Over 25 million active users, and today we’re making it even easier for Gmail users to switch

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The best reason yet to ditch Gmail” – Farhad Manjoo,

Since the new launched in July, the positive feedback has been overwhelming. was recently named one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2012”, won PC Magazine’s Best Software and Internet Web App awards and has received a number of other accolades around the world.  To date, over 25 million of you are already actively using the new graph












We found that about a third of users are active Gmail users trying for the first time.  We wanted to learn more, so we hired a research firm to recruit hundreds of Gmail users – people that use Gmail as their primary email service – and asked them to try  We asked the Gmail users to sign-up for addresses, forward email from Gmail to, and try’s best features.  The Gmail users loved it.  Specifically, they shared the following opinions with us:

  • They prefer’s clean user design
  • does a better job of blocking spam and it outperforms Gmail when it comes to helping manage unwanted messages like newsletters and daily deals
  • makes it easier to share photos and Office documents

The best part was, after spending just five days with it, 4 out of 5 of these Gmail users said they would switch to

As millions of people have made the switch to, they’ve told us about the features that made the transition easier:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: customers can choose to set up keyboard shortcuts in to mirror the shortcuts in the Outlook desktop app, Gmail and others.
  • Quick access to search operators: quickly find mail by clicking “/” and then using “To:”, “Subj:”, etc.
  • Tab/Send: rapidly send messages by clicking the “tab” key from the compose window to automatically shifts focus to the “Send” button
  • Conversation threading: you can also optionally turn on conversation threading (i.e. the ability to see all responses in a conversation via just one view).

But it’s still early days.  We continue to listen to feedback on what enthusiasts want next – including making the switch from Gmail even easier – and build those features.  So over the next few weeks, users will start to see these new features in their inboxes:

  • One-click Archive: from the inbox, select messages and click the Archive button to move the selected messages to the Archive folder (or any other folder of your choice). It’s a fast and simple way to move messages out of your inbox to find later. one-click archive






  • More and more keyboard shortcuts: has dozens of keyboard shortcuts and we’re adding even more. And better yet, we don’t need to list them all in this post because you can now find all available keyboard shortcuts by simply typing a question mark when you’re in your inbox. keyboard shortcuts














  • More customization of your inbox: we added several new ways to make your inbox look and work the way you want.

   We added more color themes: customization



We added the ability to toggle between “Reply” and “Reply All” as the default option.  We also heard that, after deleting a message, some people want to return to their inbox and others want to see the next     message. Now you can set that default option, too.  Both options are available via the Options page

  • Outlook app for Android: Many of us use as much on our phones as we do on a PC. For devices like Windows Phone and iPhone that support Exchange ActiveSync, you have built-in support for – no download necessary. Android devices aren’t consistent in their native support for Exchange ActiveSync, so starting today you can install an for Android on your mobile phone. The new app is free and works on all Android 2.x devices and higher. Android display














If you’re one of the tens of millions of people that have made the switch to, we thank you.  We’re committed to making the best email service and we appreciate the feedback you continue to provide. 

If you are a Gmail user and are still on the fence, take a look at our new features and give a try with just a few simple steps. 

Thanks again for using Outlook and, as always, keep the feedback coming.

David Law–Director, Product Management,

  1. davidacoder

    That is all nice, but really mostly useless until we can send email in this setup that doesn’t have the dreaded "sent on behalf"…

  2. Is there a reason why Hotmail and are now two separate apps for Android? Is the service really that different? Can I download and use a Hotmail address with it?

  3. Chuck Halverson

    I really hope that permanent inbox arrangement options are included. I have to arrange my inbox by date (Newest email on bottom) every time I visit.

  4. Really? When you have apps like SkyDrive and Skype with nice Android 4.x (Holo) style look you release an app with awful, crappy and old Gingerbread UI? Come on …

  5. gohan16ken

    Microsoft is confusing me. What is the difference between the Hotmail and Outlook App on Android? Even in Windows 8 Mail app, I see Outlook and Hotmail. I have an account. Which should I pick?

  6. 1. The app is ugly and brings nothing new.

    2. Outlook sends a lot of Spam to my inbox, and as an everyday Outlook user, I’m not happy about that.

  7. David Law User">

    Thanks for the comments – appreciated.

    @Chuck and @Benjamin — you can definitely use your with the App for Android (and vice versa). We released the app for Android to be sure users could find/use the right app without any confusion. Thanks!

    • Chuck Halverson

      Thanks for the reply David…are permanent inbox arrangements being considered? I have to add that + the 20.00/year ad free experience + 25 gigs of skydrive has been nothing but a win-win.

  8. David Law User">

    @gohan16ken – see previous comment — you can use either, but if you are installing an Android app for your address for the first time, you should get the latest by using the app. Thanks!


    Until the "on behalf of" problem is resolved, this is not really exciting. Why oh why does it take so much to resolve something that NO other email solutiuon is plagued with?

    Signed- Outllok user since inception, but looking around.

  10. monkey29992

    When will IMAP support come to I want to switch from Yahoo! mail to but it seems like there’s no progress on IMAP whatsoever.

  11. David Law User">

    Nothing new to talk about regarding IMAP, but we definitely hear (and understand) the feedback. Thanks, Dinh.

  12. TravisTubbs

    When I read Microsoft released an Android app for, my first thought was "OH BOY!!!" After seeing what Microsoft could do with the SkyDrive app, I was really excited to see what they would do with an app!

    Turns out changing the signs on the door is enough to qualify as "new" to the team behind the app. Very disappointed to see that the app is nothing more than a rebranded Hotmail app.

    Do the teams at Microsoft talk to each other? Seriously. app team. Go talk to the SkyDrive app team. Go talk to the Skype app team. Learn from them. Disappointed. Very disappointed.

    And like others, this "on behalf of" thing needs to go if you’re going to allow people to use their own email address/domain with At least give us custom SMTP support to resolve this issue.

    Microsoft has done a great job is getting me to drop Google Drive for SkyDrive. still has a lot of hurdles though.

  13. Manny Fleurmond

    Sorry but the Android app is antiquated and somewhat shameful too look at. It looks like it was designed 2 years ago.

  14. Duncan Muir

    I really like and prefer its design to Gmail… However, if you are going to compare the two, you must realize that the Android app is far less impressive than the Gmail app. The interface and design make it rather unpleasant to use.

    The user experience of the app doesn’t even come close to the website. It feels like it was released just for the sake of releasing an app. I hope to see it improved to match the fantastic user experience offered by the website. I almost feel that the app should be pulled until it is refined and polished as once someone uninstalls it, they aren’t too likely to download it again to find out that the app (hopefully) has improved in the future.

  15. So, where is it on the timeline (if ever) to fix the problem where users can’t login to if their email address associated with the Microsoft account is hosted in Office 365?

    For example: my Microsoft account address is, this user was previously using and had an on-premise Exchange mailbox. Everything is working fine. Had the option to upgrade my Hotmail account to Still, everything’s working great. My company decided to move to Office 365. Now, when I try to login to with, I get the error message: This account can’t be used to access You’re currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can’t be used with I can’t get to what was previously known as my hotmail account. I can see if I login to, that I have 2 messages there, but they’re impossible to get. I’m not alone in this, there’s about 9 different threads in Office 365 forums about this alone.

  16. Overstreet

    I’m new to my firm and was shocked they are using Lotus Notes for email/calendar etc. Would love a simple sync method to so I can access my data on my Windows Phone. It’s a stretch, I know, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Other than that, is rocking! Keep up the great work!

  17. SteveMetro

    Feature requests:

    1) search address book (People) – all fields, including notes

    2) overhaul the calendar interface please.


  18. David Law User">

    Great feature suggestions – please keep them coming.

    @Jose – have you tried POP’ing your messages from your Gmail account to your Outlook account? This is a good way to move mail over from Gmail or other services into Let me know how it goes.

    @aldousr – as we’ve said in the past, we’d love Hotmail users to optionally upgrade to Hotmail users can of course keep their same username/password and all email, rules, calendar, contacts, etc. stay the same (no need to get an address if you’re happy with your address). But Hotmail users can take advantage of the great new UI and features.

  19. RobSnieder1964

    David, can someone come out and state whether the SMTP/"on behalf of" issue is being actively worked on or not and if it is Microsoft’s intent to resolve this.

    I have no numbers, but there is a measurable percentage of people that won’t move to until/unless this is resolved. It may very well be that Msoft doesn’t care about the issue and/or doesn’t mind missing the audience that wants this functionality. This might not be functionality they want to provide with the product. It would be nice to know so that people can stop wondering and move on.

  20. David Law User">

    @Rob – I can’t comment on future development or plans, but please know we’ve heard that feedback on SMTP send. We’ve heard loud and clear that people want to set up their account so it doesn’t have the “on behalf of” in the from header. Thanks for reading and helping with feedback.

  21. I hope you guys are paying attention to the Google Play reviews/feedback about the Android app, which currently has a measly 2.0 avg rating. SEVEN’s choice to simply re-brand the same old hotmail app is giving you a black eye with what are potentially a large pool of the most-likely-to-switch customers; Android users who show interest in using/already use other MS products like

  22. sathishkumar

    Email search/filter need to be improved.It works fine on gmail, other than that everything is best.


  23. My question is since Microsoft seems to be rationalising services such as getting rid of Communicator in favour of Skype will you be getting rid of Hotmail in favour of

  24. wi937c-amr is by far one of the best mail clients with one major and important exception; the dreadful and perhaps most hated feature: ‘on behalf of’ tagging of messages sent from alternate email addresses.

    Oh product managers, how I long for the day when I can manage all my email accounts from and no longer have to switch back and forward between other email products and Microsoft, but perhaps I should face reality and abandon all hope as that day will never come and I must take the virtual walk of shame back to the products from which I came and beg for forgiveness…

  25. The option to toggle between "Reply" and "Reply All" as the default option is convenient, but please add a toggle to switch between reply/reply all/forward *after* having started to reply.

    My top 10 recommendations:

    1 – Enable dragging and dropping attachments in and out of a message (when composing and reading mail) as in SkyDrive
    2 – Rules/Sweep:
    – Add Mark as read to the Select the action the rule applies list and/or to the Sweep menu
    – Enable multiple actions per rule instead of only one (for example: Move to x, Flag and Mark as read)
    3 – Ability to send password protected Office files (and other file types). Now it is impossible (There was a problem adding this file to the message is shown)
    4 – Enable the option to send mail for aggregated email accounts via that account’s smtp server instead of, because now email sent as if from another account will bear a "From on behalf of" header and makes some spam filters skittish.
    5 – Add the option to be able to choose default account which will be used when replying to a message (e.g. reply from the same address the message was sent to)
    6 – Ability to insert picture(s) in an email body
    7 – As has pdf viewing capability, pdf should be viewable from within as well (like pictures Active View)
    8 – Ability to flag messages when using mobile devices
    9 – Add ability to send (save) attachments directly from (to) SkyDrive
    10 – My preferred language is English (US), but I would like to change date and time formats

  26. When will you add the basic feature of letting me stay signed out of messenger when visiting, I don’t want messenger in my browser and shouldn’t have to keep switching to invisible mode.

  27. OnePostWonder

    As others have said:

    Sort out sending mail through another SMTP server to get rid of the "on behalf of" and you’ll win many MANY more users.

  28. Gavin Ding

    I like the new

  29. iedwardsiii

    When is the Calendar going to be updated to match the rest of the online suite?

  30. Two problems for me to move from Gmail to Outlook: 1) Moving years of archived mail from Gmail to Outlook, something that I need to keep indefinetly, 2) Automatic archive after delete function, like Gmail does, which is invaluable. No need to manually archive messages.

  31. 1.colors labales for managementing of emails … like gmail … haven’t it .
    2. filter several email …like gmail … haven’t it.
    3.diferent themes ….like gmail … haven’t it.
    4.background in compose for sent any email … gmail & haven’t it. in
    6. i can’t add yahoo id messenger in & skype for chat: is not connect between yahoo microsoft
    7.outlook reader like google reader … outlook haven’t it … i like it & i use it very much
    8.outlook bookmark like google bookmark

    • 1.colorful lables for emails management

  32. Hi,
    My hasn’t been update. I am not see the new theme color options and the archive feature. I am old Hotmail user upgraded to Please help.

  33. David Law User">

    @waqashsn – we’re rolling out server-by-server in the coming days — so you might not have the new features yet, but you will soon. Thanks!

  34. rcandelori is a substantial improvement to Hotmail. However, as others have said, there are some very important features that I need before I could consider a full-time switch from Gmail:

    1. SMTP send (or equivalent). Microsoft has made noises that they’ve heard loud and clear about this but we’re still waiting for some meaningful action. I don’t want my recipients seeing strange ‘sent on behalf of’ messages, particularly if I am sending email from my business/work address.

    2. Custom signatures according to the send-as address. E.g. if I want to send email from my address, it should use my signature. If I send email with my work address, it should use my work signature.

    3. More options for reply-to, e.g. the default option should be to reply-to using the address the email from where the email was received. E.g. if I receive email from my work address, when I click reply, the default reply-to should be my work address.

    All of the above features I have listed are standard in Gmail. I can manage all my email from one interface without having to go to other sites and so forth. That’s the same experience I want in – at the moment, it’s still not quite there. Certainly, without the above features, I’d still need to login to Gmail on a regular basis, which means using would be superfluous and a waste of time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like what I see, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done by the team. The test will be to see whether they can allay concerns that Microsoft isn’t great at detailed fit & finish. I’m pretty sure you can, don’t let us down!

  35. tjgarland

    I’m in Australia and there is no ARCHIVE option on the top menu.


    Will have better support / integration with Apple Mac environments? Over the years there have been Hotmail synch connectors built for Outlook – Windows version, but nothing for the Mac counterparts (i.e. Outlook for Mac).

  37. Ezequielvera

    I’ve been a Gmail user since 2004, jumping from time to time to Hotmail (and generally returning in few days to Gmail…). Now, the new functionalities and look of Outlook almost made me to completely change to this webmail. However, I have to say that I was waiting for a Outlook app for Android, to make the definitive change. The app came, and the first thing that I though was "are you kidding me?". This is the same old and ugly Hotmail app made by seven, which has nothing to do with the "spirit" of Metro-Outlook (as it also had nothing to do with the Hotmail look). I was hoping to have a nice Metro Styled app, simple as the webmail, and functional. Taking into account that Outlook was released some 4 months ago, I believe that delaying the app for that time, to only changing the icon and background color, sounds like andoid users are not important for Microsoft/Outlook team… sad. Hope you develop a new app, but "develop" a new one, not "slightly customize" a previously released one.

    • I’m with Ezequiel on this one. The Android app needs to be updated before I can switch over to Outlook entirely. MS was able to develop a pretty awesome app for SkyDrive on Android, so why not Outlook?

  38. simonenever

    I am desperate to jump back from Gmail to Outlook with the new interface (and owning a Lumia 920 and soon to be surface) but i use three custom domains on google apps and therefore it seems difficult. what I want…

    – ONe microsoft account sign in and inbox
    – all three of my custom domain emails coming into that one inbox
    – the ability to flag each email in a color depending on which address it was sent to (a very very simple way of managing multiple inboxes in one.

    are the first two possible? i have read through all of the "switch from gmail" and no work around seems to suite my exact need.

    and any thoughts on implementing a color coded system (like the automatic label feature in gmail) so that i can color code incoming emails depending on which acocnt they were sent to?


  39. I love the new style of, but when could we get this for the calendar? It looks weird in comparison to the beautiful metro UI of email, contacts and skydrive.

  40. saibharadwaj

    I have switched couple of weeks ago & I’m quite happy with the new! It’s already a replacement for my Gmail 🙂

  41. pastalpesto

    Today I was logged in in my Hotmail inbox and suddenly, without doing ANYTHING, I found myself with the new Outlook service installed instead of the usual Hotmail!!! And it does not work at all, I cannot open nor send emails, I am completely stuck! I click on Go back to Hotmail and nothing happens, it is just stuck! Can anyone help?? I want my Hotmail back!! Than I managed to read my emails through my i-phone and a welcoming email from Microsoft thanks me for choosing to upgrade my account into Outlook!!! Unbelievable!! I have not done or agreed on ANYTHING, I was just creating a new contact and suddenly all turned to Outlook and it’s not working, I cannot doing anything with my emails! This is simply outrageous!! It’s like chanking the lock of my front door without informing me! How could that be possible????

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