An Outlook calendar to help you stay on top of your life

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Have you tried out the Calendar in the Outlook Customer Preview yet?

We know many of you use the calendar to schedule meetings and appointments with each other. We also know another common usage is to help track small reminders. Let’s take a look at what’s available to help you with those small reminders.

Calendar Quick Entry

We’ve heard that most of you like to use Month View both to see your appointments for today and also to look ahead to get a sense of what’s coming up. Maybe you see that Paula’s bake sale is next week, and you want to bring your infamous banana bread, so you jot down a reminder to yourself to get some bananas for next week. If you’re in Month View, we’ve made it easy for you to add notes to remind yourself of things to do. Just click on a day and type away!



Calendar Item Peeks

And if you’ve forgotten when Paula’s bake sale ends, you can remind yourself with a glimpse of the Calendar Item Peek by hovering your mouse over the event.


Looking Ahead

In addition to helping you stay on top of things in your life, we’ve also added the following features to help you plan ahead.

In the left Folder Pane, we now show two months by default so that it’s easier to plan into the next month, especially when you’re at the end of the month.


If you’re like me and you work in Week View because you have a busy calendar, you may have noticed the horizontal blue bar that goes across your calendar view. The bar indicates the current time (e.g. 3:30pm), and helps you quickly identify future events that occur at that same time.


Try out these features, and let me know what you think in the comments below!


-Jenny Liu, Outlook Program Manager



  1. davidacoder

    How about finally pulling out birthdays into a seperate birthday calendar, like the hotmail calender has done for years?

  2. Toa Of Justice

    It would be nice if Calendar Quick Entry didn’t make the date number disappear when you activate it. Also, the feature doesn’t seem to work consistently–some clicks on days do not bring up Calendar Quick Entry at all. It’s a nice feature otherwise though.

  3. I love the blueline feature. It’s simple, but it’s really quite useful.

  4. I like the blueline feature

  5. pamelachatt

    I love the upgrade!!!!!!

  6. Soooo – How do I enable this? I don’t have access yet….

  7. One of the best parts about the calendar was seeing all of my upcoming appointments in the To-Do Bar when I’m looking at my Inbox. Why don’t I see those anymore? Why don’t I have the option to view those? Removing those has turned the To-Do bar into a useless, glaring white space.

    Speaking of white, I feel like I’m staring at a fluorescent light. Windows 8 has all these nice colors to choose from, why limit the theme choices to white, white, and off-white?

  8. Where is the skype integration with Outlook? I am dying to make a call from within Outlook without having to rely on Skylook!

  9. outlook uses same calnder as hotmail. where is the new calender.

  10. madboggar

    When will we see this update to calendar rolled out.

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