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Introducing Office Web Apps Server

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We have a post on TechNet discussing our new on-premises solution for organizations that want to host Office Web Apps on their own networks. If you feel like reading a more technical discussion of our new server offering, check out Introducing Office Web Apps Server.

Nick Simons
Senior Program Manager – Office Web Apps

  1. Hi Nick,

    I am very interested in Office Web Apps Server. I work with various K-12 school districts that are interested in virtualizing their desktops. My company offers a web-based virtual desktop –

    A fantastic addition to this would be the integration of the Office Web Apps server to provide faculty and students with the ability to use Microsoft Office applications with their files stored in our web desktop storage system.

    Can you describe the procedure for getting a trial version of Office Web Apps server so we can determine the feasibility of this type of integration.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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