Introducing Outlook 2013

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Hello from the Outlook team in Redmond! It’s been a couple of months since we released the Preview of Outlook 2013, and many of you have already downloaded and used it. If you haven’t given it a try, we encourage you to download it here.

If you’ve been watching our blog recently, you already know about the release of our new consumer webmail offering, The new version of Outlook for your PC is designed to work great with and Office365. You can connect in seconds, and sync your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks with ease. The new version also supports other common account types such as POP and IMAP. Don’t worry, we won’t be offended if you add your Gmail account to Outlook, but trust us, you’re missing out by not using the free offering that one major tech blog called “superior to Gmail in many ways.”

In developing the new version of Outlook, we focused on what users like you needed most, researching the scenarios that would truly make a difference in peoples’ lives. In Outlook 2013, you’ll find it faster to triage your mail with new ways to delete, mark unread, and flag. You’ll find it easier to use Outlook on Windows 8 touch devices, and you’ll find it fun to plan your day with a beautifully redesigned calendar interface.

Here in Redmond, we’ve been living and breathing this new version every day for quite a while. We’re excited to tell you more, so stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

–Josh Meisels, Outlook Program Manager


  1. siteuntitled

    Will be getting a new calendar, the old hotmail calendar doesn’t really jive with the new look.

    • I’m pretty sure it will.

    • I second that, It’s horridly out of place.

  2. Can the final version of Outlook 2013 sync multiple calendars with Hotmail/

  3. judsoncollier

    What’s up with the lack of support of margins (specifically margin: 0 auto;) in HTML emails You’re playing with my heartstrings guys! Outlook’s the only existing app that doesn’t support it. We had it in 2011, where is it in 2013/

  4. It seems that Outlook 2013 Client does not Support Exchange 2003.
    I try to use Outlook 2013 to connect Exchange(2003), but a Error Message like this "The Resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange"

  5. virensakariya

    I have installed Windows Consumer Preview 64-bit on my PC,But when i am trying to install MS OFFICE Developer Preview it can’t install on the system and the message appeared that this set up can’t work on Preview version,So what should i have to do?

  6. Ricardo Costa

    Is there any reason for the "Sent Items" IMAP folder setting being removed from Outlook 2013? It messes up my mail folders without that setting!

  7. linooliveira

    Are task synced completely (recurring, etc.)?

  8. The only feature that has made me move from Hotmail to Gmail has not yet been fixed: contact book with multiple and unlimited email addresses and phone numbers.
    Perhaps Americans never use more than two email addresses and three phone numbers – but in many other countries people frequently travel internationally, and I need to store their various contact numbers. Hotmail’s contacts are as last century as it can ever be in this respect, with just 3 fields for phone numbers, out of which 1 (ONE) for a mobile phone number. Go figure.

  9. Dick Watson

    Two complaints about OL13 that, for me, border on deal breakers: 1) every message I open/create opens maximized–compared to OL10 where if last one opened was not maximized when closed, next one won’t be when opened. That is just incredibly annoying. And I’m only using it on my small screen, relatively, laptop. I think the second time I had to minimize a message on my 22" 1920w x 1200h, I’d uninstall. 2) You’ve made everything about managing certificates associated with email correspondents and contacts way harder to impossible. I’m ending up back in OL10 to save a new certificate receied from an existing contact. Way to go! (I know, your usage metrics say not many people use secure email–so you felt free to maim it. That’s a typical Microsoft piece of logic. It’s like not many people use air bags in their cars so let’s take them out.)

  10. Dick Watson

    Oh, and when I send secure email from OL13, my fully patched OL07 at work can’t decrypt with error "your digital id name cannot be found by the underlying security system". If I send the same message from OL10 using the same key, the OL07 opens it just fine. Wassup with that?

  11. TecknoTot

    Has anyone figured out a way to mass change the font in the notes section of Outlook? Due to past versions, I have various fonts and sizes in my notes for all of my contacts and want to change them all to the same font and size. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!


    Please give us an alternative color theme ! It´s to shiny, to much white….
    Have used it for some weeks but don’t get into it.

  13. If you connect Outlook 2013 to Exchange 2010 through Exchange webmail over http and want to be able to search in your ‘People'(contacts) you have to set Outlook NOT in ‘Use cashed Exchange mode’ otherwise it will not find any contact(People). I thought it was the other way around in Outlook 2010.

  14. SparksinTexas

    So, can I hook up my Windows Phone 8 with a USB and sync my data with my laptop yet? Everytime I try the online sync with the cloud and then back to the phone option I end up dropping appointments, doubling appointments, or losing my reminders. I would really like to upgrade from windows 6.5 some day.

  15. Does anyone know if MS have any plans to build in Bulk emailing facilities….the ability to batch send emails to a large group…

  16. Stephen Richard

    I’ve installed Office 2013, everything works great, like using it. However, Outlook 2013 crashes every time I "send" and email, every time, so I never can send an email from 2013. My 2010 still works just fine. I’ve repaired, checked every way that I know how, but can’t find anything wrong. Any ideas of what’s wrong or what I can do to resolve this issue besides uninstalling and giving up? 🙂

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