Webinar: Demo of OneNote on a Windows 8 touch device

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OneNote is available for all kinds of devices: laptops, iPads, Windows Phone, Android…and now for Windows 8 touch devices. See how OneNote has been re-imagined in this live demo.

Can’t view this video? It’s also available at Microsoft Showcase.

You can also watch a 30-second trailer.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar:

  • Draw, type, click, swipe OneNote
  • What you can do with touch
  • OneNote for other devices
  • Yes, it looks like a speedometer

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Learn how to join us every Tuesday for an Office 15-Minute Webinar and a live Q&A:

–Doug Thomas

  1. GoldAurora

    I don’t see where the video was posted. Would someone please point me to it? Thank you. I apologize for my apparent blindness.

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Not blind, CR. Still working on this. –Doug

  2. Please, support object grouping. It is an essential part of the collapsible/rearrangeable outlining function. :S

  3. where`s video?

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Had a delay, video now posted.

  4. Love the show and watch it every week. I like the new layout with the screen behind you. Just one suggestion, please move the plant. A branch is hanging over the edge of the sceen and it is sort of annoying. Keep up the good work.

    • Doug Thomas User">

      I’ll talk to the plant. It’s the only thing we have around the webinar that’s like a mascot.

  5. GoldAurora

    Thanks for the video. I’m excited to try One Note for Windows 8 alongside the Office15/2013 beta. I’m new to tablet sized touch screens so I’m not yet natural at letting ribbons and menus be hidden. The new circles seem quite seamless and will probably work well for me.

  6. This looks good. There is always a problem however with selecting or editing text – placing the courser in the right place or selecting correctly. I have seen some apps on other platforms that found a nice solution to that – one you hold down the "move courser" or "move and select", the keyboard area changes to a big "trackpad" area, and this lets you move easily in the text, and once you choose too, select the text.

    I think that could be a good and useful addition to OneNote on tablets.


    How could Microsoft be so blind or should I say deaf? I am incredibly disappointed to learn that synchronized audio recording is not part of OneNote RT. That is the singular killer feature needed by anyone trying to take notes on a tablet. Microsoft had an incredible opportunity to explode adoption by students and business people with this feature now still only available on pricy, heavier and generally less popular laptops. Why use a Livescribe or some another other recording device when you can have it all on one lightweight tablet.

  8. Wrote feedback but it is missing now. Just wanted to say that I love One Note. It is the best program that Microsoft ever created. Don’t change it. Keep it simple, solid features (as it has) and concise. Don’t ruin it with dramatic changes like Microsoft has done historically. PLEASE. All the Microsoft office products should have a peer review to make them more simple and get back to the basics. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. If every yahoo has their required features added the software gets bloated and it pushes away the core users that just want simplicity. Those people can create their own niche program if they want more.

  9. simonwross

    Looks good but please can you implement this on the android app too? The biggest weakness for OneNote I see is the off cross platform functionality.

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