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New Office Web Apps, now live on SkyDrive

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The new Office Web Apps are now live! 

Thanks to all 750,000 of you who have helped put the Office Web Apps Preview through its paces since it went live in July. This scale of use and thousands of pieces of feedback prior to general availability has helped us tweak and improve the quality of the latest Office Web Apps update. In addition to addressing the top customer requests and issues, we’ve also fine-tuned Office Web Apps to work with the final version of IE10, Windows 8, and iOS 6. 

And today, the latest and greatest Office Web Apps experience has been rolled out across SkyDrive and

Since first available in 2010, Office Web Apps have ensured that the most common Office tools are always within reach. With just a browser, you can access your documents and communicate and work with anyone, from anywhere. And in this release we’ve focused on adding editing and formatting controls, consistent co-authoring/collaboration support across the web apps and expanded device support, including touch-friendly editing from tablets. Across the apps, there’s also a clean new look and feel, informed by the design language you’re seeing from across Microsoft. 

In Word Web App, you’ll see graphics, images, and layout with high fidelity, including new support for viewing and adding comments. Format and design documents right from a browser with commonly used features from Word on the desktop, including new page layout tools, picture tools and word count. 


Word Web App


With Excel Web App you get essential spreadsheet features, such as merge cells, context menus, auto-fit columns, formula assistance, fill handle and AutoSum. Visualize your data with high fidelity charts, including 3D. And you can now print right from your browser and rename or add sheets as you need. 


Excel Web App 


When using PowerPoint Web App, presentations look like they do on the desktop, with high-resolution slides, full transitions, and viewable comments. Audio and video playback is now supported, even from a tablet or phone. The ability to insert images, apply transitions and animations, or add a pre-designed theme allow you to add polish to your presentation from the browser. And new co-authoring and comment support in PowerPoint Web App improves collaboration in the cloud.



With OneNote Web App updates, find what you need more easily with the ability to search on a page or within a section. And new support for ink viewing makes more information accessible from the web. Just click-to-type anywhere on the page to add a note, picture or a tag. And notes can now be shared as a URL, viewable on a phone, PC or tablet through a browser.


OneNote Web App


And those are just the highlights, there’s more. Read the blog from Mike Morton, Office Web Apps Principal Program Manager, for a behind the scenes look at the new Office Web Apps. 

Or see it for yourself now, sign in to today!

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I have been extremely impressed with Microsoft’s Office Web Apps available in the Skydrive. MS Office Web Apps are pure HTML5 apps and do not require any installed apps or plugins. They provide an easy way for ChromeOS users to open, create and edit MS Office documents in a web browser. However I think Microsoft needs to speed up the pace at which they release new features in their Web Apps. Traditional software deployment cycles of new releases once every quarter will not be successful in the Web marketplace. Microsoft needs to adopt the continuous deployment pattern for maximum agility to compete with the likes of Google Docs.


  2. These are wonderful! When will these be available to enterprises who want to host them themselves, ie integrated to Exchange or SharePoint?

  3. I like the new function very much. However, there is still a huge feature missing in PowerPoint: animated GIFs are not working. GIFs are still a powerfull tool to include short animations or videos, which work on every PC configuration. Please include it also in the web-apps.

    Besides that it would be nice to have the commentary function available also in Word edit-mode.

  4. ibrahimlibyan

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  5. Mantvydas

    Still waiting for a possibility in Excel Web to see live which cell my coauthor currently has selected and is speaking about…

  6. Rashid Khan

    I am extremely impressed with the Office Web Apps and I have been testing the functionality on an iPad. I found it works really well with Word and Powerpoint. The one issue I have is the Excel functionality – I use a bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. When using the Excel web app – it does not let me move from cell to cell (using arrow keys) or even edit cells. The funny thing is that this works perfectly on the other apps (i.e. Word and Powerpoint).
    Any suggestions?

  7. When will the ‘new survey’ function be operational in the excel webapp? It’s there but it is just greyed out when I try to use it …

  8. Virginia

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  11. Anonymous

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  12. Cherie Finn

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  13. Anonymous

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  14. It would be really nice to have the ability to insert comments or notes in the spreadsheet, document or presentation. Especially, if you allow people to do online collaboration on one single file.

  15. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the Excel Web App on the iPad via SkyDrive. But, one very important feature that is lacking from the web app is data validation – specifically drop-down lists that can be linked to other ranges. The Apple Numbers app also lacks this feature (though you can create hard-coded drop-down lists). Data validation drop-down lists linked to other ranges IS a feature available in Google Spreadsheets. I mention this only because I REALLY want to see this feature added to the Excel web app.

  16. pls advice how do i use ??

  17. How to avoid the Print dialog everytime I open the PDF document?

    Word Web App – Print to PDF

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