Outlook Weather Bar: Is it raining cats and dogs?

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If you’re running Outlook Customer Preview, you may have noticed the Outlook Weather Bar that sits on the top of your calendar.

We’ve heard from you that it’s helpful to see the weather daily as you plan your day, so we’ve added it to the calendar. Below are some of the ways you can use the Weather Bar.

Weather Peek

Having lived in Boston previously, I know that sunny skies outside the window can be misleading at times. To help you with more than just the high and low temperature of the day, when you hover over the different days in the weather bar, you’ll get a weather peek. There, you can see more details, such as the wind speed. So even though it’s warm outside in Boston right now, I may bring a cardigan for the gusty 17mph wind.  


Add Location

We also know that some of you travel between multiple locations for your job or travel for the holidays. With the Outlook Weather Bar, you can add up to five locations.

After you’ve clicked the dropdown arrow, click Add Location and search for your location to add it to the list. My grandparents live in Taipei, and I often chat with them, so I’ve added Taipei here as one of the locations on the Weather Bar. 


You can then quickly switch between different locations and see their weather. 


Try out the Weather Bar and let me know what you think in the comments below!


–Jenny Liu, Outlook Program Manager


  1. It would be great if I could customize this to show the temperature in Celsius.

    • You can change the units from Fahrenheit to Celsius by going to:
      File-> Options-> Calendar and then scroll to the bottom.

  2. Nice touch to Outlook. I love that I can add up to five cities I visit often enough. I love that I can quickly toggle between them to get an idea what the weather is like. Nice touch Outlook TEAM!! Sweeeeet!!

  3. When is the Calendar on going to be updated? The UI/UX is completely awful compared to the rest of the services provided.

    You want people to switch from Google? Then be consistant and have everything using the new Modern/Metro UI. Google has done a great job transforming all of their services to match their new design language across their websites, why can’t Microsoft?

  4. Stargazer

    The weather shown at the bar is more or less a rough guess and does not apply to here. useless for me.

  5. HipposRule

    I live in the UK and the forecast temperatures are so way out it’s unreal.

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