Office Reaches RTM!

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Today we reached an important milestone in the development of the new Office. 

Moments ago, the Office engineering team signed off on the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build. This milestone means the coding and testing phase of the project is complete and we are now focused on releasing the new Office via multiple distribution channels to our consumer and business customers.

This is the most ambitious release of Office we’ve ever done. It spans the full family of Office applications, servers and cloud services. The new Office has a fresh, touch friendly design that works beautifully on Windows 8 and unlocks modern scenarios in social, reading, note-taking, meetings and communications. We are proud to achieve this milestone and are eager to deliver this exciting release to our customers.

General availability is planned for the first quarter of 2013. Starting October 19, customers purchasing Office 2010 from local retailers or resellers will receive the new Office for free upon availability. Customers will also see a preview version of the new Office on Windows RT devices, beginning with the Windows 8 launch on October 26. 

Additionally, we have a number of programs that provide business customers with early access so they can begin testing, piloting and adopting Office within their organizations:

  • We will begin rolling out new capabilities to Office 365 Enterprise customers in our next service update, starting in November through general availability.
  • Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance will be able to download the Office 2013 applications as well as other Office products including SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013 through the Volume Licensing Service Center by mid-November. These products will be available on the Volume Licensing price list on December 1.
  • IT professionals and developers will be able to download the final version via their TechNet or MSDN subscriptions by mid-November.

Please stay tuned for more specifics on general availability dates and other Office launch news. In the meantime, if you’d like to give the pre-release version a try, you can visit

Thank you to the millions of people who have been testing early releases of the new Office. We are grateful for your support. Your invaluable feedback has helped us make the new Office the best Office ever.

Kirk Koenigsbauer
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Office Division

  1. Great! By "Starting October 19, customers purchasing Office 2010 from local retailers or resellers will receive the new Office for free upon availability.", you mean customers will receive a one-year free subscription to the service?

    • I don’t think so. I think that there is going to be a dual licensing model. Both a purchase in a box (or download) for a onetime fee, and a subscription service. Adobe is doing this now with Creative Suite / Creative cloud. This gives people the option to do what works for them.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Jan. Yes, if you purchase Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011, you are eligible to receive one year of Office 365 Home Premium for free – or the equivalent 2013 offering.

  2. ranjeetbassi

    Looking forward to use the final version of office 2013.

  3. Why not release now? I don’t understand the wait.

    Oh and this site won’t let me login with Facebook on metro IE10. Dumb.

    • Clint Patterson

      @adamUCF, we bring our technologies to market through a wide variety of channels for organizations, IT pros, developers, and consumers and as on-premises products as well as cloud services available in retail, online and from partners. We take time to make sure that the experience customers get through each of these channels is excellent.

  4. Will Office 2013 finally be avaiable to students with dreamspark premieum. It would be great if students finally had access to the #1 software suite for students for free.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Connor, apologies for the delay in answering. Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Lync client, SharePoint Server, Project and Visio are part of the DreamSpark program. The 2013 version of these applications/se­rvers will be available in the DreamSpark program at general availability.

      • So inother words, the most used piece of software by students will not be avaiable, instead, 5 other pieces of software will be avaiable in its place and students will still need to pay for word, power point and excel, i dont think i understand microsofts logic in this one.

  5. Can’t wait to show up in TechNet, this is why I am holding up on Windows 8 still.

  6. bostonmusicdave

    Congrats to the team on a huge undertaking. The work incorporating the Excel Data Model and Power View into the world favorite BI client is top notch. Presenter view in PowerPoint has been a great new feature to keep presentations going smooth and the new Cloud App Model and Content By Search functionality in SharePoint will bring more value without coding to our favorite collaboration platform. Can’t wait to see the polish you’ve put in since the Preview. Great work team!

  7. Nate Smith

    I hope to god the bright white theme was changed, otherwise my small office is not buying it !! I had the preview installed for about 2 weeks, had to go back to 2010 because my eyes hurt too much. can anyone comment on whether this option was added into the RTM?

  8. HotDiggityDogz

    Yes, we added a dark theme.

    • lawrencef14

      a dark tee like 2003 and above had? the all white is so hard to look at in preview…will it be available in preview?


    so is the preview version on the upcoming windows RT the current test version or a version of trial? you guys just confuse customers like this all the time. what the hell is the Brand Strategy department in microsoft doing all day there? the names of microsoft’s new products are aweful.

    • Clint Patterson, thanks for the feedback. 🙂 Windows RT devices will include a preview of Office Home & Student 2013 RT (say that three times fast). Customers will get the final release starting in November through January, depending on their language. We’ll have specifics regarding the language update schedule on this blog on October 26, but the main point is that you can use the new Office on your Windows RT tablet from day 1 and be sure that you’ll get the latest when it’s available in your language.

  10. So if I buy a Office 2010 Home & Student set on Oct-19, am I entitled to 3 permanent 2013 installations as well or…?


    • Clint Patterson

      @buggy, Office Home & Student 2013 is licensed for 1 device.

      • So if I buy 2010 H&S now (or after 19th for that matter) and use it on 3 PC, then I can either choose to upgrade to 365 H&P (1-year sub), or 2013 H&S licensing and ditch the install on 2 of them?

        That sounds like a major step back for me.


        P.S. Found this…

      • That is dumb. You pay for 3 devices you should get three devices, i know i personaly would prefer not to have something subscription based and instead be able to install office on my desktop and 2 laptops through regular media and not with a subscription

        • The original H&S was out because MS found out many people were just NOT going to pay several hundreds for Office which they use occasionally at home, or not living in the 1st world, and it worked, i presume.

          I’m afraid that these people are just going back to piracy if MS doesn’t change this practice. Yeah $99/yr sounds cheap *if* you got 4 or 5 PC and all of them NEED office, but how many of such people are out there?? I can imagine people would be more interested in having 2 or 3 PC at home and spend the $$$ on iPads instead, and MS is just sending these customers to the Appleland. sometimes i don’t know if MS is still trying to help Apple.

          and what’s the MS argument for $99 subscription? wow they also got outlook, access and publisher!!! Oh mine everyone is using webmail and what’s the last time you hear a home user using access and publisher???

          and don’t get me started on Surface, $499 what?! does ballmer honestly think it can compete with ipad at such prices? gimme a break….. i’m already looking forward to the clearance sales when these things are sold at $199 or $299.

          MS has always been out of touch with the market compared to Apple, but it has gone to way more so these days. what’re in the heads of the managers? they thought that they have the same aura as apple? if anything ms has a worse reputation. learn from google, why are they selling the nexus tablets at cost? they understand that at the same price, even if their products are superior, they do not have the aura apple has and have to undersell to grab some market share (which is absolutely important if you want to build up your appstore), and we’re talking about GOOGLE, who most people i know hold at a higher esteem than MS.

          but, IT won’t die if MS dies, and this is not the first, and neither the last an once monopoly collapses, so whatever MS likes.

        • as people found out you don’t really need a pc for many tasks, pc sales will stagnate and windows sales will slow down.

          office is the only cash cow and ms is trying to milk as much as it can, this may help them short-term but is it a good idea long-term?

          but ms also got xbox, which is an up and coming star, we’ll see how it does.

          windows phone will not be able to achieve the market share of ios or android, i’d say 10-20%.

          but, if you can’t innovate, litigate! ms got a big patent portfolio and if it’s dying, we’re going to see a long painful die.

          it’s a sad thing, there are a lot of bright minds at MS, it’s the top management keeps stumbling.

  11. XaMaLa User">

    Superbe Nouvelle !
    Si vous voulez des infos dans la langue de Molière, vous pouvez aussi suivre le Blog Officiel de l’équipe en France :

    En plus des actualités produits, nous vous proposons aussi des trucs et astuces et quelques animations rigolotes qui égayeront la période automne hiver.

  12. Excellente nouvelle, merci

  13. scallbeck

    Is there an available column in line-view that can show the Retention Tags applied to messages so that a user can sort and locate messages with different tags?

  14. Wohoo – And Exchange 2013 as well – that was quicker than expected! 🙂

    Thank you.

  15. Good job, exellent!

  16. AGNXNetworks

    Please have a dark theme! Lots of people think it’s too bright!

    • Clint Patterson

      @Nathan, @AGNXNetwork, yes, there is a darker theme thanks to feedback from testers like you. Thanks for your contributions to the new Office!

  17. Hello guys will office 2013 RTM be available on dreamspark premium?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Milorad G, in part, yes. We provide Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Lync client, SharePoint Server, Project and Visio ase part of th DreamSpark program. The 2013 version of these applications/servers will be available as part of DreamSpark program at general availability.

  18. Technotagplus

    Really its a very good for all the windows user, i was also using windows since from childhood. I love to use windows because its very dynamic and user friendly. I hope that the new Office 2013 will make new achievements since like the previous versions. Now i am hungry to use the New office 2013.

  19. JakesterPDX

    Does the 10/19 date for free upgrades apply to standalone Visio 2010 purchases as well? In other words, if I buy a box copy of Visio 2010 Standard on 10/19, will I be eligible for a free copy of Visio 2013 when it’s available?

    • Clint Patterson

      @jakeondemand, Sorry this took so long to research! Yes, standalone copies of Visio 2010 (Standard, Professional or Premium) are eligible for the offer – so you’ll be able to get the commensurate 2013 edition when it’s available. You can get more info – and sign up for a reminder – at

  20. Will you have the ability to colour diffrenetly the sub folders? I have more than 100 sub-folders in my inbox, and sorting all the emails to the correct subfolder is musch easier when you can colour the subfolder. Thanks.

    • Clint Patterson

      @Yaron, unfortunately, this feature is not present in the new release, but I appreciate the suggestion; it’s a good one.

  21. Danielx64

    Q: If I buy Office Pro Plus 2010 from my bookstore from tafe (We can get it for about $130) will we be able to get a free upgrade?

  22. Danielx64

    Q: If I buy Office Pro Plus 2010 from my bookstore from tafe (We can get it for about $130) will we be able to get a free upgrade?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Daniel, yes, starting this Friday, if you purchase Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011, you can get a free year of Office 365 Home Premium or the commensurate 2013 edition.

  23. abo bahaa

    I have Windows 7 original Free use Office Starter and want Office 2010 Pro or the new Office 2013 Thanks

  24. Regarding the 1 PC license for Office 2013 – would it be transferable to a new PC? I.e., after upgrading/replacing old PC, will the owner of an Office 2013 suite be able to transfer the Office to the new PC?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Anzi, yes. The 2013 licenses are licensed to the machine, so as long as it’s only used on 1 machine, you can move it across those machines as you upgrade. The subscription is licensed to you, not the machine, so you can use it on all your machines and even those that you are just using (e.g. library kiosk).

  25. Soukthachone

    General availability is planned for the first quarter of 2013. Starting October 19, customers purchasing Office 2010 from local retailers or resellers will receive the new Office for free upon availability. – so youre saying if i buy from say amazon Office 2010 Home i get Office 2013 for free (home right)?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Soukthachone, you’ve got it. Get 2010 today, get 2013 when it’s available for free.

  26. JeffErick

    Will Project Standard and Visio be available to Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance by mid-November with the other products?

    • Clint Patterson

      @Jeff, yes, the dates and timelines we outlined apply to ALL of the new Office, which includes Project, Visio, et al.

  27. Also it is still a mystery to me, what will happen to a 3PC Office 2010 Home&Student license, when I upgrade to Office 2013. OK, you have said before that for 2013 there will be only 1PC licenses, but can I still use/install the old Office 2010 on two other PCs?
    Many questions, I know. But so far, I really worry that the new licensing policy of Microsoft is a big step backwards especially for students, and I try to make up my mind how to proceed. I mean, I’m not hostile to Microsoft, but I use other operating systems and Office suites as well. While I don’t actually depend on MS Office, I appreciate it because of its quality. But my budget as a student is limited, and if MS fails to provide an answer to this situation, I will neither buy MS Office 2010 nor 2013…

    • Clint Patterson

      @derdude2000, any perpetual license (be it 2010, 2007 or 2013) is yours to use forever (in perpetuity). As noted below, the new University subscription is an incredible deal – just $1.67 per month for all the Office apps, free upgrades, extra SkyDrive storage, Skype minutes, usage on 2 devices as well as on-demand access for up to eight years.

      • Clint, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I posted only one day before the news about the University subscription became official. And I agree – its a very fair offer (although I would have prefered a perpetual license). I really like the Preview, and I will go for it, once Office 2013 is out.

  28. Two more questions regarding the licence: As there is no 3 PC license any more for the the Home&Student edition, which is a bit disappointing

  29. Two more questions regarding the license: As there is no 3 PC license any more for the the Home&Student edition, which is quite disappointing indeed, will it be possible to install the new Office 2013 on two devices, one mobile and one stationary? Second question: Will I be eligible to update from Office Prof. 2010 to 2013 with a Microsoft Select student license that I buy from my university after october 19th?

    • Clint Patterson

      @derdude2000, Office 2013 is licensed to 1 device. To install it on two, you’d need to buy 2 copies – or you could subscribe and use it on those devices and three more (be they yours or your family’s). Unfortunately, licenses purchased through VL or Student Select programs are not eligible. You can find details on the pre-launch offer here:

  30. And one more question: There is rumour on the internet that there will be no permanent license for Office University any more. So if I bought now Office University 2010, it would turn into a temporary thing after an upgrade to 2013?

    • Clint Patterson

      @derdude2000, Office 365 University replaces what is today Office 2010 University, so the rumors are correct that there is no longer a "University" branded permanent license. Students who want a permanent license could continue to use Office 2010 University or purchase Office Home & Student 2013 (or a Windows RT device). Stated, Office 365 University is a pretty amazing deal – $79.99 USD for a four year subscription – there is no more cost effective way to get Office, and you get so many more benefits with the subscription (extra SkyDrive storage, Skype minutes, use of all the apps, all upgrades, use on your devices, on-demand access).

  31. Noman Fayez

    With lot of tears in my life it is you Microsoft who brings some happy moments in my life….. First time exploring Windows 8 Release Preview and Office 2013 Beta in depth………….. Another milestone achieved by Microsoft Office, Office 2013 will be a great products for cloud, … Thanks to Microsoft Office,

    • Clint Patterson

      @noman, your post brought a tear to our eyes 🙂 Thanks!

  32. 好! 等着11月中旬了!

  33. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the Microsoft program to upgrade Office 2010 packages purchased after October 19th, please read this first, then make your decision.

    Like many users in the realm, I became frustrated with lost features provided by my old Outlook 2003, retained when I installed Office 2007 Home and School. Now seemed like an excellent time to upgrade, since I could obtain a “Free Upgrade” to Office 2013 with my purchase of the 2010 product.

    I have several computers; however, I chose Office 2010 Home and Business, [T5D-00417], that includes a license agreement to install the system on my two primary computers, one desktop and one laptop. I waited for Microsoft to announce the upgrade, but became suspicious of the “download only” nature of the offer, so I contacted their customer support to verify I could update both products.

    I purchased every version of Office since the ’95 product, including versions of the complete “Professional” package. In the past, Microsoft offered mail-in upgrades to the newer product during a published period, making the waiting game for a new product unnecessary. The upgrades always included complete licensing and products comparative to the original purchase.

    It was a good thing I asked for a verification of their current policy; this is their reply confirmed in a second Email:

    The answer from the Microsoft Store Email Support: “ . . . Regardless of the version of Office 2010 that you purchase the licensing for the 2013 Upgrade only allows it to be installed on one computer and it cannot be transferred to another computer in the future. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Sheila K”.

    The policy was confirmed by a second Email, signed by “Jerry K”.

    They are not offering an upgrade of the license, they are providing one non-transferable copy of the new software. My wife will confirm, at times I can be a little blind; however, I could not find this information on their site or promotion.

    I believe it is disingenuous and deceptive for Microsoft to refer to this as an “Upgrade”, a term that implies it conforms to the license use agreement of the original product. As stated, this is at best a provisional license that cannot be re-installed. Based on their comments: if your PC with Office 2013 dies, you may be out of luck. In addition, I suspect any corruption of the download install will be at your own risk.

    I suggested to Microsoft this process was unfair to individuals who purchased multi-install licenses, and they should re-label their new offer as: “One Download Copy of Microsoft 2013 Available After Purchase of Office 2010”. Needless to say, they did not respond to that component of my request.

    It seems Microsoft is in the process of altering their business model to “Pay for Use” Office 365, where you will pay an annual fee similar to current anti-virus programs. I do not consider that an option. Norton continually attempts to charge $75 per machine when I can purchase 3-PC licenses on sale for $20.

    If you are unhappy, let Microsoft know; but most of all, if you are considering purchasing Office 2010 as a road to obtain the 2013 product, beware!

  34. Does the new version of Lync support offline IMs? I mean in the Lync client, when a contact is offline and you send an IM, will he/she receive it after it logs back in?

  35. Is it true that the upgrade version of Office 2013 is limited to one PC installation?

  36. Markieamark

    Has anyone had the issue of trying to install Office 2013 RTM and getting a very generic error of:
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus has encontered an error during setup.
    Then you get:
    Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working.
    Ideas please?

  37. We downloaded Office 2013 from TechNet assuming that the Volume License information would be coming to VLSC shortly… Unfortunately it still hasn’t and today Office has completely shut down on me, going into read-only mode. Is there an ETA for release of the volume keys so we can activate? thanks!

  38. KiwiBird97

    I’m excited for the release of Office 2013!

    Save the Date!

    When: 1/26/2013, 8:00 PM
    Where: I don’t know yet, but I hope there’s going to be a launch event coming soon

  39. tsvetelin

    Is it already announced when the language packs will be released? Especcialy SharePoint language packs?

  40. I already saw the comment about "We provide Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Lync client, SharePoint Server, Project and Visio ase part of th DreamSpark program. The 2013 version of these applications/servers will be available as part of DreamSpark program at general availability." But how about Office Pro Plus and specifically Dreamspark PREMIUM subscriptiong?

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