    If an email was sent to me at my gmail address, I cannot respond from and have it come from my gmail address. It would come from my address / on behalf of my gmail address.

    Once you have the ability to respond from the same address to which the email was addressed (i.e. proper multiple account management) then you’ll be ready for this big push to get people to switch.

    • christianhaberl

      Sure you can respond from and have it come from your gmail address.

      • zoompooky

        Unless they’ve changed it within the last 2 weeks, no you can’t. It will say from "@outlook" on behalf of "@gmail".

      • zoompooky

        FYI I just tested this to ensure it hadn’t been silently updated behind the scenes.

        When you send a message, if you look at the message itself it will say:

        From: Tony S.

        That’s not the behavior most people expect when looking to manage multiple accounts in one place.

        • zoompooky

          Board stripped out the text… I’ll try again:

          From: Tony S. (****
          Sender: (****

    • I think you’re wrong about this. I read on one of many pages today that you can choose the "from" account.

      • zoompooky

        See above.

  3. I’m with Chris. This is great, but the Mac OS X versions Mail, Calendar, and Contacts don’t work with (except for POP mail which is not acceptable). That’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Mac OS X only supports EWS for Exchange (I think), and only supports EAS. Solve that somehow and I’ll get on board.

    Tony also has a great point about multiple account support. That’s a pretty big Gmail feature that would be nice to have with

  4. vobreshkov

    Definitely shocked by Google’s move by needs to step up their game as well like others have mentioned. Just drop POP3 access for IMAP altogether and you’ll have a winner. Until then, you’re kind of in the same boat as Google when it comes to non-Windows systems (iOS, OS X). Other than that, I’m with you. Switched a while ago…

  5. natevancouver

    I would love to give a serious try, but I can’t because there’s no way to use it on my Mac. Even your own Outlook 2011 won’t connect to an account. Crazy!

  6. I would love to switch to outlook… if you just add proper two-factor authentication like is ALWAYS requested when you ask what features people would like to see implemented next (and then ignore it).

    • Microsoft has added two-factor authentication to the Microsoft Account service. It is used to authenticate request to make changes to your account, for example if you want to change or remove an email address or phone number on your account.

      • Thanks for the reply, I know they have that, but useful two-factor authentication should add an extra layer in preventing malicious users from being able to sign in to the account, not just stop them changing the account details once they’ve already signed into it.

  7. Just commit to supporting CalDAV and CardDAV so we can move on with our lives. Life is too short for petty protocol squabbles especially when the one you refuse to support is a completely open standard.

    • GoodThings2Life

      I do agree that Microsoft should commit to supporting it… but they should squabble over better. Customers deserve better. That said, I want to point out that Google does NOT support the open standard as it is. They mangle and contort it to suit their own needs. That’s not the definition of OPEN. Also, a good company doesn’t rip the rug out from under their users just over that so-called protocol squabble.

      • They’re not ripping the rug out from under anyone – it’ll keep working post January, with only new devices being refused.

  8. christianhaberl

    We’ll see what happens. Will Google’s decision hurt EAS, or will it hurt Google? After all – proprietory or "open", EAS is the most sophisticated and most popular sync-all-everywhere-just-works protocol out there…

  9. davidgilson

    Google’s decision is a mistake that’s hurting consumers, but you can continue to use Google services with Windows devices via EAS with a service called NuevaSync. That uses Google’s low-level APIs to pull your data and has its own EAS server. In fact, Microsoft should do the same thing for its Windows Phone customers.

  10. Johndoe39de

    I really want to switch from Gmail to, but I can’t because I cannot add photos to my contacts. Why is this still not possible in hotmail/outlook? Add the ability to add photos to contacts and I’ll switch right now!

    • So it’s not just me! I Thought I was going insane.

  11. How about an easy switch from TO has been nothing but one frustration and disappointment after another. I want Hotmail back. It worked. It loaded more than nineteen measly emails per page. It didn’t waste space. I can’t find anything. Bring back Hotmail for those of us who still need it until we’re able to migrate everything.

    • StephenBB81

      If you liked Hotmail, you’re not going to like gmail more than outlook. I spent years trying to get my father onto gmail, he always hated it and stuck with hotmail, he’s not a fan of the outlook changes but still prefers them over gmail.

      as for only seeing 19 emails per page?? I see 27 emails currently in my inbox before scrolling and get 35 emails per page, ( wish it was 100, but haven’t found a setting yet)

      with gMails new policy I am actually at this site today looking for ways to move my PAID FOR email addresses to a paid for solution without the loss of archive searching

  12. gary.bagen

    I have an iPhone, I have gmail accounts, I have a Windows machine with Outlook. If Microsoft wants to stay walled garden and proprietary and won’t support the world standard in synch technology than I will not be buying another version of Outlook. I will find someone else’s software to buy.

    • I should have some kind of mental disorder or something. Learn first before you post.

      • Correcting: I = You.

        • gary.bagen

          You gotta be the world’s biggest internet troll. That has to be the most inappropriate statement to make during a time like this.

    • You have an iPhone and yet complain about "walled garden"? LOL. You’re living in the most rigidly controlled "walled garden" there is :). More importantly, this article addresses the issue of GOOGLE refusing to support EAS, not Microsoft.

  13. I too really want to switch from Gmail to, but I can’t because I cannot add photos to my contacts. Why oh Why is this still not possible in outlook???

    Also I have over 1600 contacts, all essential, but Outlook cannot import .csv files larger than 500kb, you couldn’t make it up.

    MS needs to add the ability to add photos to contacts & allow larger files to be imported 1 or 2 mb.

    I will switch but how will I manage, please MS help us.
    I purchased 4 WP 7.5 and have the latest Lumia 920, we need support.

    • Microsoft seems to be more interested in playing politics than actually giving users good products. It astounds me that in an Outlook 2010/Exchange 2010 environment I can’t use custom labels for my contacts.

  14. StephenBB81

    I pay for a Google apps account, for my domain email address.
    with this change I am waiting for Google to force the change on paid for users, they already decreased their usability in recent years with BlackBerry users. so I am actively looking to outlook or office365

    What I want is my address to be I don’t want some forwarding address that is A1 priority
    Second I want to have syncing with a BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows8 device possible, I don’t currently use Android and don’t see using one in the near future.
    Calendar sharing is ideal, public and private
    contact syncing across devices would be nice as well

    is my answer? or is office365?
    can either fill my needs?

    lastly I’d like a tool to export the 7GB or so of emails from my google apps account TO my outlook/office365 account. does that exist?

    • Office 365 would suit your needs just fine. It offers syncing to Windows 8, iOS and Mac OS X using Exchange ActiveSync (meaning it offers Direct Push syncing of your email, contacts, calendar and tasks.) It also offers syncing to BlackBerry devices using BIS (email only) or BES (email, contacts, calendar, tasks).

      Office 365 also offers an import tool that will import all the emails from your Google Apps account automatically. You will have to import your contacts and calendar entries manually though.

      I made the transition from Google Apps to Office 365 a year ago. It is relatively straightforward, and Office 365 does everything I need.

  15. Will this cause any issues with the forthcoming releases of System Center SP1 and Windows Intune? How is Windows Intune supporting management for Android? EAS?

  16. Anonymous

    Is there any problem with "Rename your email address" feature in last three-four days? When I tried to rename my existing account for the first time, I got following message:

    The email address associated with your Microsoft account can’t be changed‏.

    Please do reply if you are listening. I am not the only one.

  17. Dharmesh Mehta User">

    On the issue with "rename your email address" – that feature is currently unavailable. We’re aware of the problem and are working to get it fixed but we don’t have an ETA right now.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the reply.

    • Please please help.

      Also for the last few days, not been able to "connect to Google" for contacts.

      I too really want to switch from Gmail to, but I can’t because I cannot add photos to my contacts. Why oh Why is this still not possible in outlook???

      Also I have over 1600 contacts, all essential, but Outlook cannot import .csv files larger than 500kb, you couldn’t make it up.

      MS needs to add the ability to add photos to contacts & allow larger files to be imported 1 or 2 mb.

      I will switch but how will I manage, please MS help us.
      I purchased 4 WP 7.5 and have the latest Lumia 920, we need support.

  18. I need a way to import emails from other addresses and the ability to reply using those addresses, just like in Gmail. Give me that and I will be in.

    • I already do that using email and have done for a while. Go to settings and add accounts to "Your email accounts", there are settings to change the sent from address there also from those linked accounts. Otherwise go to "Reply-to" and add another email account as a reply to option there also.

  19. congratulations to me for not having gmail account outlook all the way

  20. Look, I’m a heavy user of Google’s services. They probably know more about my online comings and goings than I’d like.
    Switching mail to would be tempting, but for one snag: My desktop mail program doesn’t support your proprietary protocols.
    I really like the way looks, and it does seem to do everything else I need. But without IMAP, it’s just a non-starter.

    • What desktop mail program do you use that doesn’t support Exchange activesync? Just curious.

      • Probably all non-Microsoft desktop mail clients? E.g. Thunderbird

  21. I think it’s now time to start a civilized dialog with Google. MS is actually not in the position to ignore Google any longer. Please change your mind. The time works against MS!

    • StephenBB81

      This isn’t a case of MS ignoring Google
      This is a Case of Google saying screw you to users who don’t use Android, or iOS.
      if you want Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry, or you want a desktop email client you must use Googles software no 3rd party softwares

  22. So I have to choose now between using Gmail/Google calendar or using Windows Phone?

    As long as the web-interface of is so unresponsive and you don’t offer IMAP that’s just not an option and also no what you call "upgrade".

    You may not believe it, but I don’t switch email addresses or other web services every other year, just because some smarty pants at Google or MS came up with a new idea how to fight each other on the back of you costumers.

    • Please define "unresponsive" ? :). I’m a heavy, daily user of across multiple accounts and devices, and it’s always fast, fluid, and easy for me. I’m curious as to the issues you have 🙂

      • Well, on my Win7 laptop (2 years old) using the web-interface is often too slow.
        Clicking on an email, waiting for 3-5sec, clicking again – oh here it is. On first click often Firefox is unresponsive for a couple of seconds. This is no great user experience.

  23. The only reason we are using GMAIL accounts is to sync contact photos between Outlook and the Windows Phones of my family via GO Contact Sync Mod.

    Please enable to sync contact photos between WP, Outlook, etc. and we will drop the GMAIL accounts.

  24. Saravana Karthikeyan

    Seriously !! What is Exchange Activesync, a proprietary way of exchanging data. Now compare that with open standards such as CalDav and IMAP, through which standardized data exchanges can happen and anyone can adopt them without licensing fees to Microsoft. It makes perfect sense for Google to remove support for these non standard stuff. Best of luck with your summer cleaning

  25. SureshSundaramOutlook

    hotmail – the free email service called outlook / windowslive / live / hotmail … whatever – DOES NOT DO EAS as efficiently as iOS or Google. In this link: i am yet to hear from microsoft about why HTML mails are stripped to plain text when using EAS on hotmail in symbian devices. i tried office365’s EAS, the HTML pages are rendered correctly. ALL OTHER EAS providers – google, zoho, gazeta etc – do EAS far more efficiently, including HTML email rendering, than hotmail itself. shame on microsoft.

  26. SureshSundaramOutlook

    this is the link:

  27. SureshSundaramOutlook

    great! links have been disabled. it’s there in

  28. SureshSundaramOutlook

    inability to read hotmail / outlook / live / emails in HTML also present in windows mobile 6.1. ok, you will say windows mobile 6.1 is stoneage, but it is FAR better than the lumia 800 i have. shame.

  29. SureshSundaramOutlook

    outlook / live / hotmail – whatever, another problem: CANNOT disable external links and pictures in HTML when reading in web or in windowslivemail email desktop client. the links just keep loading, pictures just keep appearing, despite the setting to not to. googlemail and yahoomail you can disable external pictures display permanently and enable on a per-message basis. shame.

  30. Chris Dunphy

    If I pay for the upgraded, can I get exchange sync with OSX? I’d do that. I’d migrate from Gmail tomorrow. Having no ads on the web client would be gravy! You should create a consumer bundle. Ad free mail with exchange sync and 100GB of SkyDrive for $60. Advertise it like crazy. I’d bite. I’m paying $99 to Dropbox now for 100GB and I don’t get any email with it.

    • Chris,

      You don’t need to pay for anything to get Exchange sync with Simply add your account as if it were MS exchange, ignore the domain name, and in the place of server name simply put "". This will also work if you use Microsoft’s free Live Domains service to host your own private email domain on Microsoft’s servers. You’ll have ads in the right hand column of the interface, but they’re minor, don’t mine your data like Google does, and if you live primarily in client software on your phone and PC, you’ll never see them anyway.

      As for your cloud storage, you can get 100GB of SkyDrive storage (technically 107GB, since the first 7GB is free, or 125GB, if you got in before the switch) for only $50 per year. For that price your data will sync to all PC’s you have the client software installed on, be web accessible AND remotely accessible, shareable and editable on your Windows Phone 8 device.

      Looks like you’ll save hassle AND money by telling Google and Dropbox to take a hike 🙂

      • Chris Dunphy

        I tried adding my account to OSX Mountain Lion using their exchange support. It is unable to contact the server. It doesn’t work.

  31. Or, Outlook 2013 could properly support IMAP accounts with Gmail (like 2010 *almost* does but still does much better). It won’t get you push, but at least it would *work.* Switching e-mail providers is hardly an ideal solution for most people.

  32. frank_furter

    Upgrade from Gmail to Sure, get IMAP support. I had to check twice to make sure I read correctly – does NOT support IMAP.(!)


  33. With latest Google decision to drop free EAS support for WP8, Android phone owners willing to try WP8 will just return unpacked boxes back to Amazon, so should be very competitive now.

    Fortunately, is really good, considering that Windows 8 Mail, Outlook 2013, Android and Windows Phone 7+ can connect it with Direct Push and Calendar and Tasks sync.

    But there is 1 (ONE) showstopper blocker P0 feature which is missing.

    P0 Custom SMTP support like in Gmail – can be a part of Hotmail Plus (one for $20/year).

    Anyway, fix the problem with autogenerated email names when sending "on behalf of" for non-hotmail Microsoft Passport accounts.

    Also implement SMS Sync (already supported by Android Phones), it’s very convenient but I don’t like to store personal SMS messages in the corporate Exchange. Actually this might be a very attractive feature for Android/Gmail users if advertised well (for instance, instead of silly W8 ads), but I guess WP8 should support it first 🙁

  34. wcdolphin

    1. We need an ETA on calendar updates. Without this, is not a full solution, this needs to be remedied ASAP. This is also a great opportunity for Microsoft to excel, providing great cross compatibility with Gmail, Exchange, etc, (something Gmail is horrible at).
    2. Logging in for comments on this site needs work. Enable a reasonable single sign on scenario for Microsoft accounts (why would I create another account on That is silly). And similarly for Twitter/Facebook,etc. While these things do not seem important, these sorts of scenarios are what Microsoft (and especially Office, with the deep integration with Microsoft Account via Skydrive) need to really nail.

  35. All right. I would like to move completely my mail account from Gmail to Outlook. Unfortunately my Microsoft account is attached to my gmail. So is there any way to change my Microsoft account, preserving all my settings, from gmail to outlook?

  36. Alright… Listen. You guys are great, but this chest thumping between you and Google has to stop. THIS particular movement actually effects me. I now have to reconsider my device purchase when my contract renews in late February because of this nonsense.

    I don’t care whose fault it is, I dont care who isn’t friends with who, I don’t care…. You guys need to work this stuff out. Exchange money or patents or whatever the heck it is that big companies do, so that I can get my Youtube/GMail/GDrive/GMaps on Windows phones.

    This is getting ridiculous. Those services are standards and used by millions, please, both Google and MS, get over yourselves and get these apps on WP8.

  37. Mohit_Soni

    Very misleading article. IMAP does not support calendering and contacts but GOOGLE and APPLE do support IMAP+CardDAV+CalDAV.

    What I don’t understand is:
    1. I pay $200 to buy Office 2013
    2. Then I create a account
    3. Forward my email from GMAIL to
    4. Buy a Windows Phone for another $400

    All for a "great mobile email experience".

    I am sorry I am already having a great mobile email exprerience with Gmail, iPad and Samsung Galaxy S2. All my emails, contacts and calendars are synced for free!

    Grow up M$. You are no longer a dominant bully and you should start supporting standards or you will be stuck with your 2% marketshare of a "great mobile email experience"

    That said, I would love to have Office for Android/iOS!

    • Gregory Sheppard

      This article doesn’t state that you have to buy Office, because Office has nothing to do with the equation. is a free email provider (like Gmail), and all they’re doing is giving instructions to exisiting Windows Phone users on how to fully migrate to Gmail. As for you claim of being able to sync your contacts and calendars for free, Google is the one charging to be able to do that on Windows Phones, not Microsoft. That free pricetag is only extended to Apple and Android users. With that said, Microsoft does need to support CardDAV and CalDAV on their phones but until that happens they are making the effor to bridge the gap.

      However, congratulations on failing to read the article.

  38. SureshSundaramOutlook

    mr. dharmesh mehta:
    1. just when are we going to be able to use as our exchange server in our mobile devices?
    2. just when are we going to be able to use our email with Outlook 2010 desktop programme using EAS instead of this abominable outlook connector?

    just when, please?!

  39. SureshSundaramOutlook

    the MOMENT i get the following, i will move completely to microsoft:

    1. HTML readability function in EAS in symbian devices

    2. Folders sync function in EAS in symbian devices (sent folders are not sync-ed immediately upon sending an email from device)

    3. Outlook 2010 uses EAS instead of abominable outlook connector.

    as a customer of office 2010 desktop editions, windows vista, windows 7, windows xp, office 2007 (ALL PAID, NOT PIRATED) i make the following promises:

    1. i will purchase a windows phone when it comes with a qwerty keyboard
    2. i will move all my business apps to
    3. i will buy a windows 8 machine
    4. i will convert my team to

    now it is all in your hands. i really want to move to microsoft, but alas, microsoft is not helping me.

  40. ritesh-nair

    There is a reason I was happy to get my blackberry 9790 back from the service center and I was enchanted all over again by it. Email? Multimedia? connectivity? except games everything else.. out of the box. Works.. plain perfect.. absolute.

  41. But whenever I (and a GREAT many others, see the MS Community support forums) try to use Exchange Active Sync with my Hotmail account on Outlook 2013 it constantly causes an error to pop up saying:

    "There are too many devices syncing with this account" Error Code 0x80004005 I Can’t access account through email client.
    The error experienced is as follows:
    "There are too many devices syncing with this account"
    File: outlookpstprxstoreasutilsairsyncstatuscodes.h
    Line: 88
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    FolderStatus: 177
    To re-try press F9…
    Error Code: 0x80004005"

    The error pop up renders Outlook 2013 useless because once can not even use it because the pop up blocks the ability to interact with the software. I can’t even get to my Exchange Server email and calendar which are also synced to Outlook because of this!

    The MS people in the support forum keep suggesting to use POP3 which doesn’t even syn contacts or calendar!

    Exchange Active Sync and Outlook 2013 are not ready for prime time!

  42. This blog post is very true that EAS is a much better protocol than anything else available today – and google suggesting to go back to IMAP is clearly a strategic/political decision, technically it’s a joke.

    However some people rightly complained that is not a finished product and the tone used in this post suggesting otherwise will tend to alienate user more than anything else.

    I’m using office 2010 on PC, and outlook – and have an iPad / nexus phone and one iPhone in my household. I was ready to switch all to but contact management (can’t sync pictures / custom field mappings), and custom domain support in is clearly under expectations – and a deal breaker for me – google still is a more rounded product on quite a few areas.

    Office 365 is an amazing offering, but for some reason Microsoft decided not to market it for end user, and not providing a price plan acceptable for families – I still would like to understand why.

    So I’d really like Dharmesh to comment on the missing features raised by people in comments of this post, whether Microsoft is working on them and plan to fix them. A sort of road-map would be very nice and show users are listened to.


    • Dharmesh Mehta User">

      We’re definitely reading the comments here and listening to customers in numerous places as well.

      There are of course more features to come but we don’t have anything specific to announce today. We do plan to use this blog to share more when we are ready to.

      Thank you for the feedback and keep the comments coming

  43. Jean-Philippe hit the nail on the head. With EAS, I want to sync the finer details of email, contacts, calendars… like contact pictures, custom fields, etc. If I can fire up and there update everything about my contacts… and have that smoothly push out and sync to my iDevice.. I definitely want similar treatment from and its EAS. I’m confident you guys are on the right path with these services and look forward to more updates!

  44. I’m sorry I even tried to migrate to from gmail. Apparently,’s "virtually unlimited" space is marketing speak for 5GB. This happens to be less than the 8GB of mail I had stored on my gmail account and is half the size of gmails 10.1GB limit (does that make google’s offering "Double Virtually Unlimited"?).

    After burning many GBs of broadband allowance downloading and reuploading emails via IMAP, I end up filling my virtually unlimited and then the emails start bouncing… what a disaster. Rather than have to delete emails, I’m now going back to Gmail.

  45. is promising, but it must definitely be usable in connection with Outlook 2011 for Mac. EAS is the only real solution, but even IMAP might do as a temporary workaround. Neither is supported today – and no, POP3 is definitely no solution, since most users want to access their mails from several devices nowadays.

  46. Thanks, but until you improve the Contacts management switching from Gmail to is simply not feasible.

    You miss basic features such as bulk operations, proper search (e.g. "get all the contacts with a phone number"). Importing contacts simply does a mess, they get mixed with already existing contacts.

    When these basic thigns gets addressed, then I agree provides a valid alternative. I hope to see it enhanced soon since I am willing to experience full Microsoft products, with windows 8, windows phone and

  47. I’m sorry, I have been using for about 2 months, yet i’m not confinced I should continue using it
    – I find it very dissappointing not being able to migrate my e-mail messages from ms outlook2007: there is no tool to do so ( however: there are tools to migrate from Live Mail, Outlook Express !!)
    – There is almost no support available: questions entered in a Microsoft Community have a responsetime of 50days; I cannot find a proper ‘help’facility on the internet.
    – Googling for help is virtually impossible: outlook might well be Outlook 2003, outlook 2007, outlook 2010, Outlook Express, etc
    – Screen-layout using differs very much from the screenlayout when using the W8-app: using the app I seem to be not able tot find and change all the settings that are presented when browsing to (again: finding help on the problem is difficult !)

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