The new Excel Web App, now live for everyone on SkyDrive

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web excel logoGood morning, I’m happy to announce that over the weekend, we rolled out the new version of the Office Web Apps (read more about the rollout on the Office Web Apps Blog) including most of the new functionality I talked about in my What’s new in Excel Web App post to all of our users in SkyDrive, Hotmail, and (plus a bunch of other sites that use the Web Apps to show Office documents). As always, stay tuned here for the latest and greatest with the Excel Web App.

Finally – a huge shout out to all the customers who used the Excel Web App Preview and sent us feedback – we looked at all of it, and made several changes and bug fixes based on it (and more are coming!) Thanks!

  1. Gavin Ding

    I have a point.

  2. AlejoPiguin

    Excel Web App does not work.
    You can edit and thus save information from Excel Web App.
    There are some immediate solution available?

  3. AlejoPiguin

    Error: Ya no está conectado al servidor. Se produjeron problemas de comunicación o del servidor, por lo que ya no está conectado. Puede que se hayan perdido algunos cambios recientes. Actualice la Página.

    Por favor solucionen éste grave error, ya que no permite editar en la nube desde Excel Web APP

  4. sweetbiceps

    I am very excited for the "survey" feature to be functional. Do you have a timetable on when that will be?

  5. When will the ‘new survey’ feature be operational? I can see it but it is just greyed out …

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